Topic: International

  • Supporting the "lesser evil" in Venezuela?

    The left approaches the crisis in Venezuela as a binary choice: with the government or the opposition? But there's another option.

  • China's "one road" to global power?

    The global manufacturing powerhouse is rolling out its most ambitious and assertive economic initiative yet: One Belt, One Road.

  • An iron glove on a hand of clay

    The victory of Emmanuel Macron and his new party seems like it stabilized French politics, but there are conflicts to come.

  • Another in a tragic list of unnatural disasters

    With Grenfell Tower on my mind, I stopped at a memorial on the Isle of Man dedicated to 50 people who died in a horrific fire.

  • North Korea faces the fury of U.S. empire

    The media portray the North Korean regime as bent on starting a war, but the history of the conflict shows the North has been responding to U.S. threats.

  • Someday this army is going to leave

    The struggle by Korean farmers confronting the U.S. military's largest overseas base is part of a long history of resistance.

  • How will Brazil's left react to the Lula verdict?

    The conviction of former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has cast in sharp relief the strategic choices confronting the country's left.

  • Germany's not-so-great reunifier

    Helmut Kohl, the former German chancellor and architect of reunification, left a legacy that defenders of social justice still battle.

  • Trump retrocede con Cuba

    La decisión de Trump sobre Cuba va a hacer un daño incalculable a la población cubana y sólo fortalecerá a las fuerzas antidemocráticas en la isla.

  • ¿A quién apoyar en México?

    En rumbo a los comicios, la izquierda mexicana enfrenta el reto de encontrar una candidatura que le ayude a construir poder popular desde abajo.

  • Mexico's elections take shape

    With President Enrique Peña Nieto of the PRI more unpopular than ever, the campaign for next year's vote is already underway.

  • Québec Solidaire sets a course for the left

    Québec solidaire's decision against making an electoral pact with the Parti québécois is about building a principled alternative.

  • A system that let working-class people burn

    The fire that destroyed Grenfell Tower has exposed, in the starkest terms, the horror of an austerity-racked, class-divided society.

  • A living connection to past struggle

    We lost the last living connection to the left movement in Germany before the Second World War with Theodor Bergmann's death.

  • The future of Cuba after Fidel

    In our encounters with ordinary people in Havana, we found that most steered clear of Cold War stereotypes about Cuban society.

  • Popular anger at Bombardier boils over

    Québec aerospace giant Bombardier is scrambling to deflect anger at big executive payouts amid a massive public bailout.

  • Puerto Rico is always political

    The controversy over honoring released political prisoner Oscar López Rivera speaks volumes about the island's colonial status.

  • Did socialism fail in Venezuela?

    Chávez's "socialism of the 21st century" tolerated private capitalism and enshrined the political rule of an elite acting on behalf of the masses.

  • Using terror as an excuse for more terror

    Reactionary politicians like Theresa May feed a cycle of violence and polarization with their cynical statements about extremism.

  • Solidaridad vs. chivo expiatorio

    A menos que la solidaridad demostrada después del atentado en Manchester prevalezca, la derecha tratará de azuzar miedo para justificar más represión.

  • Duterte reaches for more power

    Rodrigo Duterte has declared martial law in part of the Philippines as he seeks to centralize all power in his own hands.

  • Precarious workers strike back

    The militancy, daring and courage of two strikes by cleaners and security workers in London challenges all of us to step forward.

  • Protestas regresan a Brasil

    Un socialista brasileño explica los orígenes de las protestas masivas que revirtieron el avance de la derecha y su significado para la izquierda.

  • Building a left alternative in Macron's France

    A veteran French socialist explains why Emanuel Macron's victory over Marine Le Pen in the presidential election won't bring political stability.

  • Understanding the British election

    There's a mountain to climb for the Labour Party, but the picture isn't as rosy for the Tories as the media would have us believe.