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November 10, 2006 | Issue 609


Why Election 2006 marks a turning point in U.S. politics
End of the Republican era
The 2006 election provided the final confirmation that the "Republican Revolution" has disintegrated under the weight of its own arrogance, corruption and cruelty.

After the election repudiates one-party rule by the Republicans
What can we expect from the Democrats?
Before Election Day, Republicans held all the power in Washington. But after the drubbing they got on November 7, only the White House remained firmly in their grasp.

Not even close to "radical"
The real record of Nancy Pelosi
Socialist Worker asked two California Green Party candidates about whether the Speaker of the House-to-be is as "radical" as she's made out by Republicans.

The limits of U.S. "democracy"
U.S. democracy is supposed to be a "beacon of light." But a closer look at the U.S. system reveals an apparatus manipulated to defend the interests of those with money and power.

A victory for abortion rights
In South Dakota, pro-choice forces scored a much-awaited victory for women's rights when voters passed a referendum overturning a nearly all-out state ban on abortions.

Year of the TV attack ad
It's no secret that a flood of poisonous campaign ads is released every election year. This year, however, some ads hit new lows for scapegoating, fearmongering and all-around lies.


Hussein verdict comes days before U.S. election
Why isn't the U.S. on trial in Iraq?
The conviction and death sentence for Saddam Hussein was a transparent attempt to deflect attention from the crimes the U.S. commits--day in and day out--in Iraq.


March of 1 million against federal police invasion
Oaxacans defy deadly crackdown
Organizers said more than 1 million people marched in Oaxacato protest a deadly crackdown and restate their demand for the resignation of the state government.

A striking teacher from Oaxaca describes...
"Our fight for social and economic justice"
A representative of striking Oaxaca teachers describes the backdrop to the struggle and what the future holds.


Sandinista leader poised for victory
Nicaraguan voters defy U.S. threats
Despite a relentless campaign by the Bush administration to derail his election, Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega is poised to win Nicaragua's presidential election,


Thousands line up for 200 jobs at Manhattan candy store
The harsh reality for working New Yorkers
Two recent incidents in New York City and nearby New Jersey expose the reality behind the happy talk about the U.S. economy from politicians and the media.

Hazleton's anti-immigrant law delayed
A federal judge delayed implementation of a harsh anti-immigrant ordinance in Hazleton, Pa., before it was due to go into effect November 1.

Convicted of Abu Ghraib abuse
Torturer sent back to train Iraqi police
The Army seems to have forgotten about the torture at Abu Ghraib when it reassigned back to Iraq one of the soldiers who was pictured handling the vicious dogs.


"There's no future on $20 a day," says SEIU Local 5
Houston janitors on strike
Some 1,700 Houston janitors here have been on strike for more than two weeks in a struggle for health care, full-time hours and an improvement in abysmally low pay.

First look at bad deal for New York teachers
The United Federation of Teachers in New York City announced November 6 that it reached a tentative contract agreement a full year ahead of the expiration of the current contract.


News and reports
Housing after Katrina | Oppose the Minutemen | Defend the right to protest | Fight racism at University of Illinois | Oaxaca solidarity


Shot down by paramilitaries in Oaxaca, Mexico
Paying tribute to Brad Will
Brad was drawn by Oaxaca's struggle for self-determination drew him. He also went to fill the gaping hole left by the mainstream media, which has largely ignored that struggle.

Dobbs is a dead end for the Greens
Scott McLarty doesn't offer much more than condescending sarcasm in defense of the Green Party's decision to encourage members to reach out to right-wing xenophobe Lou Dobbs.

Views in brief
Standing up for choice | Vote for Leedham | The myth of "humanitarian" invasion


South African activist-poet Dennis Brutus
A voice of hope and resistance
A fine collection of Dennis Brutus' poetry, essays and interviews makes available the full range of his work over half a century of activism.

Occupation, resistance...only in outer space
The 1979 Battlestar Galactica didn't have much going for it. Now, there's a new series, in its third season, with a similar plot, but totally different.

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