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April 28, 2006 | Issue 586


Activists come together for Chicago conference
Organizing the new movement
Activists from around the U.S. met in Chicago April 22 to coordinate plans for national May Day protests for immigrant and worker rights.

Nativo López on May 1:
"The power to stop the system"
The immigrant "problem," as some call it, can only be resolved when workers themselves refuse to cooperate with the system until it fairly remunerates them.

Renewing the traditions of May Day
For the first time in six decades, International Workers Day will be celebrated on U.S. soil with mass working-class demonstrations on May 1.

Camilo Mejia on war and anti-immigrant policies:
"It's the same system behind both injustices"
Antiwar vet Camilo Mejía talks about the connections between the fight against the war in Iraq and the new struggle for immigrant rights.

Senate "compromise" would keep immigrants as second-class citizens
Playing politics with immigrants' lives
Will a Democratic "compromise" revive Corporate America's plans to create a guest-worker program--plus meet the right wing's goal of further militarizing the U.S.-Mexican border?

Feds' raids designed to spread fear
The Bush administration organized a series of immigration raids to send an intimidating message to the new immigrant rights movement.

Undocumented and standing up for immigrant rights:
"I don't want others to suffer what I have"
An undocumented construction worker in Orange County, Calif., talks to SW about his experience coming to the U.S.

"The border crossed us"
"We didn't cross the border, the border crossed us." This slogan of the immigrant rights movement expresses a historical fact--that much of the Western U.S. was once part of Mexico.

Confronting the old Jungle and the new one
In their attempt to survive in the jungle of neoliberalism, today's immigrant workers face conditions very similar to those that Sinclair described exactly a century ago.

The alternative to poverty and immigrant-bashing
A world without borders
National borders are made by and for the rich and powerful--to enforce or ignore at their will.


Occupation only brings more horrors
Why the U.S. must get out of Iraq now
Every few months, the U.S. government hails a new "milestone" on the "road to democracy" in Iraq. As each passes, the situation for most Iraqis grows much, much worse.

No war on Iran!
"All options are on the table." That was George Bush's response last week, when asked if the U.S. was considering military action against Iran.

SDS and the struggles of the 1960s
Students for a Democratic Society came to symbolize the explosion of dissent and protest on college campuses during the 1960s.


Retired generals call for resignation
Rumsfeld under siege
The calls for Donald Rumsfeld's head coming from within the U.S. military establishment are a sign of the depths of the crisis of the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

Al-Arian facing deportation
The witch-hunt that never ends
After 38 months unjustly imprisoned, former University of South Florida professor Sami Al-Arian reached a plea agreement with federal prosecutors in April.

Privilege meets protest at Duke
The seismic shock of the recent and now notorious rape charges levied against the Duke lacrosse team has upturned Durham, N.C.

Antiracist protesters demand justice for...
Victim of a Florida boot camp
Some 2,000 people marched on Florida's state Capitol building to demand justice for a Black teenager who died in January after being beaten by guards at a youth boot camp.


Transit workers rally to defend jailed union president
TWU faces unjust fines
Ten days of labor rallies and vigils will mark the jailing of Roger Touissant, head of the New York City transit workers union, as punishment for a three-day strike in December.

"Why I'm voting no on S.F. teachers' contract"
A member of United Educators San Francisco analyzes the tentative agreement that headed off a strike threat in the San Francisco Unified School District.

Labor in brief
Oakland teachers


End the death penalty in Maryland
Justice for Vernon Evans
Activists are planning a march in support of Maryland death row prisoner Vernon Evans, who won a stay of execution hours before his scheduled execution in February.

News and reports
Prosecute police torture; Protest George Bush; Protest Pat Buchanan


Why is United for Peace and Justice ignoring the key issues?
Time to shake up the movement
In what country will a huge peace coalition hold an antiwar rally that has nothing to say about Iran, Israel and Palestine or Afghanistan? Sadly, it's the USA.

Views in brief
Smothering antiwar debate; Bush's plans for Iraq; Mozart's problematic politics

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