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December 13, 2018 invites our readers to help bring the words of the Communist Women’s Movement to print in the latest installment in a Comintern publishing series.

PLEASE JOIN us in raising funds for the ninth installment of books in the Comintern publishing series The Communist Women’s Movement, 1920-1922. To help raise $3,000 in special editorial costs, go to our GoFundMe page.

Begun in 1983, the Comintern publication project has aimed to present the Communist International under Lenin in its own words. To this end, the proceedings and resolutions of the first four Comintern congresses have been published, as well as preparatory volumes and other material. This past June, the eighth volume was published: The Communist Movement at a Crossroads: Plenums of the Communist International’s Executive Committee, 1922-1923.

We are now working on the next volume: The Communist Women’s Movement 1920-1922. This volume will tell the story of how the Communist Women’s Movement, under the leadership of Clara Zetkin and others, set out to build something new in history: an international movement to fight for women’s emancipation and to draw women into the worldwide revolutionary struggle. The volume will be co-edited by Mike Taber and Daria Dyakonova.

Communist women leaders at the Third Congress of the Comintern, including Clara Zetkin (second from left)
Communist women leaders at the Third Congress of the Comintern, including Clara Zetkin (second from left)

At the heart of the book will be the proceedings and resolutions of the Communist Women’s Movement’s 1920 and 1921 international conferences, which have never before appeared in English. The full proceedings of the 1921 meeting, never published in any language, were unearthed for this volume during a trip to the Comintern archives in Moscow. The $3,000 needed for editorial expenses relate above all to this archival work in Moscow.

If you prefer to send a check by mail, please contact John Riddell at [email protected] or Mike Taber at [email protected].

Note that if you would like a GoFundMe donation to remain anonymous, click on the “hide name and comment” box. Also, keep in mind that tipping for GoFundMe is optional. Under tip amount, choose “other” and type any amount or “0”.

In solidarity,
John Riddell and Mike Taber

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