Boston activists protest at banks

October 14, 2008

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--A demonstration at Harvard Square's Bank of America on October 7, which was called to protest the bank's funding of coal mining, took up broader issues, as activists infuriated by the Wall Street bailout gathered to join the protest.

Rainforest Action Network and Rising Tide called the demonstration. Some 75 activists involved in a range of struggles, from environmental justice to eviction defenses and opposing the war, turned out.

A City Life tenants' rights organizer spoke to the crowd about Bank of America's predatory practices, and the racism and cruelty of evictions. Protesters marched to Citibank, chanting, "Let the people keep their homes. Make the banks pay off the loans!" and "Money for jobs and education, not for war and corporations!" They carried a huge banner saying "Not with our money!"

The Activist Melodies for the People led people in protest songs like "Joe Hill" and "Solidarity Forever," as five Rising Tide activists that had chained themselves to Citibank's doors and blockaded the bank with linked arms through PVC pipe were arrested.

Chanting in solidarity with the arrested protesters, activists left the protest even more hopeful and ready to fight.

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