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August 17, 2007 | Issue 640


Immigrant workers in a Chicago factory:
Victory on the picket line
The remarkable struggle of immigrant strikers at a nonunion soap factory ended in an unexpected victory, with the threat of termination based on immigration status withdrawn.


Sub-prime shock waves
After months of assurances that the crisis had been contained, the U.S. economy's sub-prime mortgage mess roared back to life and took down a new swath of victims.

The march of the Bonus Army
With the Great Depression causing mass unemployment, some 40,000 war veterans made their way to Washington, D.C., in 1932 to demand an immediate bonus payment.


Why are the Democrats giving cover to Bush?
The leaders of the Democratic Party are promoting plans that would keep the U.S. military on the ground in Iraq for the foreseeable future.

Putting miners' lives at risk for profits
The latest American mining disaster has its roots in unsafe conditions and the drive for profits that are the hallmarks of the coal industry.


The race to save an innocent man
All eyes are on Texas Gov. Rick Perry after the state's highest court dismissed a final legal appeal from death row prisoner Kenneth Foster Jr. without bothering to write an opinion.

Bridge collapse exposes disasters in the making
The precise cause of the collapse of the Minneapolis bridge is still under investigation. But it has thrown into sharp focus the crisis of decaying and crumbling infrastructure.

Congress caves on Bush spy legislation
Even mainstream newspapers condemned legislation passed by in late July that vastly expands the Bush administration's power to spy on Americans.


Labor in brief
Police attack labor rights protest


Chicago police killing of Black teen sparks protest
Two deadly shootings by Chicago police produced several days of protest and speakouts in the North Lawndale neighborhood.

Organizing for health care
Inspired by Michael Moore's documentary Sicko, activists and health care advocates across the country are taking the first steps to organize the fight for health care for all.

News and reports
Los Angeles antiwar forum | Chicago-area public transportation | New Haven, Conn., immigrant rights


The police beating that caused a death in Texas
On July 22, a little after 2 a.m., the Pasadena, Texas, police dealt Pedro Gonzales Jr. a fatal blow to his ribs.

No compassion from the police
I'm writing to thank Christopher Henderson for his letter expressing sympathy for me and the many others who knew and loved Josh Brand.

Views in brief
Did the Teamsters win in Oakland? | "Liberating" Afghans from life


A laugh in a laughless world
The Simpsons Movie, based on the magnificent TV series, offers some red-letter moments that break all the "family movie" boundaries.

Which way forward for hip-hop?
The 2007 tour of Rock the Bells brings together an unprecedented crew of hip-hop legends, the newer generation of independent rappers and less mainstream artists.

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