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June 3, 2005 | Issue 546


U.S. casualties from Iraq war hidden away at Walter Reed
"Used once and thrown away"
The most severely wounded U.S. soldiers go from the front lines to the back door--brought back to the U.S. under the cover of darkness to keep them hidden from the media and the public.

Anti-choice fanatics on the offensive
A plan to ban birth control in Wisconsin
If anti-abortion politicians get their way, women will lose access to emergency birth control from the University of Wisconsin health care system.


Why French voters said...
"Non" to a bosses' Europe
Socialist Worker talks to a European socialist about the French referendum vote that rejected the proposed European constitution.

Why you should join us at Socialism 2005
On July 1-4 in Chicago, SW will cosponsor Socialism 2005, a four-day conference that aims to be a forum for education and debate for the movements of the future.


Antiwar groups call national mobilization for September 24
Gearing up for new protests
The calls for September 24 to be a day of national mobilization against the U.S. war on Iraq are a welcome development.

Do union leaders have a strategy?
Rival union leaders are doing plenty to talking about the future of the movement. But none are doing anything to stop the House of Labor from burning down.


Amnesty report on "war on terror"
U.S. prison "gulags" exposed
American Gulag. That's Amnesty International's description of U.S. military prisons--where arrests without cause and systematic torture are common practice.

Behind election setback for Germany's SPD
A surprise election defeat for Germany's Social Democrats sent shock waves through the country, leading Chancellor Gerhard Schröder to make a call for early national elections.


Columbia U. plans expansion of its campus
The invasion of Harlem
Harlem residents are organizing against Columbia University's plan to build a new 17-acre campus in an area known as Manhattanville.

Hypocrisy of the right wing
Bush threatens to veto stem cell bill
How rabid is the Republican Party's right wing? So rabid that it might torpedo a bill supported and cosponsored by moderate Republicans.


Why is Bush getting away with murder?
George Bush's popularity rests somewhere in the mid-40 percent range, but among liberal organizations and the Democratic Party, there is a sense of siege and resignation.


Thousands protest California's public-sector cuts
Protesting the Governator
Some 15,000 students, teachers, nurses, firefighters and other union workers descended on Sacramento and Los Angeles to protest Arnold Schwarzenegger's budget cuts and attacks on workers.

Managers get raises and ask workers to sacrifice
BART workers prepare for contract showdown
With a contract that expires in less than six weeks, BART workers in San Francisco are facing a mounting attack from management.

Labor in brief
University of California; Southern Connecticut State University


Confronting vigilantes
Protesters run over by bigot in LA
A notorious anti-immigrant bigot drove his vehicle through a group of protesters in southern California, hitting at least six people and sending one to the hospital.

News and reports
Shut down the military recruiters; Stand up for immigrant rights; We say no to the Bush agenda; Justice for Palestine


Labor and antiwar activists are stronger together
"Power in their unity"
Antiwar activists and campus workers picked and marched together to demand a fair contract for the workers and an end to the war in Iraq.

No excuse for this racism
An incident that took place at the 2005 Left Forum shows just how common anti-Arab racism has become, even within the antiwar movement.

Views in brief
Media silence on racist thugs; Thanks for telling my side; Is Sadr a real alternative?


Springsteen's new album Devils & Dust
The heart in a heartless world
Bruce Springsteen's new album is a return to his quiet storytelling mode--in which he speaks out as the voice of the have-nots in U.S. society.

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