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May 26, 2006 | Issue 590


Hagel-Martinez immigration bill:
How can they call this justice?
The immigrant rights protests put the vicious Sensenbrenner bill on life support, but Hagel-Martinez represents a bipartisan effort to transplant its vital organs into a new body.

"We are facing a complete collapse"
Strangulation of the Palestinians
A growing humanitarian crisis is affecting Palestinians in the wake of the cutoff of tens of millions of dollars in international aid and tax revenues to the Palestinian Authority.


Michael Schwartz on conditions in Iraq today:
"There will be more violence the longer that the U.S. stays"
An expert on Iraq talks to Socialist Worker about the deteriorating conditions in Iraq today and the struggle of the Iraqi resistance.

The fight for public housing in New Orleans
"They want to keep us out"
Tens of thousands of public-housing residents from New Orleans languish in exile because the federal government refuses to reopen most of the city's public-housing units.


Democrats to the rescue as Bush and the Republicans flounder
Corporate America's B-team
If the Democrats win the elections in November and retake control of Congress, will anybody be able to tell the difference?


Detainees at the Guantánamo prison camp
Driven to suicide by U.S. torturers
As the United Nations called for the U.S. prison camp in Guantánamo Bay to be closed, the horrific toll that indefinite detention is exacting on prisoners became even clearer.

Will the Enron crooks go to jail?
After four months of testimony, a jury began deliberating on federal charges against top Enron executives. But Enron employees have already paid the price for Enron's fraud.


Puerto Rico's crisis sets stage for confrontation
The government of Puerto Rico declared itself bankrupt and laid off 95,000 public employees for two weeks, sparking marches and protests by organized labor, students and others.


Deadly toll of anti-immigrant racism
Both sides involved in the Congressional furor over immigration reform are jostling for red-state votes--echoing the racism long associated with organizations of the far right.

Isn't socialism about conformity?
Mass-market capitalism imposes conformity on the majority--at work, where we are expected to follow strict rules, and outside it, where we are treated as "mass consumers."


Midwest immigrant rights activists meet in Chicago
Building from the bottom up
Immigrant rights groups from across the Midwest met in Chicago to reaffirm a position of calling for full legalization of undocumented workers.

Reports from around the country
Standing up for immigrant rights

SFSU students fight campus administrators' crackdown
San Francisco State University administrators are stepping up their attack on student antiwar activists, but the students are fighting back.

Chicago police torture exposed
Victims of police torture under former Commander Jon Burge won a victory when a judge ruled that the findings of a four-year, $5.7 million investigation could be released.

News and reports
Defend Harlem from gentrification; Solidarity with Egyptian activists


A young man's life is being destroyed
The godmother of a Florida teen who has suffered one injustice after another at the hands of police and the courts speaks out.

Building Black and Brown unity
The response of progressive Black forces to the development of a mass immigrant rights movement has been very inspiring for the prospect of building a multiracial movement.

Views in brief
Stop the war on immigrants; A giveaway to R.I.'s rich; Fight for the environment


Da Vinci Code hits issues the Church evades
Immaculate deception
Despite the best efforts of the Catholic Church and the panning of the film by most movie critics, large crowds packed this weekend's opening of The Da Vinci Code.

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