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January 19, 2007 | Issue 615


A Socialist Worker guide to...
Bush's surge of death and destruction
SW examines the claims made by George Bush in his speech announcing an escalation in the Iraq war, along with the responses of leading Democrats.

Bush's surge plan exposes splits in the establishment
War machine in overdrive
Bush's surge plan is certain to cause more death and destruction in an already crippled country--and perhaps sets the stage for a new U.S. war against Iran or Syria or both.

"The fastest-growing humanitarian crisis in the world"
Iraq's refugee nightmare
The U.S. occupation of Iraq is generating one of the largest refugees crises in decades.

Air strike part of "war on terror"
U.S. warlords attack Somalia
A series of U.S. air strikes in Somalia--closely bound up with the recent Ethiopian invasion--killed 70 herdsman in the south of the country.

How the Vietnam War was stopped
The American movement against the Vietnam War was one of the most successful in history, and played a major role in ending the war.


The debates ahead for the World Social Forum
South African poet and anti-apartheid campaigner Dennis Brutus offers his perspective on the upcoming World Social Forum.

The draining of Africa's wealth
Author and activist Patrick Bond looks at the neoliberal project in Africa today, and the social movements that are opposing it.


Buying and selling influence in Washington
Who owns the Democrats?
As one of two pro-corporate parties in power at any given time, the Democrats are feted by big business to ensure that corporations get the laws and policies they want.

Bush defies message of the 2006 vote
Do elections matter?
The message of the 2006 election as a referendum against the Iraq War couldn't have been clearer. Yet, astoundingly, the Bush administration is flouting the public will.


Right wing attacks protesters
Tensions build in Cochabamba
Clashes in Bolivia between supporters and opponents of Cochabamba's ultra-right-wing governor left at least two dead and more than 200 injured.


CEO pay skyrockets while politicians bicker over the minimum wage
Inequality USA
Robert Nardelli, the former chairman and chief executive of Home Depot left his post in January with more than just memories--he got a $210 million golden parachute.

Will Big Brother be opening your mail?
George Bush is giving the federal government the right to search your mail without a warrant.

Latest victim of the war at home
Framed in a fabricated bomb plot
In its latest frame-up operation, the federal government has locked up a 24-year-old Pakistani immigrant for 30 years--and arrested three other members of his family.

Texas jail houses men, women and children
Immigrant families behind bars
Protesters gathered last month outside a privately owned detention center near the small town of Taylor, Texas to protest the incarceration of immigrant families and children.

Sleazy investments of the Gates charity
A Los Angeles Times éxpose has revealed that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has investments in companies that contradict and even directly undermine its stated goals.

No discipline for officer who killed a 13-year-old
LAPD whitewashes shooting
Two years after 13-year-old Devon Brown was fatally shot by one of its officers, a Los Angeles Police Department disciplinary board secretly decided not to punish the officer.


Labor in brief
Legal Aid Society


Antiwar organizers get ready for a day of action
Building for January 27
Seeking to build on growing antiwar sentiment, organizers across the U.S. are gearing up for a national day of action on January 27.

Put the war on trial, not the war resisters
More than 100 people rallied January 4 outside the gates of Fort Lewis near Seattle in support of Army First Lt. Ehren Watada.

Mother of NYPD shooting victim begins vigil
Valerie Bell began a vigil outside of the 103rd Police Precinct in Queens on January 1 to protest the murder of her son at the hands of four undercover police officers.

News and reports
No the Minutemen | Fight Arizona's anti-immigrant Prop 300


Challenging a system that's designed to victimize
A public defender's view
We cannot change a rotten system by changing the actors, but only by changing the system itself.

Views in brief
A voice for prisoners | Is Iraqi unity impossible? | Real analysis of Oaxaca


Dobbs says he's fighting for the little guy
Lou Dobbs' criticisms of Corporate America and both mainstream parties gain him a hearing, but his racist solutions place him squarely on the far right of the political spectrum.

A history of slavery and abolition
An exhibit on slavery and the Civil War at the New York Historical Society is a thorough examination of the role of slavery on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line.

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