Socialism 2017 | Chicago | July 6-9
Donald Trump (Sgt. Alicia Brand | Wikimedia Commons)

What's driving Trump's immigrant-bashing?

Trump is offering U.S. employers a deal: Tolerate my anti-immigrant onslaught and I'll deliver higher profits and a reassertion of U.S. imperial power.

Turning up the heat on Trump

Massive crowds turned out for Marches for Science around the U.S. to send a message: "The oceans are rising, and so are we."

Far-right rampage in Berkeley

This mobilization shows the physical threat that the racists represent--and the need to organize large numbers to oppose them.

Organizando voces de lucha

La directora ejecutiva de Voces de la Frontera explica por qué contrarrestar la agenda anti-inmigrante de Trump requerirá la solidaridad.

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How activists confronted ICE

Fear is flooding through communities as Trump's war on immigrants intensifies, but activists are working on initiatives to defend the vulnerable.

ICE strikes again in Maine

A 28-year-old Somali immigrant and U.S. permanent resident was arrested by ICE agents in the middle of a court hearing.

Standing together on May Day

Immigrant workers demonstrate for equal rights in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Voces de la Frontera | flickr)

The executive director of Voces de la Frontera explains why taking on Trump's anti-immigrant agenda will require solidarity with labor and other forces.

Queens fights the deportations

A community forum in Queens brought people together to discuss forming a network to defend immigrants in the neighborhood.

A swindle on student debt

The government is trying to retroactively disqualify former students from a program that would forgive part of their loan debt.

Sessions' green light to police

The order by Trump's attorney general to review all federal oversight of local police departments is a chilling endorsement of police impunity.

Trump takes aim at libraries

Donald Trump's "America First" budget puts working-class communities last--with drastic cuts to library funding.


Capitalism clings to fossil fuels

A transition to renewable energy even makes sense for capitalism, but this is a system where sense doesn't count for much.

Making science serve people

Stephen Jay Gould talks science and social justice in a late 1970s interview

The experiences of an organization that took on racist and reactionary pseudoscience 40 years ago hold lessons for us today.

Tufts nurses are ready to fight

Nurses at Tufts Medical Center in Boston are sending a message to management to stop stalling on contract talks.

Our strike challenged a giant

On the anniversary of a strike against Verizon, two workers discuss the importance of their victory and the lessons it holds for organizing in the Trump era.

OSU fights to "Boot the Braids"

Student activists at Ohio State University are linking arms with farmworkers to demand Wendy's pay fair wages.

Tackling Trump on Tax Day

Thousands turned out in San Diego to call for the rich to pay their fair share and for the government to fund our priorities.

Havens to stash their loot

The available means for concealing assets are so highly developed that they amount to an alternative global economy.

A journal for tumultuous times

A duo of young academics has launched the Journal of Interrupted Studies, which focuses on the work of refugee scholars.

Nada menos que la igualdad

Durante las protestas del 1° de mayo, los inmigrantes--y quienes los apoyan--tienen la oportunidad para no sólo oponerse a Trump, sino también para declarar qué quieren.

Separating fact from fake news

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer

Trump has taken the U.S. government practice of lying to a new level, but the left can't start creating its own "alternative facts" to oppose him.

Will Trump start a new war?

Trump is dialing up the rhetoric about getting tough with North Korea, which will keep the region on a hair trigger for some time to come.

Horrified by Trump and Assad

We condemn the relentless, cruel attacks of the Assad regime, but we also condemn U.S. bombing and military forces in Syria.

A crumbling order in France

The media celebration of Marine Le Pen's "defeat" in the presidential election's first round is both premature and shortsighted.

Where will France end up?

The main parties have been eclipsed in this election by the surge of a far-right candidate and an unexpected challenge from the left.

A scandal for Rio's ex-mayor?

Brazil's ongoing corruption investigations may be closing in on one of the previously untainted faces of the 2016 Olympics.

Our futures are at stake

Students delegates vote to strike at a mass meeting in San Juan (Centro de Comunicación Estudiantil | Facebook)

Students at the University of Puerto Rico are on strike against ruthless austerity and a debt crisis the island's residents didn't cause.

A new face on the old SPD?

Martin Schulz of Germany's center-left SPD is claiming to represent a new direction, but there's less to him than meets the eye.

Roots of a Stockholm attack

A recent attack in Sweden says less about terrorism and more about a society in which immigrants are mistreated and alienated.

Where has Ecuador's left gone?

Even with Lenín Moreno's presidential victory, the Ecuadorian left is in dire need of reconstruction.

How is Leninism relevant?

It remains a fact that socialists need to work together, as a democratic collective, to be effective in building a socialist movement.

40 years of Socialist Worker

Socialist Worker covers through 40 years of publication

The first issue of Socialist Worker was published 40 years ago in April 1977, and the need for a revolutionary socialist press is still key today.

Find a list of articles from the full Socialist Worker series on Russia 1917.

Read SW's series on the Russian Revolution, which began 100 years ago today.

Lenin prepares the Bolsheviks

By late April 1917, the Bolsheviks stood out as the one major political party committed to workers' self-emancipation.

Organizing workers' power

The workers' council system created in Russia in 1917 provided the platform for full democracy and liberation.

Planning a day of resistance

A walkout of Seattle high school students on May Day would show people that we will stand together in the face of oppression.

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