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April 7, 2006 | Issue 583


The case for amnesty
Justin Akers Chacon discusses the crucial issue missing from the mainstream political debate on immigration--genuine amnesty for undocumented workers.

Immigrant rights fight comes to schools across the U.S.
Week of the walkouts
Student walkouts against anti-immigrant legislation spread across the country last week, setting a new fighting example in the fast-growing movement for immigrant rights.


Rice visits Baghdad to oust prime minister
U.S. calls the shots in the "new" Iraq
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice traveled to Iraq to strong-arm Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari into stepping aside--in favor of a U.S.-backed "national unity government."

Turning Washington's upside-down priorities right-side up
The alternative to war and poverty
The U.S. government spent $2.25 trillion last year, half of it on the military. Todd Chretien explains what would happen if that money was devoted to meeting human needs.


New movement for immigrant rights shakes U.S. politics
The power of protest
The eruption of a new mass movement for immigrant rights has shown that it is possible to organize resistance to the right's agenda.


Unions prepare for new strike as government digs in
Showdown in France
The French government raised the stakes last week in its battle with a mass social movement demanding the withdrawal of a new anti-worker law.

Public-sector workers' strike the largest since 1926
Britain hit by one-day strike over pensions
More than 1 million workers went on a one-day strike across Britain March 28 to protest planned cuts in government pensions.

Missile attack on Gaza
Israeli offensive ignored by media
Israel lauched a massive artillery strike on northern Gaza on April 1, pounding the area with air strikes and missiles launched from gunboats.


Pine Ridge president vows to defeat S.D. abortion law
Challenging the ban
In spite of a recent abortion ban signed into law last month, women in South Dakota will still be able to exercise their right to choose if Cecelia Fire Thunder has her way.

Evidence at new hearing shows how Rodney Reed was...
Railroaded onto Texas death row
Almost a decade after Stacy Stites was found murdered, the small Texas town of Bastrop is being shaken again by evidence suggesting that the person convicted of her murder is innocent.

ExxonMobil and its shady dealings
Prominent activists like Howard Zinn and Cindy Sheehan have signed on to a call for a boycott of ExxonMobil and other firms related to the company.


District demands for pay cut bring talks to standstill
SF teachers okay strike
San Francisco educators voted overwhelmingly March 29 in favor of authorizing a strike if mediation fails to bring an acceptable settlement for our membership.

Sikorsky strike ends with bad deal for union
After nearly six weeks on strike, 3,600 workers from Teamsters Local 1150 at Sikorsky Aircraft voted by a narrow margin of 75 votes to accept the company's contract proposal.

Labor in brief
Seattle sanitation truck drivers


News and reports
Fighting for immigrant rights; Stop sexual assault; Apartheid schools; Nazis out of Olympia


What's missing from the debate about immigration
A call for open borders
Our paranoid, racist policy toward Mexicans is apparent to the whole world. Our borders should be wide open. Welcome stations should be built there to assist the travelers.

The struggle for justice in Argentina
A protest of 150,000 people marked the 30-year anniversary of the coup that brought about nearly 10 years of brutal military dictatorship in Argentina.

Views in brief
Organizing a grassroots movement; Police attack pro-immigrant students; A new fight for civil rights; SW was too hard on sailors


A letter from Illinois prisoner Stanley Howard:
Death row talks back to Etan Thomas
Sportswriter Dave Zirin describes what connects Washington Wizards basketball star Etan Thomas and former Illinois death row prisoner Stanley Howard.

State repression: A guide for activists
The newly reissued edition of Victor Serge's What Every Radical Should Know about State Repression makes a welcome--and relevant--addition to any activist's bookshelf.

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