Series: Convoy to Gaza

Solidarity activists traveled from the U.S. to Gaza to deliver desperately needed humanitarian aid to the Palestinian victims of Israel's brutal war. writers contributed to this journal during the Viva Palestina convoy.
  • Let the convoy through to Gaza

    A solidarity group is calling for activists to support its humanitarian mission to Gaza against disruptions by the Egyptian government.

  • Stopped at the "Peace" Bridge

    After waiting on buses for two hours, it was clear to the Viva Palestina delegation that Egyptian authorities had no intention of letting them cross.

  • Navigating Egypt’s obstacles

    The Viva Palestina U.S. convoy has been facing barrier after barrier in recent days that have frustrated plans to have crossed into Gaza by now.

  • It's time the siege was lifted

    A leader of the Viva Palestina convoy to Gaza explains what's at stake in the mission to bring badly needed humanitarian aid.

  • Conversation on a Cairo street

    Here we were, learning about each other--while the U.S. and Egyptian governments were trying to stop our convoy.

  • A day in Gaza

    Our Viva Palestina convoy was finally allowed into Gaza for just 24 hours to bring badly needed humanitarian supplies. We made the most of the time.

  • The stories of life under siege

    The Viva Palestina delegation saw in Gaza that everything necessary to the life of a contemporary society had been targeted by Israeli forces.