Topic: Environment

  • A sickening system behind E. coli outbreaks

    The latest mass outbreak of food poisoning highlights the fact that an unsafe food supply is seen as “normal” in capitalist America.

  • The economics of their waste

    Recycling programs around the world are on the brink of collapse, and the reason is both simple and absurd: They're not profitable.

  • We need a science that advances social justice

    Defending science from attacks by the Trump administration isn't enough--we need to transform the role of science.

  • How to solve the climate crisis (while we can)

    An Arctic "heat wave" in the middle of winter is the latest warning of an impending climate catastrophe. Can it be stopped?

  • Keep your fracking sand out of our port

    Climate justice activists have constructed an encampment at the Port of Olympia in an effort to help halt toxic fracking practices.

  • The floods next time

    Climate change is coinciding with an era of rapid urbanization, which means the world’s cities will become sites of calamity--and resistance.

  • What fueled the inferno?

    The fires that ripped through California were magnified by man-made factors like climate change--and they will happen again unless action is taken.

  • Looking for answers to capitalism's disasters

    The left-wing author makes the case for a vision of what we're fighting for that isn't just a list of policies, but is really an alternative worldview.

  • Shooting bullets at a hurricane

    The problem isn't just Republicans who deny climate science, but self-appointed leaders of the "resistance" among the Democrats.

  • Putting people first in disaster recovery

    After disasters like Katrina and Harvey, we need an approach that puts survivors ahead of the profiteering of disaster capitalists.

  • What caused the Eagle Creek fire?

    The causes of a raging wildfire 45 miles outside Portland, Oregon, are human-made, but not in the way officials are saying.

  • No, Mr. President, we're not having a good time

    The full tragedy of Harvey is still emerging, but what makes it all the more frustrating is that the decisions of those in power made it so much worse.

  • Climate chaos and the capitalist system

    After Harvey and Irma, it's obviously time to talk about climate change, but it also needs to be a time to talk about capitalism.

  • The flooded landscape of 21st century capitalism

    Texas' disaster has its roots in a system that affects the climate through global warming and the built environment through unchecked development.

  • Floods are devastating South Asia, too

    Intense rains in Bangladesh, India and Nepal have killed 1,400 people and left millions struggling to find shelter and drinking water.

  • How Houston was left to drown under Harvey

    For years, experts and activists have warned that Houston's unbridled pace of development was creating the potential for disaster.

  • The earth is choking on plastic

    Plastic waste isn't just a blight on the landscape--it is disrupting natural systems on which our very existence depends.

  • Does Trump's Paris pullout mean game over?

    Keeping a tiny step forward would be better than Trump's big step backward, but our task remains building a stronger movement to save the planet.

  • Pushing back the frackers in New York

    We Are Seneca Lake campaigners won an important victory in their years-long fight against fossil fuel expansion in New York.

  • Paying for Hanford's toxic legacy

    The emergency at the Hanford Nuclear Site in Washington state underscores why it's called "the most toxic place in America."

  • Mad about science

    The right's politically weaponized ignorance about science is nevertheless effective and well funded--and it isn't going away.

  • Speaking climate truth to Trump power

    The Peoples Climate March in Washington, estimated at 200,000 strong, was the centerpiece of a day of protest for the planet.

  • The planet can't wait

    As the Peoples Climate March takes place this Saturday, the stakes have never been higher--but our movement has real successes to build on.

  • Scientists turn up the heat on Trump

    Massive crowds turned out for Marches for Science around the U.S. to send a message: "The oceans are rising, and so are we."

  • Why capitalism clings to fossil fuels

    A transition to renewable energy even makes sense for capitalism, but this is a system where sense doesn't count for much.