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August 5, 2005 | Issue 552


Iraq's crisis grows deeper as constitution deadline nears
Is U.S. rule unraveling in Iraq?
The Bush administration hasn't introduced a new policy for a sped-up withdrawal--only a new marketing strategy to sell the continued occupation.

Antiwar movement debate over Palestine:
Unity on what basis?
The debate about why there are two antiwar protests called for September 24 has been joined by the crystallization of political differences on the crucial question of Palestine.

Can there be progress without struggle?
With opinion polls showing a majority of Americans against the Iraq occupation, some prominent liberals are stepping forward to take credit for this welcome development.


Searches on the New York subway
Giving the green light for racial profiling
Random searches of passengers on New York subways are an invitation to racial profiling--which had already taken place as the program got underway last week.

Congress takes aim at our civil liberties
Lawmakers have decided to make the shredding of some of our civil liberties permanent by extending provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act.


Poor women already pay the price
Chipping away at the right to choose abortion
Abortions are already becoming more rare in the U.S. with every new restrictive law--and with tragic results for women.

The dirt on John Roberts
A right-winger on every issue
With the nomination of John Roberts for the Supreme Court, the Bush administration has declared open war on the rights of women, racial minorities and workers.
Rival union camps share the same strategy
What now after the split in the AFL-CIO?
Call it the wishbone strategy: Grab hold of a big part of the labor movement, give a hard pull and hope to end up with the biggest piece.

"Disengagement" in Gaza:
What is Israel really after?
Toufic Haddad explains why Ariel Sharon's "unilateral disengagement plan" for Gaza will usher in a new era of permanent war against the Palestinian resistance to occupation.


The grip of racism in Bush's America
Forty years after the passage of the Voting Rights Act, the reality of racism in America--though rarely acknowledged by politicians or the media--has a tight grip.


Shoot-to-kill victim in London
His only crime was to leave his house for work
The roundup of dozens of people in connection with last month's bombings can't erase the image of a 27-year-old Brazilian man murdered by undercover police on a London subway train.

Fueling a racist hysteria
George Bush and Tony Blair have learned from Israel that a population which thinks it's under constant threat of attack tends to support perpetual warfare.
Call for a mass workers' party
Venezuela's left comes together
More than 400 people met in Caracas to issue a public call for the formation of a mass workers party that can fight for the socialist revolution in Venezuela.

Behind the IRA's disarmament plan
The Irish Republican Army has announced an official end to its armed struggle to end British rule in Northern Ireland.

Obituary: Pierre Broué
French revolutionary and Marxist historian Pierre Broué died on July 27 at the age of 79.


Court-martial of Kevin Benderman:
Making an example of a GI resister
The U.S. Army finally got its conviction of Iraq War resister Sgt. Kevin Benderman on July 28.

Democracy and independence at stake
Showdown in the Green Party
The Green Party's national committee meeting in Tulsa, Okla., was a heated struggle over internal organization and political strategy.

Vigilantes force immigrants to hide longer in the desert
Record deaths at the border
At last three immigrants a day died in the first two weeks of July trying to cross the desert at the Mexico-Arizona border.

Bush signs CAFTA into law
Central America's poor will suffer
U.S. business interests--and their mouthpieces in the Bush administration--mostly supported CAFTA because it strengthens the U.S.'s hand economically.


The CP: Liberals in radical clothing
The logic of the Communist Party's popular frontism is to accommodate to liberals in order not to frighten them, and to provide cover for them when they behave like…liberals.

Inside the system
Tancredo's terror plot; This school brought to you by…; Heard it through the grapevine


Governator and University of California retaliate against CNA
UC blocks nurses' strike
Nurses at the University of California system called a one-day strike for July 21, but Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's appointees to the Public Employees Relations Board blocked it.

Labor in brief
Madison Market Co-op; Space Needle restaurant; Walgreens


Anti-immigrant racism is "an injury to us all"
The racist group Save Our State called a demonstration to intimidate immigrants at a day laborer center in Laguna Beach, Calif. What awaited them was a militant counter-protest.

News and reports
Stop police brutality; Defend the rights of Arabs and Muslims; Troops out of Iraq; The fight for bilingual education


Why did EPIC shut down the site?
The waste of a resource
The Education for Peace in Iraq Center has taken down the Web site and redirected all of's visitors to EPIC's Web domain.

Tulsa's victims denied justice again
The U.S. Supreme Court recently dismissed without comment a class-action lawsuit brought by the survivors of the Tulsa "race riot" of 1921.

Views in brief
SW distorted CP's record; Message of Iraq unionists; They're lying and spying


Photo exhibit of lynching in America
The ugly history of U.S. racism
The exhibit "Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America" is a disturbing reminder of the racist violence that was a daily feature in the lives of African Americans.

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