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May 20, 2005 | Issue 544


The terrorist George Bush wants to protect
George Bush says that any country that "harbors" terrorists is a "hostile regime." Unless, that is, the "regime" in question is the U.S. government.

Protests across the U.S. support war resisters
"Pablo and Kevin put the war on trial"
The U.S. military put war resisters Pablo Paredes and Kevin Benderman on trial last week. But at the same time, across the U.S., activists put the Iraq war itself on trial.


As Chávez raises a discussion of socialism...
What's next in Venezuela?
Venezuela is swinging to the left amid a surge of activism by workers, as President Hugo Chávez raises the question of a socialist alternative.

Women's liberation and the fight for socialism
A new book of essays by Socialist Worker columnist Sharon Smith provides a much-needed socialist analysis of women's oppression.


Democrats' retreats set the stage for Senate filibuster battle
Bush's creeps in the courts
Behind the posturing in Washington over the Senate filibuster rule, one thing is clear--George W. Bush and the Republicans are ready to do anything to fill the courts with fanatics.

Hillary and Newt's common ground
You might be surprised at the newest "power couple" in Washington, D.C.--Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) and former "Republican Revolutionary" Newt Gingrich.


Victim of S.C. abortion restriction
Why did Gabriela Flores go to jail?
Gabriela Flores' case reflects a new level of madness among the anti-abortion bigots in South Carolina.

British antiwar politician testifies against...
Oil-for-food witch-hunt
Republicans have more targets in their witch-hunt of the UN oil-for-food program--European political figures defied Washington's economic war on Iraq during the 1990s.

Pressure builds on military recruiters
The U.S. military is having trouble recruiting enough people to fill its ranks. And now officials admit that they're also having trouble getting their recruiters to follow the law.


Protests over desecration of the Koran
Anger at U.S. war on Islam boils over
Anger boiled over last week at a media report about the U.S. military's abuse of Muslim prisoners at its prison camp in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

Hundreds massacred by U.S.-allied regime
The Central Asian country of Uzbekistan was on the edge of revolt following a government massacre of as many as 500 demonstrators in the town of Andijon.


Why Bush didn't fool us about Iraq
The "smoking gun" proving the Bush administration "fixed the facts" to justify a war in Iraq finally appeared in the U.S. press earlier this month.


Union opposes cuts in campaign for a new contract
SF teachers step up the fight
About 350 teachers and paraprofessionals lined the streets of San Francisco during rush hour May 11 to build support for public education.

Cal State student teachers win union contract
More than 6,000 teaching assistants, tutors and graders in the California State University system negotiated their first contract with university administrators May 11.

Labor in brief
Puget Consumers Co-op; Northampton, Mass., teachers; Wal-Mart


Immigrant rights activists in LA are...
Driving out the bigots
Some 500 counter-protesters drove out the racist anti-immigration groups Save Our State and the Minutemen, shutting down a May 14 demonstration in a suburb of Los Angeles.

News and reports
Save Seattle schools; Recruiters out of our schools; No death penalty; Black Panther Party reunion


Why the U.S. needs to be defeated in Iraq
CounterPunch contributor Mike Whitney on why he supports the Iraqi insurgency against the occupation.

The left's fight for disability rights
The left has always defended the things that matter most to people who are disabled--such as Medicare, Medicaid and anti-discrimination protection in the workplace.

Views in brief
Police brutality at UCSC; Defend the right to choose; The disgust with Labour; Cleaning up in Illinois?


"House of cards built over a pool of gasoline"
The fall of the house of Enron
With glitz and glamour and a great sound track, a new film chronicles the rise and fall of the Houston corporation that was as big and bizarre as the state of Texas itself.

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