• What can turn the teachers' union around?

    West Virginia's history shows the potential for teachers to take action to better their conditions, rather than waiting on elections.

  • We are a sanctuary union

    A member of Teamsters Local 810 in New York explains how they passed a resolution declaring their local a "sanctuary union."

  • What will it take to get Baystate to say "uncle"?

    Nurses at Baystate Franklin Medical Center are tired of "working while exhausted," but the hospital is punishing them for striking.

  • Immigration police grab two more activists

    The federal government is continuing its war on immigrant workers fighting for their rights in Vermont with two more detentions.

  • Face to face with the Wendy's bosses

    Farmworkers and their supporters took on Wendy's executives on their own home turf: inside the company's shareholders meeting.

  • AT&T workers prepare for a three-day strike

    Some 40,000 CWA members in 36 states could hit the picket lines Friday in a battle over wages, incentive pay and outsourcing.

  • Let Sarah teach

    A Chicago special education teacher and determined activist has been plucked out of the classroom over a bogus accusation.

  • A fighter against the Teamsters old guard

    The Teamsters Local 705 leader came from a generation that took on the mob in the union--but he ended up on Hoffa's side.

  • Disrupting the low-wage status quo

    Low-wage workers in some 340 cities plan to take part in protests and strikes to call for a $15 an hour minimum wage and a union.

  • SEPTA workers strike back

    Philadelphia transit workers are walking the picket line despite political pressure after facing months of stonewalling in bargaining.

  • Harvard dining workers claim a victory

    A 22-day strike forced the world's richest university to retreat from its demands for concessions from dining services workers.

  • Chicago teachers get a tentative agreement

    Following months of mobilizations and a strike threat that won key demands, Chicago teachers will vote on a proposed contract.

  • Dining workers draw the line at Harvard

    Hundreds of dining service workers are on strike at Harvard to win a living wage and health insurance that guarantees access.

  • Ready to strike for Chicago's schools

    Chicago teachers have authorized a walkout and set a mid-October strike date in a show of determination to defend their jobs and public education.

  • The Tribune of the oppressors

    The Chicago Tribune says that the Chicago Teachers Union strike authorization vote was undemocratic, but consider the source.

  • Are Chicago teachers headed toward a strike?

    A battle between Chicago's budget-slashing mayor, a union-busting governor and determined teachers could lead to a second strike in four years.

  • A battle for the Teamsters union

    The upcoming Teamsters election is a chance to unseat James P. Hoffa from the presidency and reverse the union's decline.

  • Why the NLRB sided with graduate workers

    A long-awaited NLRB ruling recognizes graduate assistants at private universities as workers with the right to unionize.

  • Why I'm voting no on the contract at CUNY

    A member of the faculty and staff union at the City University of New York explains why he opposes ratification of a new deal.

  • On strike against an 84-hour workweek

    Ohio Teamsters are fighting an outrageous demand by International Paper bosses for almost unlimited mandatory overtime.

  • Victor Diaz is still fighting for justice

    A Vermont farmworker activist who was detained by ICE, but released after a solidarity campaign explains the stakes in this struggle for justice.

  • There's more to fight for at CUNY

    The CUNY faculty and staff union has a tentative deal, but the fight for the wages and conditions that members deserve goes on.

  • More accomplishments in the UFT

    Opponents of the leaders of the New York City teachers' union made gains in recent elections based on a social justice platform.

  • How do we get all the way to 15 in Oregon?

    An Oregon law raising the minimum wage fell short of $15 an hour--and of workers' hopes that they would get a living wage.

  • Verizon battle continues on the first day back

    Verizon management wanted to re-establish control over the workplace after the strike ended, but its plans backfired spectacularly.