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August 3, 2007 | Issue 639


How Eugene Cherry took a stand--and won
A soldier, suffering the consequences of deployment in Washington's occupation of Iraq, takes on the U.S. military establishment. Socialist Worker explains how he won.

Demanding action from the Democrats
Activists are taking steps to put liberal leaders of the Democratic Party on the hot seat--demanding action to end the U.S. war on Iraq and stand up to the Bush administration.


Kenneth Foster speaks out from death row:
Struggling to survive the Texas death machine
Facing an execution date of August 30, Kenneth Foster answers SW's questions about the travesties that landed him on death row, and his struggle to survive the execution machine.

In the streets for Kenneth Foster
More than 200 people filled the streets of downtown Austin, Texas, in the high point in a series of actions and activities to demand justice for Kenneth Foster.

A challenge to Rick Perry
Former Illinois death row prisoner Stanley Howard wrote a statement as part of the campaign for Kenneth Foster.

When Big Brown was shut down
The Teamsters strike at UPS 10 years ago delivered labor movement's first decisive victory in decades and pointed a different way forward for unions.

Rebellion in Detroit
Forty years ago this summer, of Detroit was rocked to its core by what became known as the "Great Rebellion"--clashes with police in the leading city of American industry.

RUSSIA 1917 | Part 7
Repression and resurgence
The period of reaction that followed the July Days was relatively short-lived, and the movement bounced back in a matter of a month--stronger, deeper and broader.


An alliance of tyrants
Scrambling to overcome the impact of the U.S. debacle in Iraq, George Bush is moving to prop up assorted dictators and monarchs across the Middle East and South Asia.


Determined strike rattles South African government
A South African labor journalist reports on the recent public-sector strike in South Africa and what it says about the future of the struggle.


Why does Alberto Gonzales still have a job?
Alberto Gonzales' lies are turning into a full-blown political crisis for the Bush administration, as the attorney general faces the possibility of perjury charges.

Behind the stock market plunge
The stock market dive in late July signaled that policies to make borrowing easier which boosted the world economy may soon give way to a credit crunch that squeezes off growth.

Hazelton's anti-immigrant law overturned
One year ago, Hazelton, Pa., was ground zero for the attack on undocumented workers. Today, it's the site of a defeat for anti-immigrant forces.


Solidarity defeats the garbage bosses
Nine hundred East Bay garbage workers beat back one of the biggest scabbing operations in decades, defeating Waste Management's attempt to break their unions.

Building a stronger union in NYC transit
Coming off the two recent deaths of transit workers, Transport Workers Union Local 100 in New York is still coming to grips with how we improve working conditions.


Demanding care from the VA
Chanting "Fund the wounded not the war!" more than 300 protesters marched to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center in Seattle.

News and reports
Protesting Bush's summer break | Health care is a right | San Francisco immigrant rights | Save Kenneth Foster | Iowa sit-in against the war | New Orleans housing rights


Violent consequences of a racist backlash
The racist backlash against immigrants has had real consequences in a small town outside of Portland, Ore.

Sympathy for a sad loss
I never knew Joshua Brand, but I've been reading Socialist Worker for nearly three years. I felt moved by your loss and knew that I had to write in.

Views in brief
Justice for the Jena Six | Who benefits from sexism? | The real failure in New Orleans


Harry Potter: The final conflict
J.K. Rowling has brought the seven-part Harry Potter series--undeniably a rich and layered achievement--to a satisfying conclusion and closure.

The anger and alienation that feed racism
Writer and director Shane Meadows has created a masterful study of the British working class in This Is England.

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