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August 26, 2005 | Issue 554


Cindy Sheehan's vigil ignites a new wave of protest
Turning point for the antiwar movement
Cindy Sheehan brought the antiwar struggle to George W. Bush's doorstep. And inspired by her example, activists across the country brought the movement back into the streets last week.

Why I traveled to Camp Casey
A member of Gold Star Families for Peace talks about her trip to the antiwar vigil in Crawford, Texas.
A war on immigrants
The governors of Arizona and New Mexico who declared a "state of emergency" at the border were really declaring war on immigrants.


At the World Youth Festival in Caracas
A show of solidarity with Venezuela
This year's World Youth Festival was a massive display of solidarity with the people of Venezuela and their struggle against U.S. imperialism.

"The future depends on the class struggle"
Venezuelan socialist Gonzalo Gómez explains the political situation in the country today and the struggle ahead for the workers' movement.
Antiwar MP announces U.S. speaking tour
Mr. Galloway goes back to Washington
This September, British antiwar leader and Member of Parliament George Galloway will again put the U.S.-British war against Iraq on trial from this side of the Atlantic.


In the vigilantes' camouflage or the politicians' fancy suits...
Standing up to their anti-immigrant lies
The declaration of a border "emergency" in Arizona and New Mexico is only the latest accent in a rising drumbeat of anti-immigrant rhetoric that grows louder by the day.

How colonizers became ''victims'' in Gaza
The U.S. media portrayed the Israeli settlers ejected from Gaza--far-right fanatics who armed themselves to the teeth--as tragic victims of a "heartless" policy.


Behind skyrocketing gas prices
Ripped off by the oil bosses
The biggest factor in gas price increases isn't a tightening global supply but oil company manipulation of refining capacity and inventories in the U.S.

Papers reveal Supreme Court nominee's contempt for women's rights
Could John Roberts be any more right wing?
Every few days has brought frightening new revelations about the Bush administration's pick to replace Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court.

Birth control bill vetoed in New York
Gov. George Pataki vetoed landmark legislation that would have made emergency contraception available without age or parental restrictions.

Killed by guards at a Wal-Mart store
Stacy Clay Driver was chased into the parking lot of a Houston Wal-Mart by five "loss prevention employees," where he died of asphyxiation.


The killing and the cover-up
Shoot-to-kill scandal in Britain
Almost every fact that British police claimed about the murder of Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes on board a London subway train has turned out to be a lie.


High stakes for all unions in mechanics' strike
Showdown at Northwest
Will organized labor stand by as Northwest Airlines--backed by Wall Street and the White House--tries to destroy the striking mechanics union?

Labor in brief
Caldwell Manufacturing; Madison Market Co-op


Feds target Voices in the Wilderness
Punished for delivering aid to Iraqis
A federal judge this month ordered the human rights group Voices in the Wilderness to pay a $20,000 fine--for the "crime" of delivering humanitarian aid to the people of Iraq.

Pittsburgh police attack counter-recruitment protest
Using pepper spray, taser guns, retracting batons and dogs, Pittsburgh police attacked antiwar protesters as they demonstrated against military recruitment and the war on Iraq.

News and reports
Defend abortion rights; Stand up to anti-Arab racism; South Central farmers


Under attack for defending the right to protest
Defend Scottish socialists
Four Scottish Socialist Party members who serve in the Scottish parliament have been issued a month-long ban for defending the right to protest at the G8 summit in Gleneagles.

A new excuse to target immigrants
Connecticut's program to combat "human trafficking" will give an official sanction to the growing immigrant hunt in the state and nation.

Views in brief
Step back for the unions?; Opportunity for labor?; A different law for Blacks


A re-released documentary exposes Washington's war crimes in Vietnam
Winter Soldier
Winter Soldier captures the testimony of Vietnam veterans, who detailed their experiences in the military and the horrors of the "American War," as the Vietnamese called it.

Dancing that gives voice to LA's rage
From the ashes of the 1992 Los Angeles Rebellion rose a style of dancing that articulated the frustration and anger of young, poor residents of South Central LA.

System of a Down's furious challenge
Once again, this socially conscious metal band has unleashed a record of musical and political fury that challenges both America's foreign policy and culture.

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