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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell speaks with reporters

The Senate's sickening health care fiasco

The Republicans have suffered a colossal failure on health care, but that doesn't mean the crisis of the Obamacare status quo is any less severe.

The health care hunger games

We need a radical alternative to both Trumpcare and Obamacare: a single-payer system. With a groundswell of support, what are the first steps?

Demythologizing Israel

Ilan Pappe's Ten Myths About Israel is an excellent book for anyone trying to separate fact from the fiction used to justify Zionism.

No place for pinkwashing

Pro-Israel marchers say they were unfairly barred from Chicago Dyke March, but they were there to disrupt a pro-Palestine event.

Don't let fear be the lesson

A renowned scholar is returning to the U.S. without a job in academia, but he doesn't regret his defense of the Palestinian struggle.

Detroit's Great Rebellion

In the streets during the Great Rebellion of 1967

On the 50th anniversary of an urban revolt in the heart of American capitalism at the time, SW interviewed the co-author of Detroit: I Do Mind Dying.

When capitalism is history

The Museum of Capitalism asks visitors to think about the system all around us as if it has already been relegated to the dustbin.

New This Weekend

We need to protest Trump's anti-trans ban

The president's ban on trans people in the military is a license to the world's largest employer to discriminate and oppress.

Other Top Articles of the Week

Who's guilty in San Antonio?

Authorities are promising to go after human traffickers following the horrific deaths of 10 migrants in Texas--but the guilty go all the way to the top.

The summer of subway fear

A series of derailments and track fires have raised urgent questions about the safety of the New York City subway system for riders and workers alike.

United against police murder

Protesters show their solidarity after the police murder of Justine Damond

The police killing of Justine Damond has led to multiracial calls for justice--and raised another dimension to the epidemic of police violence.

The survivors won't go back

We shouldn't let Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos roll back the gains won by the campus movement against sexual violence.

What happened at Evergreen?

Evergreen State made headlines over protests that provoked violent threats from the far right, leading to a campus shutdown.

Will the courts stop DAPL?

A judge has ruled against the Dakota Access Pipeline, but it will take a struggle beyond the courts to stop Trump and the oil industry.

Someday this army will leave

The struggle by Korean farmers confronting the U.S. military's largest overseas base is part of a long history of resistance.

Protesting another TIF theft

New hot dog stands and a taller Ferris wheel at Navy Pier are more important to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel than our schools.

The politics of the ISO

Where We Stand: The Politics of the ISO

In this extended series of articles on the politics of international socialism, Paul D'Amato, author of The Meaning of Marxism, looks in detail at the ISO's "Where We Stand" statement.

The Russian Revolution of 1917
Find out about the activities of the International Socialist Organization
International Socialist Review |

The current issue of the ISR features Phil Gasper's compilation of books for "The Russian Revolution: A Brief Reading Guide." For that and more articles on socialist theory and practice, go to the International Socialist Review website.

The "Rust Belt" reactionaries?

The U.S. is strewn with the wreckage of neoliberalism, including across the Midwest, where its victims are blamed for Trump's victory last fall.

Their caricature of workers

The media analysis of Trump voters ignores the reality of the working class today--and it caricatures the workers it does acknowledge.

Hey Senator, people aren't cars

Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson has compared people with pre-existing health conditions to cars that have been in accidents.

Crime pays for Oakland cops

Oakland Police Department headquarters

After a sex trafficking scandal that rocked the Oakland Police Department, two cops who led the cover-up have been promoted.


The earth is choking on plastic

Plastic waste isn't just a blight on the landscape--it is disrupting natural systems on which our very existence depends.

Pushing unaffordable housing

A new wave of organizations that proudly claims the name "Yes In My Backyard" stands for letting developers keep building.

A Carolina clinic under siege

A documentary shows how the anti-choice bigots targeted an abortion clinic in North Carolina--with the help of the authorities.

Treating addiction with cruelty

A city council member in Ohio has proposed that some drug addicts who overdose be left to die--but that's not far from how addicts are already treated.

Seeing all of the revolution

Factory workers in Petrograd pose for a photograph after an organizing meeting (Viktor Bulla)

A new book about the Russian Revolution distinguishes itself by capturing the complexity of social groups in motion.

The International's rise and fall

On July 14, 1889, the Second International was born with the aim of uniting the workers of the world. What happened to that dream?

Taking on the right

The right runs into a fight

Protesters stand up to the the far right in Charlottesville, Virginia

A small Virginia city has become a target for racists--but its successful counterprotest of the Klan shows the importance of taking on the far right.

Battling a common enemy

Latin American BDS, environmental and other organizations are joining forces to take on the Mexico-based corporation Cemex.

Rio's Olympic body count

No matter the country, the legacy of past Olympic Games that always leaves the most lasting mark is the body count.

Morocco continues to rise up

The revolt in Morocco's Rif region is far from over, despite attempts by the monarchy to prevent a snowball effect in the country.

The left and the Lula verdict

The conviction of former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has cast in sharp relief the strategic choices confronting the country's left.

A backlash against solidarity

After plans for a rally in defense of refugees drew death threats, members of Lebanon's Socialist Forum are calling for solidarity.

A sign of struggles to come?

The media focused on violence, but the big news about the protests at the G20 summit is that they were the largest in some 10 years.

Calling for decent jobs

The author of a new book on call centers discusses the changing face of labor--and the potential for organizing these workers.

Retreating in order to advance

The Bolsheviks' response to repression after the July Days uprising was to avoid provocations and prepare for future struggle.

Responses to the July Days

Two appeals from 100 years ago show the deepening conflict among Russian socialists as a new struggle for power took place.

Read SW's series on the Russian Revolution, which began 100 years ago today.

The revolution gains strength

After the February Revolution, two powers existed in Russia--the Provisional Government and the workers' councils.

Repression and resurgence

The period of reaction that followed the July Days was relatively short-lived, with the movement reviving in a matter of a month.

Find a list of articles from the full Socialist Worker series on Russia 1917.

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