Topic: Environment

  • Running the EPA...into the ground

    Trump's appointment of Scott Pruitt to head the EPA is another step in the energy giant's scorched-earth war on a warming planet.

  • Capitalism's war on climate science

    Trump is only the latest and most extreme example of this society's refusal to let facts get in the way of its planetary death wish.

  • Army Corps deadline looms at Standing Rock

    Water protectors fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline face an eviction order after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers capitulated to the Trump regime.

  • Will science go rogue against Donald Trump?

    The resistance to Trump among scientists targeted by his reactionary agenda raised an old question about politicizing science.

  • Trump's "America First" puts the planet last

    Expect Trump to lead a charge to abandon climate change accords, drop enforcement of environmental regulations and ramp up energy production.

  • The challenge at Standing Rock

    With the Trump administration pushing for the Dakota Access Pipeline, there's a debate about how water protectors should respond.

  • What happened after the oil price crash?

    Two years after the oil price crash, some certainties remain: a world of environmental chaos and oil-fuelled imperialist conflict.

  • We still stand with Standing Rock

    We thank all those who have supported the water protectors. Now, we must keep up pressure on until the Black Snake is dead.

  • Standing Rock is what democracy looks like

    The water protectors have managed to share a sacred fire under Arctic conditions and create a strong, well-organized community.

  • Can Trump reverse the Standing Rock victory?

    Water protectors and their supporters are fearful that DAPL won't stay blocked, but there's substance to this victory that gives us something to build on.

  • The struggle doesn't stop at Standing Rock

    Hundreds marched in Washington, D.C., to support political prisoner Leonard Peltier and the water protectors around the country.

  • A not-so-strange kinship

    The solidarity between Standing Rock water protectors and U.S. military veterans was forged by a long history of war and empire.

  • The blizzard didn't stop us

    A furious winter storm hit the Standing Rock encampments, but that isn't stopping the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

  • Una movilización indígena

    La mayor movilización indígena en más de un siglo se desarrolla hoy en Standing Rock, Dakota del Norte, en defensa del agua y del medio ambiente.

  • Ready to do what's right in Standing Rock

    An Iraq War vet explains why she traveled to Standing Rock--and the special role that military veterans can play in this struggle.

  • How the water protectors won at Standing Rock

    SW contributors describe what they saw on a trip to Standing Rock as an announcement is made about the future of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

  • Veterans deploy for justice at Standing Rock

    An Iraq War vet who joined water protectors opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline talks about why everyone needs to be a part of this struggle.

  • Gimme some DAPL

    In this week's column, the Dakota Access Pipeline pushers get a rare chance to tell their side of the story.

  • A smear against solidarity at Standing Rock

    There is no "Burning Man crisis" in Standing Rock, and we should be suspicious when police worry about the welfare of our camps.

  • Obama's cowardly silence on Standing Rock

    The president's inaction in the face of brutality against the Standing Rock protesters shows the true priorities of his administration all along.

  • Their pipeline won't work without oil

    Activists in Olympia, Washington, staged a week-long blockade to try to stop fracking materials from getting to North Dakota.

  • Challenging a billionaire pipeline pusher

    Energy Transfer Partners CEO Kelcy Warren is the ignorant and arrogant villain behind the Dakota Access Pipeline.

  • The contribution of students

    Students and student activism still have a central role to play in any bid to oppose the system, especially on a local level.

  • Labor can't sit out the fight at Standing Rock

    A co-founder of Labor for Standing Rock calls on unions and union members to join the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

  • The water protectors aren't backing down

    Opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock say they will stand strong against threats to clear the Oceti Sakowin Camp.