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October 21, 2005 | Page 8

Marching in Salt Lake City
Boeing deal wasn't so bad
Kerry would have saved the Court

Who is the real terrorist?

GEORGE W. BUSH is the enemy of the people.

The United States government is really run by big business, not the people. Just ask any American if they would like to see pollution and global warming put into check, they would say yes. But instead, you see an America that's still the world's biggest polluter, even while more and more evidence and countries around the world say that we need to stop, or we are all in for a very dark future.

Bush says that stopping now would hurt the economy too much, and that our economy is strong and growing. When he talks about America's strong economy he doesn't mean the millions upon millions of American families living in poverty. He's talking about his rich friends, his dad, himself.

When George W. Bush talks about making America safer, he's not talking about the one in three Native American women who will be raped in their lifetime. And he's damn sure not talking about the average citizen either.

This man has waged war on two nations already, and for all his talk of "waging war on terror," Osama bin Laden is still at large. One of these nations didn't even have anything to do with September 11. Iraq didn't even have the weapons of mass destruction that the Bush Administration told you over and over again they had for sure.

Iraq wasn't about weapons of mass destruction or even liberating the Iraqi people. Iraq was about giving $200 billion to the elite of this country--to big corporations that overcharge, to big business that "won" no-bid contracts, to big business that subcontract for huge profits, and to big business that steals from the American people and give to themselves!

Iraq is, in a way, about terrorism. It's about terrorizing the Iraqi people! It's about showing to the rest of the world that the United States can come to your country and kill your children, your sons, your mothers and fathers. It's about showing that the United States can accuse your country of having weapons of mass destruction or harboring terrorists, and come bomb the shit out of it, too, even when the most of the world criticizes and condemns making war.

George W. Bush is the terrorist. Bush terrorizes his own people. He wants you to be afraid so he can pretend to protect you.

Bush terrorizes the American father when he learns his son is about to be shipped off to Iraq. Bush terrorizes the American mother when she gets that black-bordered letter or sees two Marines waiting at the door with an American flag. George W. Bush terrorizes the American family with his never-ending wars and terror-alert code red. George W. Bush terrorizes American civil rights with his USA PATRIOT Act. George W. Bush terrorizes prisoners and detainees with state-run torture.

For all his talk of the ending of "rape rooms" and bringing about a more safe, free and just world, he does exactly the opposite. He talked of freedom and safety and then gave big business billions and made life a living hell for the people caught in his war zone. He made life a living hell for the soldiers and their families. He talked of "supporting the troops," and then cut funding for veterans' health care.

The United States government is run by big business and their political allies. Not by the people, not for the people. The government has been hijacked. The government is corrupt.
John Katenay, from the Internet

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Marching in Salt Lake City

I THOUGHT it was worth mentioning that on September 24, at least 3,000 marched in Salt Lake City under the slogan of "Support The Troops, Bring Them Home Now! U.S. Out of the Middle East!"

Despite some ultra-left actions by some teenage anarchists (running through the leading Veterans for Peace Contingent, unnecessarily attacking police, etc.), the march and rally was a success. It was also proof that organizers with very different political views can come together in a sort of united front and demand the troops be brought home immediately.
Adam Koritz, Wasatch Coalition for Peace and Justice

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Boeing deal wasn't so bad

I WOULD have to say, as a union supporter and member, that I don't agree with your assessment of the Boeing contract settlement ("Vote no on Boeing deal," September 30).

I'm not a Boeing worker, and I do think that management provoked this strike, but I do think they actually came out pretty good in the deal. They may not have gotten a salary increase, but they didn't get their health benefits cut, the pension increased, and they got a signing bonus. All in all, I think they came off a lot better than they would if they had not gone on strike. There is always next time to get a salary increase.
Patrick Switzer, Seattle

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Kerry would have saved the Court

WHILE I agree with Nicole Colson that there wasn't nearly enough vocal opposition to recent Supreme Court inductee John Roberts from the left, she failed to mention one major example of opposition presented by a majority Democratic initiative--supporting John Kerry for President ("Chief evader of the Supreme Court," September 23).

It is clear, John Kerry would not have nominated someone even half as oppressive as Chief Justice Roberts, nor made a nomination of another right-winger with as much experience in the big chair as President Bush has in intellectual debate.

This is the only reason I voted for Kerry--knowing that Bush would appoint yet another bigot into our nation's highest court. This is the reason I persuaded many Nader supporters here in my home state of Oregon to vote for Kerry as well.

The International Socialist Organization continues to slam and criticize Democrats for their omission of responsibility. As our rights as citizens get chipped away more and more from the Supreme Court, I will remember those who contributed to this reality. The ISO is among them.
Toby Mendenhall, Portland, Ore.

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