Socialist Worker | May 2017

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No walls, no raids!

Building solidarity, not walls

The story of May Day teaches us that the struggle against anti-immigrant scapegoating has always been critical for the whole working class.

How activists confronted ICE

Fear is flooding through communities as Trump's war on immigrants intensifies, but activists are working on initiatives to defend the vulnerable.

Standing together on May Day

The executive director of Voces de la Frontera explains why taking on Trump's anti-immigrant agenda will require solidarity with labor and other forces.

Behind the immigrant-bashing

Trump is offering U.S. employers a deal: Tolerate my anti-immigrant onslaught and I'll deliver higher profits and a reassertion of U.S. imperial power.

In defense of all the oppressed

In 1910, the American socialist Eugene Debs wrote a letter chastising party members who failed to defend immigrant rights.

Movement News

A campus speech crackdown

Campus administrations have for decades restricted the rights of students to dissent--but we'll need to fight for free speech if we want to see social change.

Far-right rampage in Berkeley

This mobilization shows the physical threat that the racists represent--and the need to organize large numbers to oppose them.

Occupying CPE1 to save it

The campaign to remove a principal who is waging war on teachers at a progressive New York school hit a new level of militancy.

Fighting to "Boot the Braids"

Student activists at Ohio State University are linking arms with farmworkers to demand Wendy's pay fair wages.

Socialist Worker | May 2017

Trump and imperialism

Trump turns up the terror

His stepped-up military aggression, from threats against North Korea to the use of the "mother of all bombs," won't stop terrorism, but only fuel it.

(In)humanitarian intervention

Donald Trump is cloaking his order for a missile strike in Syria as striking a blow against a tyrant, but no one should fall for this cynical charade.

Will Trump start a new war?

Trump is dialing up the rhetoric about getting tough with North Korea, which will keep the region on a hair trigger for some time to come.

Our History and Tradition

How do we build up power?

Electoral politics can help socialists spread our ideas, but we shouldn't overestimate the importance of running for office under the current system.

The revolt against the empire

How did the 1917 Russian Revolution affect the vast empire of oppressed nations that had been subjected to Tsarist rule?

Racism and police

Why is this cop in uniform?

After he was assaulted, Earl Malanado found out his attacker was the same police officer who murdered Alan Blueford in 2012.