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October 14, 2005 | Issue 561


The confrontation at the bridge
How Katrina unleashed a storm of racism
A confrontation at a bridge out of flooded New Orleans--between armed police and people trying to evacuate--has shown how race and class condemned thousands to a nightmare after Katrina.

Beaten by cops in New Orleans
Three New Orleans police officers have been charged with battery for repeatedly punching a 64-year-old African American man and slamming his head into a wall.

The resegregation of America's public schools
Separate and unequal
Fifty years after Brown v. Board of Education, schoolchildren in the U.S. are suffering the consequences of an increasingly segregated school system.

Giving voice to the voiceless
Stop the racist death penalty
Former death row prisoners, family members of those still on death row and activists against the death penalty are speaking out in a speaking tour across the U.S. this month.

A former Panther's campaign in Georgia
"We're stuck voting for people who don't serve our interests"
Former Black Panther leader Elaine Brown talks about her campaign for mayor of Brunswick, Ga., on the Green Party ticket.


The U.S. government's last colony
Repression and resistance in Puerto Rico
Ever since the U.S. seized Puerto Rico in 1898, Washington's colonial rule has showcased the intersection between exploitation, imperialism and racism.

The hidden history of resistance in sports
Sports and struggle
For everyone who cheered Muhammad Ali's stinging jab and right cross to the chin of U.S. imperialism, Dave Zirin's What's My Name Fool is the book for you.


Michal Myers, 1967-2005
Our struggle lost a dedicated fighter last week when Michal Myers passed away after a lengthy battle with stomach cancer.


Bush administration claims new "milestone" in the occupation
Sham constitution in Iraq
George W. Bush tried to regain some popularity with a speech hailing supposed successes in the "war on terror"--even as a crisis looms over the constitutional referendum in Iraq.

How will the Plame game end?
The arrest of Karl Rove seems a distinct possibility as U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation into the Valerie Plame leak scandal comes to an end.


While 1 million fall below the poverty line...
Super-rich on a roll
The super-rich are grabbing a growing proportion of national income even as the share going to the rest of us declines.

White House sees chance to expand the military's role
Bird flu: The nightmare scenario
The Bush administration is viewing the threat of a bird flu pandemic that could kill tens of millions as an opportunity.

Will Bush veto Senate torture ban?
Despite the Bush administration's efforts to derail it, the Senate passed legislation last week to prohibit the U.S. military's use of torture against prisoners.


Why did earthquake relief fail?
Delayed rescue attempts after the earthquake that struck Pakistan led to countless deaths--and highlighted the human cost of militarism and imperialist power plays.

Behind the deal to form a new government
A "grand coalition" that stands for cuts
After weeks of speculation following the inconclusive results of the September election, Germany's two biggest parties struck a deal to form a new government together.

1.2 million strike against privatization
Public- and private-sector workers took to the streets of Paris and other cities during a one-day strike to protest the neoliberal policies of France's conservative government.


Is there enough to go around?
One of the most pernicious of all "common sense" ideas is that resources are limited, and, therefore, "difficult" choices must be made about who gets what.


Company files for bankruptcy while demanding huge wage cut
Will Delphi bust the UAW?
The bankruptcy of auto parts manufacturer Delphi marks the biggest attack on the United Auto Workers in decades--and sets the stage for an onslaught by Big Three automakers.

Activism wins gains at Madison Market
More than a year and two months since the contract first expired, 60 grocery workers at Madison Market Co-op in Seattle finally won a new contract with solid gains.

Labor in brief
Santa Cruz, Calif., bus drivers


News and reports
Stop the Minutemen; Military off our campus; Voices of a People's History; Stand up for gay and lesbian rights


Bush adviser peddles propaganda in Middle East
Insulting assumptions
Karen Hughes returned from her Insulting Assumptions tour of the Middle East, where she met handpicked audiences of upper-class women with stereotypes and condescension.

The threat of the vigilantes
They may seem like crackpots, but the anti-immigrant vigilantes are encouraging racists everywhere in the U.S. to put their words into action.

Views in brief
Jonah didn't have to die; Sold to the highest bidder; Beating back the bigots


From poverty to prison to Nobel Prize nomination
The life of Stan Tookie Williams
The cofounder of the Crips street gang has written an autobiography where his life shares center stage with an unending torrent of racism, police violence and broken social service agencies.

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