Residents of Uniontown, Alabama, protest the dumping of toxic waste in their community (Black Belt Citizens | Facebook)

The Environmental Racism Agency's victims

The dismissal of a lawsuit protesting deadly pollution in a largely Black Alabama town fits right in with the agenda of Trump's EPA chief Scott Pruitt.

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15 Years After the Iraq Invasion

Occupation and the resistance

The U.S. unleashed terror and repression to cement its power in Iraq--but in the process, it stoked multiple points of resistance.

Other Top Features of the Day

Behind the Austin bombings

The string of explosions in Austin, Texas, most of them targeting people of color, are terrorizing Black and Latino neighborhoods.

99 bullets and one dead teen

The police killing of Jesus Delgado-Duarte is sparking outrage and demands for justice in San Francisco's Mission neighborhood.

Protesting gun fundamentalists

When right-wingers brought their pro-gun message to the University of Vermont, students and the community spoke out.

A meek-as-a-Lamb opposition

If Democratic leaders get their way, millions of people who hope a Democratic Congress will put the brakes on the Trump blitzkrieg will be disappointed.

Trump's sick answer to opioids

Donald Trump (Gage Skidmore | Wikimedia Commons)

Trump's latest plan to combat the opioid epidemic includes the death penalty and more police--a further cruel twist to the government's non-response.

Declaring war on sanctuaries

Recent raids in Northern California signal an escalation of the administration's attack on state and local sanctuary policies--but they are spurring protest.

Students are saying: #Enough

The school walkouts on March 14 honored the victims of gun violence and cast a light on the issues facing those who say: #Enough.

A walkout against gun violence

Student walkouts around the U.S. on March 14 are an opportunity to take on the creeping militarization of U.S. society--starting with our schools.

Marching for women's rights

Activists marked International Women's Day around the U.S. with rallies connecting women's liberation to other struggles.

Not equal by any measure

Taking to the streets for women's rights in San Francisco (Charles Moehle | flickr)

International Women's Day will be marked by actions and events that set out the state of working women--but also look with hope to new struggles.

The outrage before the upset

The sweetness of Loyola's upset victory in the NCAA basketball tournament is soured for students by police violence on campus.

Taking anti-racism into schools

A "Making Black Lives Matter in Schools" event in Los Angeles focused on opposition to the district's policy of "random searches."

Seattle stands with Maru

After spending years fighting for immigrant rights, Maru Mora-Villalpando is fighting to stop a new threat: her own deportation.

Their plan to build profits

Trump's infrastructure plan won't repair our crumbling bridges nearly as effectively as it creates profits for investors.

Democracy 1, War Machine 0

Given a rare say about whether to locally base the Pentagon's notorious F-35 fighter, voters in Burlington, Vermont, said no.

Delta's anti-union propaganda

Delta Air Lines management has launched a new anti-union website to intimidate workers who are interested in unionizing.

The lessons of the FLPs

A recruiting banner for the Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party

The history of the farmer-labor parties shows the problems with a strategy of trying to implode the two-party system "from within."

A C.L.R. James treasure trove

A republished collection of masterful essays by C.L.R. James will introduce a new generation to a giant of history and Marxism.

Is Marxism only about class?

Because struggles against exploitation and oppression shape each other in many ways, one can't be won without waging the other.

Solidarity at Blair Mountain

The West Virginia teachers gave us a lesson in class struggle, but their miner ancestors taught an equally defiant one a century ago.

La doctrina del trauma en PR

Tras los huracanes, la crisis puertorriqueña ha alcanzado niveles catastróficos, pero la crisis no es nueva ni fue provocada por los huracanes.

Rebellion of the teachers

Talking socialism in a red state

The West Virginia struggle reminds us that we socialists aren't "creating" radicalism, but joining people who are forging their own path toward it.

Class struggle back on the map

The West Virginia teachers' strike inspired workers across the country--and only time will tell how far this wave of radicalization will spread.

Your victory gives us strength

Teachers unions in Puerto Rico and Mexico sent congratulations and solidarity greetings to the victorious West Virginia educators.

What the teachers taught us

Understanding how West Virginia teachers won their strike will help labor activists looking to the challenges ahead for unions.

From Mingo to Manhattan

Three West Virginia teachers traveled to New York City to speak at a solidarity meeting in the wake of their strike victory.

How the spark became a flame

Teachers stand united during a nine-day strike in West Virginia

A teacher from West Virginia's Mingo County explains how their victorious strike came together and what lessons they will carry from it going forward.

Driven by a sense of inequity

A leader of the Oklahoma teachers' strike movement explains how the West Virginia teachers inspired his co-workers.

Are Jersey City teachers next?

Teachers' salaries in New Jersey are higher than West Virginia, but educators face the same attacks on their health care and dignity.

15 Years After the Iraq Invasion

In this four-part series, Ashley Smith tells the story of the U.S. war and occupation of Iraq

I. The drive to a war crime

In spite of the largest coordinated protests in history, George Bush and the neo-cons were determined to have their war on Iraq.

II. The war machine unleashed

In March 2003, the U.S. used the full might of its arsenal against a country that had already been devastated by decades of war.

A strike for public schools

A one-day walkout by educators in Puerto Rico this Monday is a cry of protest against legislation that will devastate public schools.

How to solve the climate crisis

Melting ice sheets near Greenland (Mark Garten | United Nations)

An Arctic "heat wave" in the middle of winter is the latest warning of an impending climate catastrophe. Can it be stopped?

On strike at UK universities

Staff at more than 60 universities in the UK continue to walk the picket line after a bad deal to end their struggle was rejected.

Into the streets for Marielle

Marielle died because of her fight, because she was Black, because she was a woman, because she dared to confront the system.

A wake-up call for India's left

What does the victory for the right-wing Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party in the state of Tripura mean for India's left?

The Middle East powder keg

Tensions and conflicts are intensifying in the Middle East as the major players, both regional and global, compete for influence.

Introducing...Eugene Debs

A new documentary pays tribute to one of the most famous socialists and union leaders in U.S. history: Eugene V. Debs.

Berkeley's free speech struggle

Students occupy Sproul Hall during the Berkeley Free Speech Movement of 1964

A participant in the Free Speech Movement at UC Berkeley in 1964 discusses its lessons for today's struggle for free speech.

Psychiatric policing won't help

Among a lot of good discussions about gun violence is a reactionary call to take away rights from people with mental illness.

Desperation in Jersey City

The system is broken, and it was made that way not by teachers, but by the politicians. The "American Dream" is a joke.

Taking stock of a crash

What can Karl Marx and his economic writings tell us about the plunges of a volatile stock market in early February?

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