Topic: Europe

  • What can stop the Tories in Britain's election?

    A fighting left stance might not be enough for Labour to win the coming British vote, but it could change the shape of the debate.

  • Election fraud sparks protest in Serbia

    Serbia is being rocked by the biggest mass protests since the revolution that overthrew dictator Slobodan Milošević in 2000.

  • A crumbling political order in France's election

    The media celebration of Marine Le Pen's "defeat" in the presidential election's first round is both premature and shortsighted.

  • Where will France end up after the election?

    The main parties have been eclipsed in this election by the surge of a far-right candidate and an unexpected challenge from the left.

  • A new face on the old SPD?

    Martin Schulz of Germany's center-left SPD is claiming to represent a new direction, but there's less to him than meets the eye.

  • The roots of an attack in Stockholm

    A recent attack in Sweden says less about terrorism and more about a society in which immigrants are mistreated and alienated.

  • The roots of the Russian subway bombing

    A suicide bomber who struck in the Russian city of St. Petersburg has focused attention on the Central Asian country he was from.

  • Finding a compass in France's election storm?

    Polls show far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in a dead heat for first place in the first round of France's presidential election.

  • Anger at corruption comes to a head in Russia

    Russia saw its biggest anti-government mobilizations in five years as a mostly young crowd answered a call to protest corruption.

  • The Podemos balance sheet

    Podemos' second congress reaffirmed Pablo Iglesias's power, but there were openings for a more democratic and left-wing party.

  • The hypocrites pass judgment on McGuinness

    Sinn Fein and Irish Republican Army leader Martin McGuinness had far greater cause for taking up arms than those judging him today.

  • What direction out the Brexit?

    Britain's government will start the process of leaving the EU, but masses of people are protesting Brexit's biggest fan in the U.S.

  • Despair in Europe's camps

    Refugees continue to die in record numbers as EU governments scapegoat them, but people are taking to the streets in protest.

  • How did the Dutch far right get so far?

    Geert Wilders' far-right Party for Freedom came up short of victory in last week's Dutch elections, but it expanded its votes and its influence.

  • Ten proposals for the European left

    A set of proposals circulating among leftists in Europe are meant to push for economic and social justice in the European Union.

  • Greece's radical left after SYRIZA

    The experience of SYRIZA in Greece and the left's role in it from its founding has drawn out a series of ongoing lessons.

  • Can the center hold in France's election?

    France's presidential campaign has been dominated by news of the right's surge, but this month brought more positive news.

  • Cynical uses of the hacking allegations

    Why should we unquestioningly believe claims that Russia was attempting to throw the 2016 presidential election to Trump?

  • The resistible rise of Norbert Hofer

    An Austrian activist explains why the far-right Freedom Party has made electoral gains--and how it can be beaten back.

  • Merkeling to the right

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel's support for a ban on the burqa is another cynical exploitation of the refugee crisis.

  • A new European crisis, Italian style?

    A referendum on the Italian constitution could trigger another political crisis for the EU and destabilize the financial system.

  • Russia's reaction to the Trump earthquake

    Trump's admiration for Vladimir Putin was a strange feature of the fall campaign, but what will that mean for imperial relations?

  • Solidarity lessons from Fawley

    A struggle by refinery workers in Britain shows how solidarity and militant action can turn the tide on anti-migrant scapegoating.

  • The Mediterranean has become a cemetery

    The journey of refugees fleeing to Europe is more deadly today than ever--and that's exactly how European Union leaders want it.

  • Check the age of that refugee kid

    UK officials say that refugee children are welcome, but only after their teeth have been checked to make sure they're really kids.