Standing up against budget cuts in Louisiana (Rande Archer | flickr)

The deadly details of the Republican budget

The Republicans’ cruel proposal for the 2018 budget is part of a decades-long attempt to shred the social safety net that working people depend on.

Yes, mocking accents is racist

Hari Kondabolu's The Problem with Apu takes on The Simpsons' longstanding caricature--and reflects growing pride among South Asian Americans.

All the voices of #MeToo

The #MeToo campaign struck a profound chord because of the pervasive reality of sexual violence in people's everyday lives.

U.S. complicity in a genocide

Recently released documents provide new and damning evidence of Washington's role in the slaughter of communists in Indonesia.

Her red months in Russia

Louise Bryant's moving eyewitness chronicle of the Russian Revolution deserves to be discovered by a new audience.

Tax cuts and their class war

The Republican tax rip-off would aid and abet a massive and flagrant shift of wealth to the already rich at the expense of working-class and poor people.

A year of living dangerously

Trump's deeply unpopular presidency seems able to defy political gravity, but there are institutional strings holding him aloft.

The GOP's holy hypocrites

Apparently, the Religious Right won't let anything, even sexual assault allegations, get in the way of their crusade for "morality."

OSU students fight GOP attack

Graduate students at Ohio State University are protesting the House Republican tax plan that would harm graduate education.

Guns, violence and the right

Donald Trump speaks at a convention of the National Rifle Association

The NRA is a reactionary menace that the left needs to struggle against--but that doesn't mean we embrace the political framework of gun control.

The vote against Trump

The defeat of the Republicans in last week's elections can give people greater confidence to resist--and not just by casting a vote one day a year.

Taking on the right

Outnumbering the far right

The far right rallied in Boston for the third time this year, but 500 counterprotesters mobilized to show their opposition.

Hold the right responsible

Columbia University College Republicans claim their speakers don’t incite violence. We have the facts that prove otherwise.

Responding to the right wing

Numerous academics have been smeared, harassed and threatened by conservatives. Here's how to turn the tables on the right.

Sayfullo Saipov's wretched job

The investigation into the Uzbek immigrant's deadly terrorist attack will likely ignore the miserable years he spent as a truck driver.

We need justice for Jason Pero

The murder of a 14-year-old Obijwe boy in northern Wisconsin is part of a long history of police violence against Native Americans.

Nothing to do with justice

A court case against the Ramapough Lenape that would bar members from the right to assemble on their land is coming to a head.

Another American horror story

Residents of Sutherland Springs, Texas, hold a candlelight vigil

The responses of political leaders to Devin Kelley's massacre were familiar--and left the real causes of violence unexamined.

New York's slimiest

Two NYPD officers are facing charges of raping a handcuffed young woman, who has boldly defied their attempts to shame her.

Harvard's greed is showing

Struggles to protect workers' and students' rights like the one at Harvard set an example of the kind of solidarity that's necessary.

Exposing the right's fake clinic

Supporters of reproductive rights mobilized outside a Madison-area "crisis pregnancy center" that poses as an abortion provider.

A people's book fair

For the fourth year, activists are planning to make the Howard Zinn Book Fair an event where the left can educate and organize.

Defiance in an era of retreat

A new book explains why a left-led union of hosiery workers grew and thrived in the 1920s, a time of retreat for organized labor.

Puerto Rico's fight to survive

Residents await emergency supplies in Utuado, Puerto Rico (Master Sgt. Joshua DeMotts | Wikimedia Commons)

Two SW contributors who traveled to Puerto Rico describe a society that was failed by the powerful--but whose people are trying to reknit its social fabric.

Thieves prey on Puerto Rico

Rather than prioritize Puerto Rico's urgent needs, U.S. political and business elites are continuing their project of extracting the maximum profit.

The problems with his apology

When Kevin Spacey linked the allegations of sexual abuse against him to being gay, he tapped into dangerous stereotypes.

A reality we know far too well

As women in Hollywood bravely speak out against sexual harassment and abuse, Latina farmworkers are standing with them.

The power of #MeToo

The confidence that women feel because of #MeToo to speak out against sexual abuse and assault can only strengthen the struggle against all injustice.

The red carpet for U.S. empire?

The unexpectedly calm behavior of Donald Trump during his Asia tour obscures increasing militarization that has been underway for years.

Their buried tax treasure

The Paradise Papers leaked to the media reveal the everyday schemes that the rich employ to avoid paying their fair share.

Repudiating Australia's right

In a society that thrives on division, fear and prejudice, the result of the marriage equality referendum in Australia is a triumph.

America's favorite kingdom

Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman with Donald Trump in the White House (Shealah Craighead | Wikimedia Commons)

A power grab is shaking the royal family tree in Saudi Arabia--and threatening to unleash a regional conflict of frightening proportions.

Montreal against the far right

The streets of Montreal were taken over by more than 5,000 demonstrators in a powerful and broad mobilization against racist hate.

Lebanon on a knife's edge

The surprise resignation of Lebanon's prime minister while on a trip to Saudi Arabia is ratcheting up tensions in the Middle East.

We will stand upright

Migrants in Greece are on hunger strike against their treatment by the European Union--and showing they will fight back.

Crackdown at a migrant camp

Refugees at an Australian detention camp located in Papua New Guinea are standing up to brutal and inhuman repression.

Catalonia after the declaration

A Barcelona-based socialist writer analyzes the complex situation in Catalonia after the Spanish state intensified its repression.

Not a riot but a revolution

Eyewitnesses to the Russian Revolution vividly a unique historical event--when working people took power in Russia.

Taking the Winter Palace

The old order's last holdouts surrendered at the Tsar's palace in Petrograd--which was protected as the property of all the people.

Series: The Russian Revolution

Read SW's series on the Russian Revolution, which began 100 years ago today.

The final act of the revolution

By October 1917, the unstable situation of dual power--the workers' councils versus the Provisional Government--came to a head.

The legacy of 1917

The conclusion to Socialist Worker's series on the 1917 Russian Revolution discusses the lessons for revolutionaries today.

Find a list of articles from the full Socialist Worker series on Russia 1917.

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