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September 2, 2005 | Issue 555


Journalist Patrick Cockburn on Iraq and the new constitution:
"All Iraqis see is their lives getting worse"
Independent journalist Patrick Cockburn explains the background to the meltdown of the U.S.-imposed constitution, and where Iraq is headed now.

Collapse of the constitution charade
The latest of the Bush administration's much-hyped "milestones" for the "new Iraq" has collapsed into quarreling and chaos.
"We're taking Camp Casey to Washington"
U.S. out of Iraq now!
Activists packed up the vigil started by Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, Texas--and started three bus tours that will converge in Washington, D.C., for the September 24 antiwar demonstration.


Hurricane Katrina exposes racism and inequality
Left behind to face the worst
Decades of official neglect, racism and the impact of global warming magnified the destructive impact of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and other parts of the South.

Mechanics' strike at Northwest Airlines:
High stakes for labor
The union-busting demands that forced the mechanics' strike at Northwest Airlines are only the latest stage in the attack on airline labor that began after September 11, 2001.

AMFA Airline Representative Kevin Hufford:
"We're soulless numbers on their balance sheet"
Deadly toll of climate change
The crisis they won't do anything about
Environmental destruction and major climate changes driven by the phenomenon of global warming continue at unprecedented rates around the globe.

"A response to foreign occupation"
Who becomes a suicide bomber?
A new book by Robert Pape argues a simple point--the root cause of suicide terrorism is foreign occupation, not Islam.


The new establishment critics of the U.S. occupation of Iraq
Against the war or against losing?
The deepening crisis of the Iraq occupation has led some politicians and pundits to call for U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. But these critics aren't so much antiwar as anti-losing-the-war.


Nation of Islam minister assaulted at anti-violence vigil
Beaten by the LA cops
Earlier this year, they murdered Devin Brown. Last month, they killed Joe Raul Peña and his 19-month old daughter. Now, LA cops have assaulted a leading Black activist.

Robertson's call to ice Chávez
Bush's favorite right-wing cleric
George Bush's White House didn't even issue a statement condemning televangelist Pat Robertson for suggesting that Washington murder Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.


Why they aren't fighting Roberts
For years, liberal groups have collected millions with fundraising appeals raising the specter of a right-wing dominated Supreme Court. But now that the time has come to do something, they appear flummoxed.


Union reformers target Schwarzenegger's attacks
UTLA leaders vow to fight
The new leadership of United Teachers Los Angeles is outlining a plan to fight cutbacks and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's anti-union ballot measures set for November.

Labor in brief
Space Needle restaurant; Boston security guards; Swedish Medical Center


Chicago clergy challenge police racism
More than 350 people participated in a town hall meeting in Chicago August 22 on the issue of racial profiling.

News and reports
Defend abortion rights; Military out of our schools


Rockefeller "reforms" leave behind many victims
This isn't justice at all
A former Rockefeller drug law prisoner explains why the "reforms" that went into effect this year have helped only a small handful of people.

An altogether rotten human being
Christopher Hitchens' diseased soul was on clear display in a recent column that heaped abuse on Cindy Sheehan.

Views in brief
Lies they tell to sell war; Left Party's challenge; A win for hockey bosses; Striking for Sheehan


Taking on social taboos--at a funeral home
Why Six Feet Under was so popular
Few people would have thought that a show set in a Los Angeles funeral home and centered on death and grief could become so popular.

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