Topic: Far right

  • The right runs into a fight in Charlottesville

    A small Virginia city has become a target for racists--but its successful counterprotest of the Klan shows the importance of taking on the far right.

  • The right can't stand our vision of democracy

    We publish the interview that a right-wing website tried--and failed--to distort in an attempt to smear socialists and socialism.

  • What strategies will stop the far right?

    Since Trump's election, the far right has become more aggressive than at any time in the last 25 years. An organized response is urgently needed.

  • Our answer to their violence

    The recent atrocities committed at the hands of the far right and the state, sparked similar solidarity actions Greensboro and beyond.

  • Smear campaign against a Trinity professor

    The right's campaign against left-leaning academics took aim at a Connecticut professor who spoke out against racism.

  • Why has this professor been targeted?

    Syracuse University Professor Dana Cloud is facing threats and abuse after participating in a counterprotest against Islamophobia.

  • We need free speech to fight the right

    Getting government officials to deny permits to the far right won't build the confident mass movement we need to take them on.

  • How did Portland stand united against hate?

    Organizers of a counterdemonstration that outnumbered and drowned out the far right talk about the strategy and tactics that went into organizing.

  • Our message of solidarity against the alt-right

    Two branches of the International Socialist Organization building the struggle against racist hate exchanged solidarity statements.

  • Anti-racists show their strength in numbers

    In Portland, thousands of counterprotesters overwhelmed a bogus "free speech" rally called by the far right--and set an example for the future.

  • Stand up for the victims of racist hate

    The far right has re-emerged--bigger and more lethal than in decades. We need to take a stand in solidarity with the oppressed through mass action.

  • Portland stands united against far-right hate

    Thousands of people who shared this city with two men stabbed to death by a racist are horrified by the murders--and want to stand up against hate.

  • This student was murdered by the alt-right

    Richard Collins would have graduated from college this month if not for a deadly attack that has everything to do with a rising climate of racism.

  • What will it take to stop the right in Berkeley?

    The right wing has focused its strategy for provocations and mobilizations on Berkeley. We have to respond with a strategy for large mobilizations.

  • The far right pollutes Boston Common

    As many as 300 far-right goons rallied in Boston, waving the banner of "free speech" as a cover for spreading their vile message.

  • We need mass mobilization and solidarity

    With the far right targeting Berkeley and its University of California campus, what strategy can help the left to respond?

  • The far right goes on a rampage in Berkeley

    This mobilization shows the physical threat that the racists represent--and the need to organize large numbers to oppose them.

  • What shut down Milo Yiannopoulos?

    Accurately describing protests and the effect of different tactics is needed to formulate a strategy for the new political period.

  • Making sense of what happened at Berkeley

    A participant in the protest against a far-right leader at UC Berkeley comments on some of the debates that have taken place since.

  • The right lashes out in Seattle

    The threat of the far right was thrown into sharp focus when an anti-racist was shot at a Seattle event featuring an "alt-right" leader.

  • What is Turning Point USA?

    This recently formed right-wing campus group says it wants a "dialogue," but what it really wants is to spread its bigoted ideas.

  • UC Davis takes on alt-right hate

    Student protesters at the University of California-Davis shut down a reactionary speaking event led by Milo Yiannopoulos.

  • How we made Montana Nazis back down

    Neo-Nazis canceled a planned armed march on Martin Luther King Day in Montana, after antiracists made their opposition clear.

  • Do comparisons to the 1930s help?

    The question of whether Trump's victory marks a triumph for fascism depends, as always, on the definition of fascism you use.

  • Confronting the far-right threat at Purdue

    When fascist flyers appeared on the campus of Purdue University, it spurred protests and a flurry of anti-racist organizing.