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December 2, 2005 | Issue 567


Don't let California execute a peacemaker
The struggle to save Stan Tookie Williams will reach a new turning point with a national day of action November 30 calling for clemency for the former gang leader-turned-peacemaker.

Interview with Stan Tookie Williams
Speaking out from death row
Phil Gasper interviews Stan by phone from his specially secured "death-watch" cell in San Quentin.

Execution date for Wesley Baker
Racing to execute in Maryland
The state of Maryland is preparing to execute a death row prisoner in a case marked by racial discrimination.


Lying, cheating and swindling their way to the top
The horrible house of Walton
Many features present at Wal-Mart today seem to come straight out of the era of the robber barons in the 19th century.

Narrow debate covers bipartisan support for promoting U.S. power
Are the Democrats an antiwar party?
SW looks at the question: Is there any reason for antiwar activists to look for hope in the Democratic Party?

Campus officials target student antiwar activists' right to dissent
"Our movement won't back down"
Student activists across the U.S. are challenging military recruiters on campus--and finding that they also have to fight administrators who try to deny them their rights.


Antiwar movement shouldn't fall for Democrats' maneuvers
Why "out now" means now
The recent uproar in Congress over Iraq is a sign of the growing crisis of the occupation, but no one in the antiwar movement should think that the Democrats' agenda is the same as ours.

Toxic toll of China's market madness
Top Chinese government officials are in damage-control mode as a 50-mile toxic chemical slick flows down the Songhua River in the country's northeast.


FEMA sets deadlines to drive the evacuees out of hotels
Evicting the victims
FEMA's drive to force evacuees out of temporary hotel housing is seen by many as part of the attempt to remake New Orleans without tens of thousands of poor and Black residents.

Refusing to serve in Bush's wars
Another U.S. soldier has joined the ranks of service members refusing to deploy to George Bush's wars.

Feds have to come clean about Jose Padilla
"Dirty bomb" deception
After more than three years in a military prison in South Carolina, "war on terror" prisoner Jose Padilla was finally officially charged by the U.S. Justice Department last week.

Kidnapped by U.S. occupiers
An Iraqi woman who testified at the World Tribunal on Iraq, organized by international antiwar organizations in Istanbul last June, has been arrested by U.S. occupation forces.


Is the media ever balanced and fair?
What is presented as news is based on many factors--not least the fact that the media owners share a world outlook with the rest of the ruling class they rub elbows with.


GM pressures union with plan to slash 30,000 jobs
Will UAW fight at Delphi?
Will leaders of the United Auto Workers surrender as General Motors and parts maker Delphi slash jobs and benefits--or can a rank-and-file movement change the union's course?

Solidarity wins in SF schools
The San Francisco Unified School District narrowly avoided a strike when a tentative agreement that marks a victory for SEIU Local 790.

Labor in brief
Philadelphia transit workers; Colchester, Vt., teachers


The return to Camp Casey
Antiwar protesters returned to Camp Casey outside George Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas, with a few dozen activists shouting "Give me liberty or give me a ditch."

News and reports
Fight police brutality; No to war and occupation; Defend free speech


On the march for justice after Hurricane Katrina
No to Jim Crow in our city
Civil rights activists marched across the Crescent City Connection Bridge to protest the attack by Gretna police on evacuees attempting to flee New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

UAW sells out its retirees
November 13 will go down in infamy as the day the United Auto Workers Union sold out its retirees.

Views in brief
No rights for N.C. workers; The military is a profession; Tookie should be a priority


John, June and making music history
"Never a deeper love"
"Steady like a train. Sharp like a razor," June Carter fittingly describes the voice of Johnny Cash in the excellent film Walk the Line.

Robbins' antiwar satire now on DVD
Tim Robbins Embedded Live is one of the best antiwar theatrical satires this year, and gives the audience a whole host of reasons to be against the war in Iraq.

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