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April 21, 2006 | Issue 584


Immigrant workers take a stand:
"We're going to keep marching"
A Chicago organizer talks to SW about the central role of workers in the new immigrant-rights movement--and the national movement to skip work, march and protest on May 1.

America's last guest worker program:
A system designed for maximum exploitation
The history of the last major guest-worker program in the U.S.--the bracero program, from 1942 to 1964--shows that the reality of such a system is different from the rhetoric.

How capitalism uses immigrants
Corporate America's love-hate view of immigration and immigrants stems from the role that immigration plays in the capitalist economic system under which we live.


Sectarian tensions on the rise...
U.S. fans flames of violence in Iraq
Deaths squads have killed more than 2,000 people across Iraq since the Samarra mosque bombing in a wave of violence has begun to rip apart neighborhoods and villages.

Students face repression for protesting recruiters
"Killing Iraqis is not a career"
Students in Northern California are standing up to military recruiters--and facing repression from school administrators for exercising their right to protest.


Five years of Bush administration tax cuts help...
The super-rich get super-richer
Death and taxes are supposed to be the only sure things in life. But thanks to George Bush, that statement is only half true for the super-rich.


May 1 day of action for immigrant rights demands equality
The return of May Day
For decades, International Workers Day was celebrated on May 1 everywhere but the U.S. But that will change this year, when May Day becomes a day of action for immigrant rights.


Their beating victim gets no justice in a Milwaukee courtroom
The brutal police who walked free
An all-white jury let three former Milwaukee police officers go free in the vicious beating of an African American man.

Denial of plans for a military attack on Iran ring hollow
"Credible threat" who sits in the White House
The Bush administration scrambled last week to quash reports that it was preparing to launch an attack on Iran--including the use of tactical nuclear weapons.

More executions are halted
Cruel punishment of lethal injection
A string of recent court rulings could stop the use of lethal injection by the U.S. death penalty machine.


Razor-thin victory for center-left coalition in Italy
The end of Berlusconi
The reign of right-wing Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi appeared to come to an end after he was narrowly defeated by center-left coalition leader Romano Prodi.


SEIU Local 32BJ squares off against real estate bosses
Building strike in NYC?
Service Employees International Union Local 32BJ, which represents 28,000 building workers in New York City, plans to strike April 21 if real-estate owners don't agree to an acceptable contract.

Labor in brief
Oakland teachers


Cindy Sheehan returns to Camp Casey
When Cindy Sheehan re-opened Camp Casey in Crawford, Texas, over the Easter weekend, President Bush retreated to Camp David.

News and reports
We demand a living wage; Defend abortion rights; Abolish the death penalty


Double standards for rich and poor in New York
When justice isn't blind
New York's drug laws ensure that the privileged and connected receive leniency for the same offenses that send thousands of Blacks and Latinos to prison.

Ducking a fight for abortion rights
Sen. Hillary Clinton has a funny way of showing her much-talked-about support for abortion rights.

Views in brief
La lucha seguira; Plans for May 1?; Think twice before striking; A is for antiracist


Film chronicles the GI resistance during Vietnam
The soldiers who fought the war
David Zeigler's film Sir No Sir! The Suppressed Story of the GI Movement to End the War In Vietnam lays myth of the "spat-upon Vietnam vet" completely to rest.

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