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September 1, 2006 | Issue 599


"I'm part of the struggle for legalization"
Don't let them deport Elvira Arellano
Elvira Arellano's struggle against the federal government's attempt to deport her has become a national rallying point for the movement to defend the rights of immigrants.

Harassed and humiliated for "traveling while Arab"
Arabs and Muslims face a climate of hate
In case after case, Arabs and Muslims have been subjected to humiliating and repressive measures for no other reason than their religion and ancestry.


Two survivors look back one year later
The crimes that Katrina exposed
Two socialists whose story of their ordeal surviving the Katrina disaster swept around the Internet last year talk to SW about their thoughts one year later.

New Orleans needs public services rebuilt
Charity isn't enough
Twelve months after Katrina, it is abundantly clear that private, volunteer efforts to rebuild New Orleans, however well intentioned, are no substitute for rebuilding public services.


"They deal with us like animals"
Israel's relentless war on Gaza
While world leaders hailed Israel's ceasefire agreement in Lebanon--an agreement Israel violated before the ink was dry--Israel's war continued against the Palestinian people.

Israel and Palestine:
Exposing the myths and double standards
SW takes a graphical look at the hypocritical myths that Israel uses to justify its violence against the Palestinians.

The words of Gaza's children
A trauma therapist in Gaza puts the words of Palestinian children he has met together into an open letter to the world.


The U.S. and its allies have made the world more dangerous
Why the "war on terror" is a war of terror
In the name of the "war on terror," the U.S. and its allies have inflicted suffering across the Middle East and around the globe--and made the world a far more dangerous place.


The workers' movement debates the way forward
What's next in Venezuela?
Venezuela's new independent trade union, the National Workers' Union, split at its second congress in late May, amid crucial debates about the way forward for the workers' movement.


They're poised for victory in November, but...
Will a Democratic win help the antiwar struggle?
Barring a sharp change of events between now and Election Day, it makes sense to ask what a Democratic win will mean.

Ten years after Bill Clinton's law
The forgotten victims of welfare "reform"
The 10-year anniversary of welfare "reform" took place in late August. But despite the claims of pundits and politicians, it was nothing to celebrate.

Family endured years in a legal limbo
Long overdue victory for the Hamouis
The long ordeal of a Syrian-American family, caught up in the government's witch-hunt of Arabs and Muslims, is finally over.

Racist laws target immigrants
A creeping right-wing backlash against immigrants and the immigrant rights movement is gaining ground in small towns around the northeast.

Marines forced to call up reserves
The U.S. Marines are calling up reservists for the first time since the invasion of Iraq in what is being called a "backdoor" draft.


N.J. hospital hires scabs in effort to break walkout
Nurses strike for health care
Nurses at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, N.J., walked off the job over management's unwillingness to provide decent health coverage.

Labor in brief
United Teachers Los Angeles; Gary, Ind., teachers


Days of action for immigrant rights
Activists are gearing up to mark Labor Day with demonstrations in support of the rights of immigrant workers and against deportations and other right-wing attacks.

News and reports
Free speech under attack; Stop Chicago police violence; Free Palestine, Free Lebanon


Aaron Dixon's campaign for Senate in Washington
Showing a real alternative
Aaron Dixon, the Green Party nominee for U.S. Senate in Washington state, opened a new campaign headquarters on the heels of a major shakeup in the Democratic primary.

Legal setbacks for gay marriage
Gay marriage suffered a series of defeats this summer, with the highest courts in New York and Washington deciding to limit marriage to one man and one woman.

Views in brief
Torture: a tool of the U.S.; Hezbollah can't bring liberation; Nader wrong on Lieberman


Spike Lee's film recalls When the Levees Broke
"It's like they let it happen"
Spike Lee's two-part documentary makes it clear that the continuing epic tragedy of Katrina is a failure on many levels that far exceed a "natural" disaster.

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