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Army recruiter vows to kill "towelhead terrorists"
Racism behind their war

March 18, 2005 | Page 8

I DON'T generally like getting involved in arguments. But one recent argument between my brother, myself and an Army recruiter (who was once a friend in high school) really drove me over the edge.

My brother and I both went to high school in the town of Washingtonville, N.Y. Up until graduation two years ago, my brother as well as most of our friends were heavily involved in the popular ROTC program--I myself was involved in it for a year. Support for the military and Bush's "war on terror" was widespread.

People change, however. Recently, my brother posted an article for others to read written by Dr. Salam Ismael entitled "How the U.S. Murdered a City" (available at After delivering aid to Falluja, Dr. Ismael wrote about what he experienced.

An Army recruiter took major offense to the article, believing it to have been written by a "towel-head terrorist" to help stir hatred against the U.S. Some of this Army recruiter's comments were quite disturbing, including his comments on the doctor who wrote the article: "He's a fucking Arab. He's another one of you crazy motherfuckers who should be drafted or deported. If I ever see him, I will not hesitate to slit his throat and strangle him with the towel upon his head." He also promised that when he goes over to Iraq, he will kill two Iraqi kids for us.

After I pointed out the hypocrisy of saying that you are fervently against "terrorism," but would engage in murderous acts against Arabs and Muslims overseas, the best answer he had for me was that I should be deported as well. When we have Army recruiters referring to all regular Iraqi resistance fighters as "sand-nigger terrorists," one (regardless of your position on the war) must absolutely be critical of the justifications our soldiers are being fed in order to continue the war effort and keep them from exposing the truth behind this war.

As part of the antiwar movement, I believe we need to fight back harder against this racism. We need to continue to expose the hypocrisy of those who perpetuate this patriotic "love-it-or-leave-it" rallying cry that stifles our right and the right of others to free speech.
Greg Love, New Windsor, N.Y.

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