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March 10, 2006 | Issue 579


U.S. soldiers in Iraq say:
We want out!
According to a poll of troops stationed in Iraq, nearly three out of four think the U.S. should withdraw within a year--and 30 percent think the U.S. should leave immediately.

Protesting anti-Muslim cartoons
"Standing up against hatred"
Right-wingers tried to fan the flames of anti-Muslim hate at the University of California-Irvine, but Arabs, Muslims and their supporters didn't take this provocation sitting down.


Cindy and Craig Corrie continue Rachel's legacy
"Giving voice to the Palestinian people"
SW spoke with Cindy and Craig Corrie about the legacy of their daughter Rachel, a Palestinian rights activist killed by an Israeli bulldozer--and how they view the future of the struggle in Palestine.

Six months after the Bush administration did nothing...
No help for victims of Katrina
The damning images from a videotaped teleconference involving top officials prove that the administration knew what New Orleans could face when Hurricane Katrina hit.

Where is the antiwar movement headed?
On March 18, while the international antiwar movement builds protests around the world, the anniversary of the U.S. invasion will pass unmarked by a national demonstration in the U.S.


Giving nuclear technology to India while threatening Iran
Bush's nuclear double standard
Days after George Bush promised India nuclear technology despite its refusal to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the U.S. demanded that the UN punish Iran for violating that same treaty.

A witch-hunt to silence dissent
The witch-hunting of veteran civil rights attorney Lynne Stewart is designed to have a chilling effect on dissent--particularly for anyone smeared with the label of "terrorism."


Pushing "border security"
Washington's new attack on immigrants
Some 500 demonstrators rallied in front of House Speaker Dennis Hastert's office in Batavia, Ill., to oppose legislation that includes unprecedented attacks on immigrant rights.

Army's tab for wounded soldiers
Before injured Iraq veteran William "Eddie" Rebrook could be discharged, the Army wanted $632 for missing gear, including the blood-soaked Kevlar vest that medics took off his body.

Opponents of school closing catch politicians' secret meet
A backroom deal in Chicago?
Chicago activists opposed to a school-closing plan broke in on a backroom meeting that they believe was aimed at sealing the deal.


The "tougher-on-terror" Democrats
Democrats think they one-upped George Bush over the Dubai ports deal, but the fact that they did it by adopting an openly racist and jingoist position is hardly cause for celebration.


Company out to raise health care costs and cut pensions
AK Steel locks out union
Proposing drastic increases in health care costs and a freeze of retirement pensions, AK Steel locked out 2,700 union workers from their plant in Middletown, Ohio.


Students stage three-day walkout in Baltimore
Hundreds of students from across Baltimore took part in a three-day student strike that saw protests outside the state Department of Education, the city School Board and City Hall.

Hundreds attend actions against the death penalty
Across the U.S., anti-death penalty activists organized diverse events as part of Death Penalty Awareness Week.

News and reports
Fighting racism at Cornell University; Stand up for immigrants' rights; Solidarity with Venezuela; End the occupation of Iraq


"I feel like I'm defending myself for being Arab"
The grip of anti-Arab racism
The week of February 19 looked to start off as another normal week in Toledo, Ohio. But as we all soon started to realize, there was nothing "normal" about it.

Left uncovered by Medicare "reform"
Now, because of new Medicare policies, many people are at risk of their lives destabilizing due to lack of medications.

Views in brief
Stopping Nazis in Providence; The left and anti-Muslim racism; Fight for a woman's right to choose


Oscars honor a year of socially relevant films, but...
They forgot about the war
We shouldn't forget the limits of Hollywood. Certain liberal politics are accepted, while other ideas are not.

Book targets union corruption...and reform?
Robert Fitch's book Solidarity for Sale, while ostensibly about union corruption, rehashes the worst smears and lies about people who fought to reform the labor movement.

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