We still stand with Standing Rock

January 4, 2017

After one victory against the Dakota Access Pipeline, Labor for Standing Rock explains that solidarity is still needed--and gives suggestions for what people can do.

LABOR FOR Standing Rock salutes the Water Protectors, whose courageous resistance has forced the Obama administration not to grant a final easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline to drill under the Missouri River.

We thank all those who have already joined us on the ground; helped purchase and deliver supplies to winterize Standing Rock camp; and organized support in their own unions and communities. We appreciate the thousands of military veterans whose recent presence has played a key role in fighting DAPL. This is what working class solidarity looks like.

Now, we must keep the pressure on until the Black Snake is dead and gone.

As Indigenous activists point out: "This fight is not over, not even close. In fact, this fight is escalating. The incoming Trump administration promises to be a friend to the oil industry and an enemy to Indigenous people. It is unclear what will happen with the river crossing. Now more than ever, we ask that you stand with us as we continue to demand justice."

Labor activists organize to build the resistance at Standing Rock
Labor activists organize to build the resistance at Standing Rock (Labor for Standing Rock)

While supporters are not being asked to come to Standing Rock at this time, the coalition "support[s] those who choose to stay, if they are able to live comfortably and self-sufficiently through a winter in the Great Plains." In addition, Indigenous activists have asked Labor for Standing Rock to continue providing support for those who remain through the bitter winter.

IN THIS context, we reaffirm that workers' rights are inseparable from Indigenous rights. An Injury to One is an Injury to All! Mni Wiconi: Water is Life! There are no jobs--or life--on a dead planet; we need just transition and full employment to build a sustainable world.

To continue this fight -- and build a labor movement we can all be proud of--please:

-- Join the Global Month of #NoDAPL Action focused on 17 banks that are profiting off investments in the Dakota Access pipeline.

Sign Labor for Palestine's September 17, 2016, petition, "Urgent Call on the AFL-CIO: Reverse Support for the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Donate to the Labor for Standing Rock Winterization Fund.

Volunteer your skills: Message Labor for Standing Rock with your on-site construction, medical, and/or other relevant expertise (a formal application form is under development), and other skill set and interests, including supply chain and logistics, fundraising, communications and online campaigning, art and graphic design, research, and union divestment.

Bring a solidarity resolution in your union that includes a call for divestment from all union and benefit funds from Wells Fargo Bank and other DAPL funders.

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