Topic: Immigration

  • Defending a Seattle Dreamer

    Activists are protesting for a Dreamer detained by ICE in the latest example of the Trump regime's anti-immigrant assault.

  • Why shouldn’t non-citizens vote, too?

    Excluding millions from the electorate because of arbitrary criteria like nation of birth is an anti-democratic travesty.

  • A declaration of war on 11 million people

    The Department of Homeland Security has released its plans for making good on Trump's threat to the health and safety of millions of people.

  • An old message sent to a new president

    Thousands rallied in Union Park, the site of Chicago's mega-marches 10 years ago, as part of a national "Day Without Immigrants."

  • A conference to build pro-immigrant power

    The National Assembly held by Movimiento Cosecha called for a May 1 "Day Without Immigrants" as part of a year of resistance.

  • Trump's "voter fraud" fraud won't silence us

    Trump's false claims of voter fraud are being used to scapegoat the undocumented, but immigrant rights supporters are sending a message of resistance.

  • Standing up to the specter of mass deportations

    The wave of ICE raids across the country has created widespread fear in immigrant communities, but also defiant resistance led by young immigrants.

  • NYC students walk out against Trump's ban

    Hundreds of New York high school students walked out of class to protest Trump's ban targeting them, their friends and families.

  • Arrested for wanting OU to be a sanctuary

    Seventy people calling for Ohio University to proclaim itself a sanctuary campus were arrested for occupying a university building.

  • Bodega owners against the ban

    New York City's Yemeni storeowners closed their delis across the city to protest Trump's ban targeting people from Muslim countries.

  • Tech has no borders

    Some 600 Comcast workers in Philadelphia walked off the job in solidarity with their immigrant co-workers against Trump's ban.

  • The uprising of the airports

    In city after city and airport after airport, people are turning out to protest Trump's executive orders declaring war on immigrants and refugees.

  • Multiracial solidarity grows in Brooklyn

    The newly initiated Bay Ridge for Social Justice group mobilized a dynamic and family-friendly march on MLK Day.

  • A vandalized church turned site of resistance

    A church attended mostly by immigrants that was vandalized after the election now proudly displays banners of solidarity.

  • We'll make our campuses safe for immigrants

    Students and faculty on college campuses are forging solidarity and building a new movement to protect immigrant rights after Trump's victory.

  • Africa has given enough of its people to the sea

    The drowning death of a Gambian soccer star should shine a spotlight on the horrific death toll of migrants trying to reach Europe.

  • The immigrant rights movement at an impasse

    The outcome of a Supreme Court case on immigration has dashed millions of people's hopes--and raised urgent questions about what comes next.

  • Victor Diaz is still fighting for justice

    A Vermont farmworker activist who was detained by ICE, but released after a solidarity campaign explains the stakes in this struggle for justice.

  • Graduating, undocumented and unafraid

    Two high school valedictorians in Texas stepped out of the shadows on Graduation Day to demand justice for immigrants.

  • She won't go back in the shadows

    Determined protest won an undocumented activist her rights. Now they want to take away those rights...for protesting.

  • Aterrorizando refugiados

    La administración Obama anunció más deportaciones de madres y niños que huyeron de la violencia en América Central.

  • Deterring migration by terrorizing refugees

    Obama administration officials have announced plans for more deportations of mothers and children who fled violence in Central America.

  • Detained for organizing workers in Vermont

    A grassroots campaign won the release of migrant worker Victor Diaz, targeted for his activism on behalf of all workers.

  • When immigrants marched out of the shadows

    Ten years ago, immigrants took to the streets in massive numbers across the country to protest a Republican plan to criminalize the undocumented.

  • We all want to be equal

    Ten years ago, up to 1 million immigrants and their supporters filled the streets of Los Angeles to protest an attack on their rights.