Topic: Far right

  • How you can respond to the right wing's attacks

    Numerous academics have been smeared, harassed and threatened by conservatives. Here's how to turn the tables on the right.

  • Two Tennessee towns turn back the far right

    Anti-racist activists overwhelmed the white nationalists' plans for rallying in Tennessee, even compelling them to cancel one event.

  • Turning back Turning Point USA

    Students and community members in Champaign-Urbana came out to protest the leader of the right-wing Turning Point USA.

  • The free speech of fools

    University of Florida officials decided that because of free speech, they had to take $10,000 from a Nazi--and then spend $500,000 to protect him.

  • OSU has to be ready to confront Spencer

    The whole Ohio State University community and city of Columbus have to respond if Richard Spencer is given a venue to speak.

  • Purdue's president takes aim at the left

    Mitch Daniels' slanders against a left-wing professor at Purdue are part of creating a hostile environment for campus dissent.

  • Three things we learned by confronting the right

    The far right has been on the retreat since Charlottesville, but how can we keep them there? Organizers draw lessons from the struggle so far.

  • We don't buy the alt-right's new brand

    Right-wingers tried to hide their hate with a "free speech" rally in Augusta, Maine, but the counterprotesters outnumbered them.

  • A boycott at Berkeley for safety and solidarity

    A math professor explains why UC Berkeley faculty called for a boycott during the far right's "Free Speech Week" provocation.

  • Nazis defile anti-fascist tribute

    When someone painted Nazi graffiti on a memorial in Madison honoring anti-fascists, activists turned out to oppose them.

  • The alt-reich fiasco that cost Berkeley $1 million

    This week's far-right festival of hate at the University of California at Berkeley flamed out before it started--leaving the university holding the bill.

  • Berkeley faculty ready to boycott the alt-right

    Hundreds of faculty and graduate students at UC Berkeley are planning an all-campus boycott as the alt-right plans to invade.

  • Coming together against hate in Syracuse

    A new coalition calling itself Syracuse United Against Hate has united to prepare for opposing far-right mobilizations.

  • Campus crusaders for hate

    Get ready: The right wing--from pro-Trump College Republicans to well-dressed reactionaries to outright fascists--is coming for your college.

  • In defense of anti-fascism

    Following last month's rallies against the far right, there has been a flurry of liberal critiques of the violence of...the anti-fascists.

  • The right tried to return to Portland...and failed

    More than 1,000 well-organized protesters successfully prevented the far right from making a comeback in the Pacific Northwest.

  • The right won't intimidate us

    Provocateurs from the far right at UC-Berkeley are attempting to monitor and disrupt meetings of leftist groups.

  • Solidarity is the solution to the far right's threats

    Students at Cal State Fullerton in southern California are confronting right-wingers who want to bring Milo Yiannopoulos to campus.

  • Why are they obstructing anti-racist speech?

    In Berkeley, the right has used "free speech" as a cover for its violence--and powerful liberals are letting them get away with it.

  • Who was the real threat in Berkeley?

    A deluge of denunciations of Antifa and the Black Bloc followed in the wake of the anti-fascist mobilizations in the Bay Area.

  • We won't let Patriot Prayer go unopposed

    Far-right extremists are again assembling in one of their target cities: Portland, Oregon. But counterprotests are being organized.

  • How we can demoralize the right wing

    Donald Trump has stoked the fires of white supremacy in the U.S.--and it will be up to the left to figure out how to extinguish them.

  • Nuestra alternativa al odio

    Para derrotar a la derecha extrema, necesitamos realizar acciones en grandes números, presentando una visión de izquierda.

  • Lessons from a Laguna Beach counterprotest

    A mobilization of 2,500 people against the far right in Laguna Beach, California, holds important lessons for defeating the racists.

  • An avalanche of anti-Nazi resistance

    Thousands across the U.S. marched against white supremacists in response to a call for a weekend of solidarity against hate.