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January 5, 2007 | Issue 614


An antiwar movement statement
Why we stand for immediate withdrawal
Socialist Worker reprints a widely supported statement initiated by leading figures in the antiwar movement.

The dictator the U.S. propped up and took down
Saddam Hussein was rushed to the gallows as 2006 ended--a former dictator put to death under instructions from his one-time supporters in the U.S. government.

Behind the Hamas-Fatah conflict
Is Gaza headed for a civil war?
Palestinian activist and author Toufic Haddad talks about the sources of the conflict between Hamas and Fatah, and the role played by the U.S. and Israel.

Why did Ethiopia invade Somalia?
The U.S. proxy war in Africa
Ethiopian forces swept through southern Somalia at the end of 2006 to drive out Islamist militias and install a handpicked regime friendly to the U.S.


"The government was sending a message"
Immigration raids terrorize Swift workers
Federal immigration agents stormed into six Swift and Co. meatpacking plants and pulled aside Latinos among the 13,000 workers.


Marching to protest Sean Bell's murder
Boiling anger at the NYPD
Tens of thousands of people took to the streets December 16 to protest the NYPD murder of Sean Bell, only hours before he was supposed to be married on November 25.

"They killed him in the building we grew up in"
SW talks to a music producer and artist, and childhood friend of the NYPD's first shooting victim since Sean Bell was killed.

Next steps in the struggle
In the wake of Sean Bell's murder, the anti-police brutality movement in New York has been reborn.


Lethal injection under scrutiny
Tortured in the death chamber
The execution system was halted in December in three states that account for almost a third of prisoners awaiting the sentence of death.

Crimes of the "ordinary guy" president
The real Gerald Ford
The stories that politicians like Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld told about Gerald Ford as an "ordinary guy" are so much political myth-making.

How the ruling class shapes the media
The process by which ruling ideas are disseminated is sometimes very crude. But more often, direct interventions to shape media spin are not really necessary.


Washington state activists ready to put the war on trial
Military resisters need your support
One reflection of the antiwar opposition among veterans and active-duty service members is the movement of military resisters.

A bipartisan wave of Islamophobia
Members of Congress are stoking racism against Muslims. And it isn't only right-wing Republicans--one of the most liberal Democrats in the Senate is guilty, too.

Taking a stand against...
Their campaign of fear and lies
A lawyer from upstate New York talks about a little-known effort by the federal government to take away more of our civil liberties.

Politically connected firms thrive on federal contracts
Making big money off Katrina
Hurricane Katrina caused more than immense devastation. It also created a bonanza for the disaster business, and a government boondoggle that will likely top $2 billion in 2007.


Concessions rankle many who spent 12 weeks on picket line
Goodyear workers end strike
After three months on strike, a majority of 12,000 workers at 12 plants across the country voted to accept major concessions at tire manufacturing giant Goodyear.

Seattle janitors strike for union recognition
Two hundred janitors in the Seattle area are on strike for union recognition, a fair contract and respect on the job.

Labor in brief
Los Angeles Unified School District | Ohio janitors


News and reports
Protest the ICE raids | No reprisals at Gallaudet | City College of New York


Mansour Osanloo's fight against state repression
Union leader jailed in Iran
Mansour Osanloo, the leader of Tehran and suburbs bus workers' union, was arrested for a second time in November 2006.

One year after Sago's mine disaster
January 2 marks the one-year anniversary of the tragic mine disaster in Sago, W. Va., where 12 miners were killed. Although it's been a year, justice has yet to be served.

Views in brief
Saddam Hussein's execution | The stakes in Oaxaca


Minister of Funk James Brown dies at 73
The Godfather of Soul
James Brown treated rhythm like a mad scientist, with test tubes full of chemicals--always reinventing, trying new combinations and creating more powerful potions.

Citizen Cope's political outrage
The flavor of hip-hop lingers in many of the tracks on Citizen Cope's new album Every Waking Moment. But his lyrical style has more in common with Tom Waits.

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