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August 11, 2006 | Issue 597


"What in the name of God have we done to deserve this?"
War crimes in Lebanon
The terrible symbol of the Israeli onslaught in Lebanon is the dozens of bodies--men, women, children, infants--excavated from a demolished building in the village of Qana.

"Most Lebanese brace themselves and hope"
Life under Israeli siege
A student in Beirut who helped in the refugee relief effort in Lebanon describes life under Israeli siege.

U.S. bankrolls and supplies Israel's destruction of Lebanon
Stand up against this war of terror
Boiling anger in the Middle East at Israel's state-sponsored terrorism and its U.S. backers hasn't budged the Bush administration from standing by its lies about the "war on terror."

How many kids did the U.S. kill today?
Lebanon is just the latest of the U.S.'s many fronts in its "war on terror." Yet despite its ferocity, this war is proving an abysmal failure for U.S. imperialism.

Elaine Hagopian on Lebanon's history of war and resistance
Why the U.S. and Israel wanted this war
An author and veteran activists talks to SW about the history of Lebanon and the long record of U.S. and Israeli intervention.

How the U.S. and Israel justify the killing
Myths, lies and propaganda
Anthony Arnove examines the hypocrisy and double standards of the Israeli government and the U.S. media and political establishment.

Israel's lies about Lebanese casualties
If you didn't resist, we wouldn't have to destroy you--that's the Israel Defense Force's message to the people of Lebanon and Gaza.

Intensified bombing adds to the misery
Israel's hidden war on Gaza
Israel's war against the 1.4 million Palestinians of Gaza has intensified while the world's attention has been dominated by the Israeli assault on Lebanon.

Generals admit threat of civil war in Iraq
How the U.S. caused Iraq's nightmare
Reluctant admissions from the men who oversaw the U.S.-led war and occupation of Iraq highlight the scale of the disaster Washington has caused in Iraq.


"Respectable" politicians set the stage for the far right
Two faces of the anti-immigrant bigots
Plenty of politicians are willing to look the other way as their anti-immigrant supporters make common cause with the far right.

Activists ready for Chicago meeting
What's next for the movement?
Mobilizing for protests and building grassroots organizations will be the focus of an immigrant rights activists' meeting in the Chicago suburbs August 11-13.


The hope amid the horror of 1930s fascism
The Spanish Civil War
At its height, the Spanish Civil War that began 70 years ago provided a glimpse of how millions of ordinary workers could join together to lay the foundation for a more just society.


Right-wingers plot regime change in Cuba
The hysteria about Castro
The right wing's obsession with Cuban leader Fidel Castro reached new heights at the end of July when the ailing president announced he was temporarily ceding power.

Protesters blockade government offices
Oaxaca struggle grows
A teachers strike in southwestern Mexico that led to bloody clashes with riot police and mass solidarity demonstrations in June is continuing--and broadening its demands.


A victory in Chicago
"Big box" living wage law passes
Members of the Chicago City Council resisted high-pressure tactics from powerful corporations and passed an ordiance requiring a living wage at "big box" retail stores.

End of "Joe-mentum"?
The possibility of Joe Lieberman's loss in the Connecticut Democratic primary sent a shiver through Washington's insular political establishment.

Republican maneuver fails
The scam to end the estate tax
Over the last decade, Congress has reduced the estate tax on the super-rich eight times. In that same period, the minimum wage has increased

Part of the campaign to silence dissent on college campuses
Why is the right after Ward Churchill?
Right-wing witch-hunters have University of Colorado professor of ethnic studies Ward Churchill in their sights.


Thousands take to the streets to show their outrage
Protesting the Israeli assault
As Israel ratcheted up its attacks on Lebanon and Gaza, protesters in cities across the U.S. turned out to demand an end to Israel's brutality.

Fremont activists take on racists
Five Latino activists were arrested by Fremont, Calif., police on July 28 for the "crime" of standing up to racism.

News and reports
Stop the Nazis; Harlem housing rights; Immigrant rights in Washington state; Defend the rights of Seattle's Somalis; Equal rights for gays and lesbians


Campus Antiwar Network stands up against war
Protest at the grassroots
Charles Jenks of Traprock Peace Center talks about the Campus Antiwar Network and the wider antiwar struggle.

Guards who suppress free speech
Racist oppression and the suppression of political speech were the order of the day as several of us recently were selling Socialist Worker at a bus terminal in Springfield, Mass.

Views in brief
A new steps for immigrant rights activists; No justice in Texas; Taliban not a step forward


Advice from the liberal Democrat blogsters
Not-so-grassroots activism
Crashing the Gate is an attempt by two fixtures of the liberal "blogosphere" to propose a way forward, mainly by advising the Democrats about how to get elected.

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