• Resistance to the far right takes shape in D.C.

    A town hall meeting and counterprotest of a far-right rally were among the actions that mobilized hundreds of D.C.-area activists.

  • Who's on trial in the Cosby case?

    What does the outcome of the trial of Bill Cosby say about how the court system treats survivors of sexual assault who seek justice?

  • Trump's war on birth control

    The Religious Right has a loyal friend in Donald Trump, whose administration is out to gut women's access to contraception.

  • Will the racist killers in blue ever be convicted?

    The acquittal of the Minnesota cop who killed an unarmed motorist as his girlfriend filmed the aftermath caused shock waves of sadness and anger.

  • Smear campaign against a Trinity professor

    The right's campaign against left-leaning academics took aim at a Connecticut professor who spoke out against racism.

  • A political prisoner is freed from ICE's grasp

    An LA activist was freed from detention, but still faces the threat of deportation by a vindictive and dishonest ICE bureaucracy.

  • Shot while her kids listened

    Seattle police shot and killed Charleena Lyles, a pregnant 30-year-old mother of four, after she called to report a burglary.

  • Nabra Hassanen had more than one murderer

    A young man is behind bars for Nabra Hassanen's murder, but there are many other people responsible for promoting deadly anti-Muslim hate.

  • Victims of UPS's deadly drive for profit

    The mass shooting at a San Francisco hub is upsetting for those of us who work at UPS, but it doesn't come as a real surprise.

  • Why has this professor been targeted?

    Syracuse University Professor Dana Cloud is facing threats and abuse after participating in a counterprotest against Islamophobia.

  • Scott's anti-teacher agenda in Vermont

    Vermont Gov. Phil Scott is taking aim at teachers' health benefits as part of a larger effort to impose austerity in pubic education.

  • Which path to take from the People's Summit?

    Can the Democratic Party be reformed from within? Or is an alternative necessary? Those were two big questions underlying the People's Summit.

  • Sakuma workers win their first contract

    Five years of organizing by farmworkers paid off when members of Familias Unidas por la Justicia ratified their first agreement.

  • A symbol of sanctuary for others to follow

    More than 100 people packed into a North Carolina church to welcome Juana Luz Tobar Ortega into sanctuary from ICE within the church's walls.

  • The truth about Trump's golden boy

    Jared Kushner is the pampered heir of a business empire, but that's not the only thing he has in common with his father-in-law.

  • Challenging Seattle's broken system

    Seattle mayoral candidate Nikkita Oliver is running an independent left-wing campaign that represents a step forward in the city.

  • When caregivers go on strike

    Members of the New York nurses union and 1199SEIU walked off the job to protest the for-profit health care company Fresenius.

  • We need free speech to fight the right

    Getting government officials to deny permits to the far right won't build the confident mass movement we need to take them on.

  • The single-payer specter haunting health care

    Support for a "Medicare for all" health care system has gained momentum in the Trump era--despite the myths and lies flogged by right-wing critics.

  • Holding out a helping hand to the banksters

    The head of the Treasury office in charge of regulating banks has a lot of experience... protecting banks from Treasury regulations.

  • How did Portland stand united against hate?

    Organizers of a counterdemonstration that outnumbered and drowned out the far right talk about the strategy and tactics that went into organizing.

  • Sanctuary for some in New York City

    Bill de Blasio has proclaimed New York a sanctuary city, but "broken windows" police policies still ensnare the city's immigrants.

  • Does Trump's Paris pullout mean game over?

    Keeping a tiny step forward would be better than Trump's big step backward, but our task remains building a stronger movement to save the planet.

  • Our message of solidarity against the alt-right

    Two branches of the International Socialist Organization building the struggle against racist hate exchanged solidarity statements.

  • The bigots behind the "anti-Sharia" marches

    Islamophobic marches planned for a number of cities are contributing to the climate of violence fueled by racist politicians like Donald Trump.