Topic: U.S. Politics

  • Do American spies have the goods on Russia?

    The allegations of Russian interference in the presidential election have caused a number of strange flip-flops in U.S. politics.

  • La solidaridad derrota al odio

    Necesitamos construir una resistencia contra Trump entre todos aquellos que tengamos un interés mutuo en luchar unidos.

  • The resistance after Inauguration Day

    Our side is the majority, and we have the power to stop Trump's agenda, but it will require that we get organized and fight back.

  • UC Davis takes on alt-right hate

    Student protesters at the University of California-Davis shut down a reactionary speaking event led by Milo Yiannopoulos.

  • Looking for villains everywhere but the mirror

    The revelations from hacked DNC e-mails didn't lose the election for the Democrats. Their neoliberal, pro-corporate, anti-worker policies did.

  • How we made Montana Nazis back down

    Neo-Nazis canceled a planned armed march on Martin Luther King Day in Montana, after antiracists made their opposition clear.

  • A racist in charge of our rights?

    Donald Trump calls his attorney general choice Jeff Sessions a "world-class legal mind," but world-class racist is more like it.

  • When celebrities take on Trump

    Meryl Streep challenged Donald Trump at the Golden Globes and sparked a debate about celebrities speaking against injustice.

  • La trampa trumponómica

    La promesa de Trump de estimular la economía para impulsar la creación de empleos es una cubierta para aun otro obsequio para los más ricos.

  • The general sense of fear under Trump

    Donald Trump's list of cabinet appointments is chock-full of CEOs, billionaires and generals--lots and lots of generals.

  • A defeat the Democrats deserved

    Failures of capitalist "democracy" are producing disillusion with mainstream politics and space for the far right to grow.

  • Where Trump and tech see eye to eye

    The president-elect's closed-door meeting with Democratic-supporting tech executives surprised some people, but it shouldn't have.

  • Plotting the points of a fightback

    Donald Trump, more than any other Republican president, could provoke mass opposition as a result of his overreach.

  • The Trumponomics con game

    Donald Trump's promises to heat up the U.S. economy in order to boost job creation is a cover for another massive handout to the wealthiest.

  • The big picture under Trump

    The next four years don't need to be defined one-sidedly as merely an unrelenting horror show orchestrated by Donald Trump.

  • 2016 and the tale of two Americas

    In the U.S. and beyond, the right is cohering around figures like Trump, while threads of a new resistance are still coming together into a clear left alternative.

  • Do comparisons to the 1930s help?

    The question of whether Trump's victory marks a triumph for fascism depends, as always, on the definition of fascism you use.

  • Two poles of an evil duopoly

    Democrats and Republicans aren't identical, but they're tied together--and the rise of one conditions the eventual rise of the other.

  • Confronting the far-right threat at Purdue

    When fascist flyers appeared on the campus of Purdue University, it spurred protests and a flurry of anti-racist organizing.

  • An Islamophobic progressive?

    Tulsi Gabbard has a reputation as a liberal, but her defense of reactionary causes proves she has more in common with Trump.

  • Scaring off the Klan in North Carolina

    At multiple demonstrations, anti-racists in North Carolina and Virginia turned out to oppose the racist hate of the Klan.

  • The 18th Brumaire of Donald J. Trump?

    Only time and class struggle will tell if Donald Trump is able to succeed in establishing a 21st-century Bonapartism.

  • What’s wrong with counting the votes again?

    The Green Party's Jill Stein has attracted a lot of attention--and criticism--for pushing for a basic element of democracy integrity.

  • Sounding the retreat before Trump takes office

    One Democrat after another, starting with Barack Obama, has called on Americans to support Donald Trump because we're "on the same team."

  • Now's the time for socialist organization

    People radicalizing now not only have to stand up and be counted against Trump, but figure out what alternative they are going to organize for.