Topic: U.S. Politics

  • Berkeley faculty ready to boycott the alt-right

    Hundreds of faculty and graduate students at UC Berkeley are planning an all-campus boycott as the alt-right plans to invade.

  • Coming together against hate in Syracuse

    A new coalition calling itself Syracuse United Against Hate has united to prepare for opposing far-right mobilizations.

  • Campus crusaders for hate

    Get ready: The right wing--from pro-Trump College Republicans to well-dressed reactionaries to outright fascists--is coming for your college.

  • We the democracy

    During a presidency when every week seems to produce a new outrage, we need to tear down the façade and set our sights on a fuller democracy.

  • In defense of anti-fascism

    Following last month's rallies against the far right, there has been a flurry of liberal critiques of the violence of...the anti-fascists.

  • The right tried to return to Portland...and failed

    More than 1,000 well-organized protesters successfully prevented the far right from making a comeback in the Pacific Northwest.

  • The right won't intimidate us

    Provocateurs from the far right at UC-Berkeley are attempting to monitor and disrupt meetings of leftist groups.

  • Our resistance in the era of political whiplash

    Every week--sometimes every day--brings a new outrage of the Trump era, but we can respond by building a left united behind solidarity and struggle.

  • Solidarity is the solution to the far right's threats

    Students at Cal State Fullerton in southern California are confronting right-wingers who want to bring Milo Yiannopoulos to campus.

  • Why are they obstructing anti-racist speech?

    In Berkeley, the right has used "free speech" as a cover for its violence--and powerful liberals are letting them get away with it.

  • Who was the real threat in Berkeley?

    A deluge of denunciations of Antifa and the Black Bloc followed in the wake of the anti-fascist mobilizations in the Bay Area.

  • We won't let Patriot Prayer go unopposed

    Far-right extremists are again assembling in one of their target cities: Portland, Oregon. But counterprotests are being organized.

  • How we can demoralize the right wing

    Donald Trump has stoked the fires of white supremacy in the U.S.--and it will be up to the left to figure out how to extinguish them.

  • Nuestra alternativa al odio

    Para derrotar a la derecha extrema, necesitamos realizar acciones en grandes números, presentando una visión de izquierda.

  • Lessons from a Laguna Beach counterprotest

    A mobilization of 2,500 people against the far right in Laguna Beach, California, holds important lessons for defeating the racists.

  • An avalanche of anti-Nazi resistance

    Thousands across the U.S. marched against white supremacists in response to a call for a weekend of solidarity against hate.

  • Keeping San Francisco free of fascists

    Some 15,000 people marched, rallied and danced across San Francisco after the far right was forced to cancel its planned rally.

  • Bay Area resistance scares away the alt-reich

    The far right had to skulk away from Bay Area cities in defeat twice this weekend after the anti-racist majority sent its message loud and clear.

  • Why labor is mobilizing to protest the far right

    A union activist and organizer of the Bay Area Rally Against Hate in Berkeley talks about the importance of labor's involvement.

  • Our resistance won't stay home

    Bay Area Rally Against Hate organizers respond to a call by city officials as the August 27 counterdemonstration gets closer.

  • Berkeley can't give in to fear

    White supremacists want to continue their campaign of intimidation and violence in Berkeley. They must not go unopposed.

  • The alt-right and their campus red scare

    The right wing's paranoia about "Marxism" on campus is wildly overblown--but the left has a stake in defending campus organizing.

  • Our alternative to the right's politics of hate

    To counter the alt-reich, we need to build action based on our greater numbers--and put forward a left-wing vision based on solidarity and democracy.

  • Una resistencia antiimperialista

    Una oposición efectiva a Trump y a la derecha debe desafiar no sólo su agenda doméstica, sino además sus planes para reforzar el imperialismo.

  • Berkeley can't ignore the Nazis

    Berkeley's mayor advised people to stay away from the counterprotest against the far right on August 27. Here's why he's wrong.