Students stand up to Trump's racism at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Joe Brusky | flickr)

We won't let them silence left voices on campus

Free speech is in peril on college campuses, but not in the way the right wing wants you to believe--it's the left that faces a crackdown on dissent.

Books for Bolsheviks

The editor of a new collection of eyewitness accounts of the Russian Revolution gives you a reading list for learning about 1917.

U of C grad workers get a vote

After many years of organizing, graduate employees at the University of Chicago finally have a chance to vote for a union.

Threats and conflict for Kurds

Kurds in northern Iraq have voted "yes" on independence, but governments around the region are threatening war and repression.

Taking a goose-step forward

Austria's toxic Freedom Party, which is likely to be part of the next government, has deep ties to the fascist movement.

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Series: The Russian Revolution

In 2007, Socialist Worker marked the 90th anniversary of the Russian Revolution of 1917 with a yearlong series outlining its course and consequences. Get started with the first article in the series here.

Regional Conferences Readings

Get read-y for Marxism

Hopefully, you'll join Socialist Worker at one of the regional Marxism Conferences near you. Here's our reading list to be prepared.

Recycling the same racist ban

Donald Trump (Army Sgt. Amber I. Smith | Wikimedia Commons)

The Trump administration is back with a new Muslim travel ban--and like the first two, this third version is rooted in bigotry and xenophobia.

The bot threat to democracy?

The ongoing uproar about the manipulation of "fake news" during the 2016 election is leading to a much greater threat of a censored Internet.

Restricting birth control access

The Trump administration issued two rules that allow employers to drop birth control coverage from employee health plans.

We know the side they're on

NFL owners are backsliding away from their seeming defiance of Trump and threatening players not out of fear, but basic self-interest.

Taking our anti-racism to D.C.

Thousands took part in the March for Racial Justice in Washington, D.C., to take a stand against white supremacy under Trump.

Solidarity Sundays in the NFL

Two writers with a front-row seat to the revolt of NFL players taking a knee during the anthem talk about the issue of police racism that started it all.

Taking on the right

Purdue's president takes aim

Purdue University President Mitch Daniels (Paul Morigi | flickr)

Mitch Daniels' slanders against a left-wing professor at Purdue are part of creating a hostile environment for campus dissent.

Lessons in fighting the right

The far right has been on the retreat since Charlottesville, but how can we keep them there? Organizers draw lessons from the struggle so far.

Selective about free speech

A Berkeley dean's defense of free speech has a blind spot when it comes to university suppression of advocacy for Palestinians.

Don't buy the alt-right rebrand

Right-wingers tried to hide their hate with a "free speech" rally in Augusta, Maine, but the counterprotesters outnumbered them.

If the right comes to campus

Students are being welcomed back this fall with the news that bigots like Bannon and Milo have been invited to speak. What should you do about it?

Behind the boycott at Berkeley

A math professor explains why UC Berkeley faculty called for a boycott during the far right's "Free Speech Week" provocation.

A traumatic cut in the Bronx

New York City hospital officials are putting an entire borough in danger with a plan to dismantle its only children's trauma center.

Medicare-for-All bandwagon?

While Sanders' Medicare-for-All legislation is welcome, top Democrats who support it are more concerned with exciting their base.

De Blasio's sad schools record

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio looks to be on the path to re-election, but is his record on education as good as he claims?

Showing they won't back down

Burlington teachers walk the picket line (Burlington Education Association)

Last month's strike by Burlington teachers won modest salary gains and strengthened the union for the struggles to come.

Their "freedom" to bust unions

Hundreds of union members and activists protested a meeting of the right-wing, anti-union Evergreen Freedom Foundation.

Turning the tables on Trump

Activists in Greensboro, North Carolina, used a Trump fundraising visit to build a protest and relief efforts for Puerto Rico.

Seattle takes on the "40 Days"

Seattle pro-choice activists kicked off their protests against the "40 Days for Life" by vastly outnumbering the anti-abortion side.

What we need instead of police

We need problem solvers who treat the people they help as equals, not police who see a populace to pacify with "law and order."

Borinquén, deuda y tormenta

Puerto Rico comienza su recuperación después de dos huracanes, pero el desastre ha sido exacerbado por décadas de dominación colonial.

Trump's malign neglect

Puerto Ricans will suffer and die needlessly because of the abject failure of the world's most powerful government to provide disaster relief.

Abolish Puerto Rico's debt

Don't expect Donald Trump to say any more about canceling Puerto Rico's punishing debt--but the simple fact is that justice demands exactly that.

Overcoming FEMA failures

Giving the lie to Trump's racist rants, people in Puerto Rico are organizing themselves after being failed by the federal government.

They need aid, not occupation

As most Puerto Ricans go without relief following Hurricane Maria, calls for the U.S. military to step up relief efforts could make matters worse.

Sending a message to Feinstein

You know it's an immigrant rights protest when the bunk-bed frames arrive (Immigrant Youth Coalition)

Activists gathered at Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein's office to demand that she stop pitting immigrant groups against one another.

A smiling face on the regime

The former Nobel Peace Prize winner at the top of the Myanmar government supports the military's genocidal persecution of Muslims.

Disastrous "aid" in India

India's "disaster aid" and "relief projects" regularly enrich corporations while shutting out the poor who are supposed to benefit.

Protesting a sequel to NAFTA

The renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement could spell more exploitation, especially of Mexico workers.

An ominous new massacre

The National Police shooting of unarmed civilian protesters in Colombia threatens to unravel the country's peace process.

A wake-up call in Germany

The inroads made by the far right in German elections last month bring new challenges and questions that the left must take up.

The crisis deepens in Catalonia

The Spanish state's government is making a mockery of democracy by attacking the Catalan people's right to decide their future.

Fueling the fires of the far right

The mainstream political forces that manage the European Union are responsible for setting the stage for the rise of the far right.

NFL sexism's real culprits

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newson speaks to reporters (Grant Baldwin | flickr)

There's a bigger story behind NFL star Cam Newton's sexist comment: a culture of racism and misogyny that goes to the top.

Hillbilly mythology

The book Hillbilly Elegy doesn't illuminate life in rural Appalachia, but reaffirms the old stereotypes and failed solutions to poverty.

A society built on violence

Despite constant media coverage, the wider questions about a society where horrors like Las Vegas can take place go unanswered.

Was Stalinism inevitable?

Providing a serious explanation of why the Russian Revolution was lost remains an essential task for revolutionary Marxists.

Why do we honor genocide?

More cities are replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day in recognition that the crimes of colonial violence shouldn’t be celebrated.

An epic with an Achilles' heel

PBS's series on Vietnam has shortcomings, but it reveals a lot of truth about the war and returns it to its proper place in U.S. history.

From champs to chumps

The champion Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team dishonored their fans and their city by accepting Trump's White House invitation.

Series: The Russian Revolution

Read SW's series on the Russian Revolution, which began 100 years ago today.

How Kornilov was defeated

In August of 1917, the Russian Revolution faced the threat of a coup. Defeating it depended on a mass popular mobilization.

The final act of the revolution

By October 1917, the unstable situation of dual power--the workers' councils versus the Provisional Government--came to a head.

Find a list of articles from the full Socialist Worker series on Russia 1917.

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