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May 13, 2005 | Issue 543


The people vs. Bush's war
Put the war on trial!
Socialist Worker convenes a court of the people--to hear testimony in the trial, not of war resisters, but of an immoral and unjust war.

Another $82 billion for war and occupation
Feeding the war machine
The politicians in Washington didn't have any trouble coming up with $82 billion--as long as it's for war and occupation.


Jeffrey St. Clair exposes Bush's covert policy of "renditions"
Torture Air, Inc.
A sleek Gulfstream V jet with the tail number N379P has traveled the world, carrying terrorism suspects that the CIA wants tortured by U.S. allies where this isn't against the law.

The No Child Left Behind disaster:
How many schools left behind?
There is a growing crisis in our schools--and contrary to George Bush's claims, the No Child Left Behind Act is making it worse.


U.S. officials target Iran and North Korea, but Washington is...
The real nuclear threat
Washington has threatened military strikes and nuclear weapons testing in defiance of international treaties, but no one is threatening a pre-emptive war on the U.S.

Setback for Bush's junior partner
British Prime Minister Tony Blair's role as George Bush's junior partner in the invasion of Iraq cost his Labour Party big in last week's national election.


Two soldiers arrested for running guns to death squads
U.S. fingerprints on dirty war in Colombia
The arrest of two U.S. soldiers in Colombia charged with selling weapons to right-wing paramilitaries highlighted Washington's deep involvement in that country's dirty war.

Nightmare for two families
Punished for being Muslims
The nightmare for two 16-year-old Muslim high school students from New York City detained by the FBI continues.

Kansas' replay of the Scopes trial
Right-wing opponents of evolution have regained a majority on the Kansas state school board, and they're determined to force science teachers to bring up challenges to the theory.

A terrorist Bush approves of
A notorious thug of the anti-Castro movement in Cuba snuck into Florida six weeks ago and remains in hiding as his lawyer pleads with U.S. officials to grant him asylum.


Lenin, Trotsky and internationalism
The socialists who led the 1917 revolution in Russia "staked our play upon an international revolution," in Lenin's words.


Unions threaten strike over maneuver in bankruptcy court
United tries to void contracts
Strike threats are hanging over United Airlines as the company tries to use bankruptcy proceedings to dump pension plans and void union contracts.

Labor in brief
San Francisco hotel workers; Franklin Medical Center; Seattle carpenters


Boston boots the Nazis
Counter-protesters forced "White Revolution," a neo-Nazi group with active chapters in 16 states, to tuck tail and leave under police protection on May 8.

News and reports
Fight for immigrant rights; Military out of our schools; Chicago Social Forum; Schools not jails; Defend affirmative action at NEIU


A debate in the antiwar movement
Are the Democrats our allies?
Antiwar activist Carl Davidson critiques a recent SW article on the relationship of the movement to the Democratic Party--and Elizabeth Schulte responds.

Views in brief
Debate over an Iraqi union; Opposite of empowerment; What's wrong with CAFTA?


Before the workouts and Monster in Law
When Jane Fonda took a stand
The documentary FTA follows Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland and others on their "Fuck the Army" stage show tour to U.S. military bases in the Pacific Rim.

"I feel like I fought for nothing"
A new film documents a memorial set up by Veterans for Peace to honor U.S. soldiers who died in Bush's war in Iraq.

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