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October 7, 2005 | Issue 560


The dirty war in Iraq
British operations in southern Iraq have exposed the U.S.-led occupation for what it is--a dirty war waged with utmost brutality to crush all opposition.

Bush nominates right-wing White House lawyer
Cronies on the court
George W. Bush picked a White House lawyer and conservative political crony from Texas to fill a vacant seat on the U.S. Supreme Court.


Why did FEMA fail after Katrina?
Twisted priorities in Washington
A former employee explains why the Federal Emergency Management Agency has had less and less to do with protecting people from natural disaster.

The holdouts of New Orleans
A community activist talks about residents who defied orders to evacuate--and who plan to resist the plans of the city's business elite to remake New Orleans in their interest.

False stories of murder and mayhem
The media reports of murder, rape and mayhem that emerged during the Katrina disaster were horrific beyond belief. And they turned out to be false.


Why is Bill Cosby spreading racist stereotypes?
Leading the "blame the victim" chorus
A new book that challenges the racist rants of comedian Bill Cosby proves that racism is alive and well in the U.S. today.

Doing the right wing's dirty work
Why did some of the ugliest attacks on British antiwar leader George Galloway during his recent antiwar speaking tour come from liberals?


Scandals shake Republican power-brokers in Washington, but...
The whole barrel is rotten
It's a delight to see the Tom DeLay shoved out of his role as House Majority Leader. But he's merely the leading practitioner of a corporate-controlled political system.


New attacks on antiwar activists
Cracking down on student protests
Peaceful protests against military recruiters by students at three campuses were met with police repression that denied students their right to free speech.

Antiwar activists found innocent of conspiracy charge
A victory for the St. Patrick's Four
After a weeklong trial involving continuous attempts by prosecutors to avoid any political questions, four antiwar activists known as the St. Patrick's Four scored a major victory.

Ideologue in hot water over racist "solution" to crime
Bennett's bigotry
If William Bennett cares about "morality" as much as he claims to, he has a strange way of showing it.


Zapatistas spark a debate in Mexico
The Zapatistas have launched their "other campaign," opening up a debate inside the Mexican left about what position to take on the 2006 presidential elections.


Strike pushes back Boeing but more could have been won
IAM "only sold positives"
Members of the International Association of Machinists voted to end their 28-day strike against the Boeing Co. by what union officials reported as an 80 percent vote in favor.

Vote no on NYC teachers deal
The United Federation of Teachers and Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a tentative contract agreement that is a complete slap in the face to educators.

Labor in brief
City University of New York; Sutter Health


News and reports
Stop the Minutemen; Justice for Filberto Ojeda Ríos; Protest William Bennett


The state of Texas executes an innocent woman
We won't forget Frances
The state of Texas went forward with the state-sanctioned murder of Frances Newton, despite new and already existing evidence of her innocence.

The real barbarians in Iraq
What will the pro-war media have to say about reports that American soldiers have been using pictures of disfigured Iraqi corpses as currency to buy pornography?

Views in brief
Right wing on the defensive; Criminals at the top; Invading our campuses


Martin Scorsese chronicles his early years
Unraveling the myth of Bob Dylan
Martin Scorsese's new documentary, Bob Dylan: No Direction Home, is an explosion of sight and sound from the first five years of the singer-songwriter's musical career.

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