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May 11, 2007 | Issue 631


How the U.S. set Iraq on fire
Since the 2003 invasion, the U.S. has caused the death of at least 655,000 Iraqis--though that is only part of the death toll from two Gulf Wars, and the decade of sanctions between them.

Innocent victims of Washington's other occupation
A series of high-profile civilian killings by U.S. forces in Afghanistan have caused new outrage at the continuing occupation of the country.


How will we strengthen the struggle?
With hundreds of thousands marching on May Day, immigrants and their supporters showed decisively that the movement hasn't disappeared.

Outrage at LA cops' May Day assault
Swinging clubs and firing dozens of rounds of "less-than-lethal" rubber bullets, officers of the LAPD terrorized some 15,000 participants in a peaceful May Day rally.

Menaced by the Minutemen
A reported member of the Minutemen was arrested at the May 1 march for immigrant rights in Washington, D.C.--and was soon discovered to be armed to the teeth.

May Day marches for immigrant rights
Though the demonstrations were, on the whole, smaller than last year, the mainstream media went out of their way to ignore their significance.


The truth about Giuliani
If anyone wants to know what a Giuliani presidency would look like, they should go back to his years as mayor of New York City during the 1990s.

Sniveling self-defense of a bureaucratic hack
Former CIA director George Tenet's long-awaited memoir is all about shifting the blame for the U.S. disaster in Iraq.

Ireland's greatest revolutionary
Ireland's political establishment canonizes James Connolly as a great "patriot." But they would feel ill at ease with his lifelong commitment to working class self-emancipation.


Why abortion is crucial to women's equality
What all the restrictions and bans on abortion have in common is their attempt to tell a woman that the government knows best what she should do with her own body.

Two-faced Washington moralizers
Even more outrageous than disgraced Bush administration official Randall Tobias' behavior is the rank hypocrisy the revelations brought to light.


Will Olmert government fall in Israel?
Masses of Israeli protesters called for the ouster of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, but after surviving three no-confidence votes in parliament, it appeared that Olmert would hang on.

Where will Turkey's political crisis lead?
A political crisis in Turkey could spell big trouble for the U.S. government as it tries to shore up its control of the Middle East after the debacle in Iraq.

War of terror in the Philippines
Responsibility for the recent killings of journalists and activists lies with the military and the Arroyo government--and their backers in the Bush administration.


Filthy rich and grabbing for more
The top 25 hedge fund managers made a combined $14 billion last year--raking in more in one year than the national income of Jordan, with 5.9 million people.


Will the UFCW stand up to the grocery giants?
Three years after a bitter grocery workers strike in Southern California ended in defeat, the UFCW is again locked into contract negotiations with the "Big Three" grocery stores.

Treating workers as disposable
Two New York City transit workers have died within five days, and now questions are being raised about how safe such workers are while performing their duties.

Labor in brief
Woodfin Hotel | Saigon Grill


Mumia supporters plan protest
After 25 long years, the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal, a former Black Panther and world-renowned journalist, will be heard in federal court.

News and reports
Vermont Campus Antiwar Network | Protesting the Minutemen | Marching against the war


U.S. walls will turn Baghdad into a prison
The U.S. military in Iraq has unveiled a new strategy to suppress "sectarian violence" wracking Baghdad: building border walls.

Views in brief
Troubled kids thrown to the courts | The stereotyping of hip-hop | Abortion ban an attack on women | 300 not a right-wing parable


The music united will never be defeated
Ozomatli's lyrics preach solidarity and struggle, and the music amplifies and adds meaning to the message by being a literal expression of solidarity.

Radical art of the Black Panther Party
Black Panther: The Revolutionary Art of Emory Douglas serves as a testament to the potential relationship between artists and political movements.

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