Topic: Immigration

  • How activists are confronting ICE's terror

    Fear is flooding through communities as Trump's war on immigrants intensifies, but activists are working on initiatives to defend the vulnerable.

  • ICE grabs another victim in Maine

    A 28-year-old Somali immigrant and U.S. permanent resident was arrested by ICE agents in the middle of a court hearing.

  • Nada menos que la igualdad

    Durante las protestas del 1° de mayo, los inmigrantes--y quienes los apoyan--tienen la oportunidad para no sólo oponerse a Trump, sino también para declarar qué quieren.

  • We'll stand together on May Day

    The executive director of Voces de la Frontera explains why taking on Trump's anti-immigrant agenda will require solidarity with labor and other forces.

  • We'll fight to stop the deportations

    A community forum in Queens brought people together to discuss forming a network to defend immigrants in the neighborhood.

  • A xenophobe gets a house call

    Dozens of members of Bay Ridge for Social Justice protested outside the home of an anti-immigrant New York State legislator.

  • Mayo 1° en lucha solidaria

    Organizaciones por los derechos de los inmigrantes se unen a sindicatos y otras fuerzas para hacer el Primero una muestra de fuerza.

  • Standing up for the Vermont organizers

    Some 200 people rallied outside a Boston immigration court to support three Vermont farmworker activists detained by ICE.

  • ICE opens fire during a botched Chicago raid

    The ICE raid that ended in a shooting at a Chicago home is the latest escalation of Trump's reign of terror against immigrants.

  • Freeing a Portland Dreamer

    After 24 hours of protest, immigrants rights supporters celebrated the release of a detained Dreamer in Portland, Oregon.

  • Nothing less than full equality

    Immigrants and their supporters have a chance with the coming May 1 protests to not only oppose Trump's crackdown, but declare what we're for.

  • We'll fight for Alex, Kike and Zully

    The arrest of three immigrant activists who have led the fight for Vermont dairy farmworkers should be taken up as an attack on all workers.

  • Making May Day a day for solidarity

    Immigrant rights organizations are joining with labor and other forces to build May Day into a show of strength against the whole Trump agenda.

  • Una guerra contra 11 millones

    El Departamento de Seguridad Nacional ha publicado sus planes para cumplir las amenazas de Donald Trump contra 11 millones de personas.

  • Tom Cat does Trump's dirty work

    A Queens bakery is facing protests after threatening immigrant workers with firing if they can't prove their legal status.

  • ICE's war on immigrant organizers in Vermont

    People in Vermont are protesting a series of raids targeting immigrants whose only "crime" has been to fight for the rights of dairy farm workers.

  • Capitalism brought us here

    Most immigrants came to the U.S. because they have no choice--and they will fight to defend the lives they worked so hard to build.

  • This VOICE tells racist lies

    Trump's plan to create an agency publicizing crimes committed by the undocumented is a dangerous attempt to whip up more hatred.

  • Why are South Asians facing a wave of violence?

    The recent attacks on Indian-Americans are a new and deadly chapter in a long history of racism in the U.S. against immigrants from South Asia.

  • Inflicting terror on immigrant communities

    The Trump administration is speeding up the deportation machine--and ICE agents have been only too happy to embrace their racist marching orders.

  • Defending a Seattle Dreamer

    Activists are protesting for a Dreamer detained by ICE in the latest example of the Trump regime's anti-immigrant assault.

  • Why shouldn’t non-citizens vote, too?

    Excluding millions from the electorate because of arbitrary criteria like nation of birth is an anti-democratic travesty.

  • A declaration of war on 11 million people

    The Department of Homeland Security has released its plans for making good on Trump's threat to the health and safety of millions of people.

  • An old message sent to a new president

    Thousands rallied in Union Park, the site of Chicago's mega-marches 10 years ago, as part of a national "Day Without Immigrants."

  • A conference to build pro-immigrant power

    The National Assembly held by Movimiento Cosecha called for a May 1 "Day Without Immigrants" as part of a year of resistance.