Topic: Immigration

  • Immigration police grab two more activists

    The federal government is continuing its war on immigrant workers fighting for their rights in Vermont with two more detentions.

  • A political prisoner is freed from ICE's grasp

    An LA activist was freed from detention, but still faces the threat of deportation by a vindictive and dishonest ICE bureaucracy.

  • A symbol of sanctuary for others to follow

    More than 100 people packed into a North Carolina church to welcome Juana Luz Tobar Ortega into sanctuary from ICE within the church's walls.

  • Sanctuary for some in New York City

    Bill de Blasio has proclaimed New York a sanctuary city, but "broken windows" police policies still ensnare the city's immigrants.

  • The season to protest for justice in Texas

    Immigrant rights activists in Texas kicked off their "Summer of Resistance" against the notorious "Show Me Your Papers" law.

  • ICE isn't welcome at Northwestern

    Northwestern University students who spoke out when an ICE representative came to campus are facing disciplinary action.

  • We must be ready to respond to deportations

    The federal immigration police have made it clear that they are going after activists--but organizers are preparing to counter them.

  • The Border Patrol's war on an innocent family

    Claudia Rueda led a campaign to clear her mother of bogus drug charges leveled by the Border Patrol--and now faces deportation.

  • ¿Una nación de inmigrantes?

    Estados Unidos tiene una relación contradictoria con sus inmigrantes porque sus empleadores necesitan para abaratar el costo laboral.

  • ICE knows that we stand with Carimer

    Carimer Andujar, an undocumented student at Rutgers, remains free after hundreds joined a rally outside the ICE office she was summoned to.

  • People living in fear can't be left to fight alone

    An activist in the New Sanctuary Coalition of New York City talks about the struggle to stop deportations--including her husband's.

  • A Texas-sized bigotry bill

    The "sanctuary cities ban" signed into law in Texas seeks to turn police departments and universities into immigration enforcers.

  • ICE came for us and the community stood up

    Two migrant labor activists detained by ICE describe how Trump is carrying out a political attack on the leaders of the immigrant struggle.

  • Don't deport my husband

    The wife of Otto Morales-Caballeros tells how he was abducted by ICE to be sent back to a country he hasn't seen since he was 16.

  • The spirit of solidarity at NORCOR

    More than 100 people came out to support immigrant hunger strikers demanding better conditions at an Oregon prison.

  • Making May Day matter at work

    For the first time in my years as a union activist, I marched on May Day as part of a contingent made up of my own co-workers.

  • An interrogation at the border

    An SW contributor was questioned about his political views by a customs official when he returned to the U.S. Here's his answer.

  • Solidarity in the streets for May Day

    Thousands celebrated an international workers' holiday born in America by raising their voices for justice in this country and around the world.

  • This Rutgers student won't stand alone

    Carimer Andujar, a prominent Rutgers activist, is faced with deportation--but the response in her defense was immediate.

  • Building solidarity, not walls, on May Day

    The story of May Day teaches us that the struggle against anti-immigrant scapegoating has always been critical for the whole working class.

  • A history of cruelty in a nation of immigrants

    America has had a contradictory relationship to immigrants because U.S. employers have always needed laborers, but also needed to control them.

  • Ready for May Day in San Francisco

    A recent panel discussion in San Francisco connected the fight for immigrant and labor rights with socialist organizing.

  • Tom Cat workers fight for dignity

    New York City bakery employees facing unjust termination based on immigration status took a courageous stand for all of us.

  • What's driving Trump's immigrant-bashing?

    Trump is offering U.S. employers a deal: Tolerate my anti-immigrant onslaught and I'll deliver higher profits and a reassertion of U.S. imperial power.

  • Organizando voces de lucha

    La directora ejecutiva de Voces de la Frontera explica por qué contrarrestar la agenda anti-inmigrante de Trump requerirá la solidaridad.