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February 11 • 5 p.m.
Demonstrate against The New Republic

Read Alexander Cockburn's column on this protest.
The New Republic magazine has decided to publish an article that fantasizes about torturing and murdering antiwar activists.

In his article, which appeared in the magazine's online edition and now appears in the upcoming print edition, "writer-researcher" T.A. Frank, fantasizes about the killing and torture of Arundhati Roy and Stan Goff, two of the international antiwar movement's best-known figures. He indulges in this fantasy while sitting in on a January 20th counter-inaugural/antiwar panel discussion featuring Goff, exonerated death row prisoner Shujaa Graham and International Socialist Review coeditor Sherry Wolf.

Frank's violent rant cannot be defended as a work of satire. Nor is there an acceptable rationale for the New Republic's decision to publish such a piece, which closes with the author's bloodthirsty wish to "take a bunker-buster to Arundhati Roy."

At a political moment when the Bush administration and the corporate media are trying their best to vilify all dissent, Frank's outrageous tract represents a crude but insidious attempt to intimidate the antiwar movement. Such a provocation should be answered clearly and firmly: Our voices will not be silenced.

We are calling for a demonstration Friday, February 11 at 5 p.m. at the New Republic's D.C. Offices at 1331 H St. There, we will demand a formal apology from the editors. Call 202-667-0049 for more information.

You can also write the New Republic at [email protected] and/or contact them by phone at 202-508-4444--to let the magazine know what you think.

Yours in peace and justice,
Medea Benjamin, Global Exchange
Patrick Bond, author, Fanon's Warning
Kevin Danaher, Global Exchange
D.C. Anti War Network (DAWN)
Shujaa Graham, Campaign to End the Death Penalty/exonerated death row prisoner
International Socialist Organization, Washington D.C.
Moblization for Global Justice (MGJ)
Jeffrey St. Clair, co-editor, CounterPunch
Sherry Wolf, editorial board, International Socialist Review
Partial list, in alphabetical order, organizations listed for identification purposes

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