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June 8, 2007 | Issue 635


Sinking deeper
The Bush administration has lurched from one disaster to another in the Middle East. But the more they struggle to get out of the quicksand, the deeper they sink.

Cindy Sheehan and the antiwar struggle
It's clear from Cindy Sheehan's statements that she isn't looking for personal sympathy--she wants to provoke a root-and-branch discussion about the antiwar movement.


Compromising on justice for immigrants
This year's version of a Senate immigration compromise--no names attached to this one, please--makes last year's Hagel-Martinez appear humane by comparison.

The shape of Lebanon since Israel's assault
Independent journalist Dahr Jamail tells what he witnessed when he returned to the Middle East to report on the aftermath of Israel's assault on Lebanon last summer.

How the Six Day War changed the Middle East
Though perhaps not immediately apparent at the time, the aftermath of Israel's 1967 conquest cast a huge shadow over the Middle East and the world.

RUSSIA 1917 | Part 5
The revolt against the Tsar's empire
How did the Russian Revolution affect the vast empire of the Tsar, with tens of millions living under an occupation by a government whose language and laws were not their own.


Lebanese Army pounds refugee camps
The Lebanese Army intensified its assault on a Palestinian refugee camp in northern Lebanon following the breakdown of a 10-day ceasefire.

The protests awaiting Bush in Italy
George Bush can expect a hot antiwar protest when he comes to Rome following his trip to the Group of Eight summit in Germany.

Activists on trial for opposing Raytheon
Nine members of the Derry Antiwar Coalition who participated in the occupation of Raytheon's Derry City office face possible jail sentences.


Gouged at the gas pumps
Oil companies say prices are simply obeying the dictates of the "free market." Don't believe it. We've heard it before.

ICE is "trying to scare the community"
Thirteen Guatemalan immigrants are the victims this time in yet another Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid in New York City.


Setback for LA charter scheme
LA school officials announced that one-third of teachers who signed a petition to make Locke High School in South Central LA a charter school have rescinded their support.

Labor in brief
University of California custodians | Madison, Wis., painters


Activists defend Iraq vets' right to speak
The U.S. military is trying to send a message to veterans that speaking out against the war will cost them.

Why you should join us at Socialism 2007
What's the way forward for the struggles of today? That question will run through each one of the four days of meetings and discussions at Socialism 2007 in Chicago.

News and reports
ICE raid at UC-Santa Barbara | Rallying for immigrant rights | Defend Lawrence Hayes | Antiwar protest on Memorial Day


Bringing the impact of the war home to NYC
The Iraq Veterans Against the War's Operation First Casualty is designed to bring the frightening reality of occupation back home to the U.S.

Views in brief
A health care program that's sick | Unequal justice in Illinois | Denver "cleans up" for the Democrats | Are men to blame for sexism?


Tom Morello on music and politics:
"You start with a spark"
The outspoken musician and political activist answers SW's questions about his solo acoustic guitar project the Nightwatchman and his album One Man Revolution.

Guardians of the status quo
End Times, a new book by CounterPunch editors Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair, documents the current dismal state of the mainstream media.

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