Stop war on Iran

August 13, 2008

NEW YORK--Some 1,000 demonstrators turned out in heavy thundershowers on August 2 in Times Square in New York City with the message "Stop War on Iran."

The rally and march to Union Square was sponsored by the International Action Center. Progressives, antiwar activists, Palestinian rights activists and others turned out from New York City, upstate New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

Considering the rain and the lack of endorsement from the nation's largest peace group, United for Peace and Justice, the demonstration was a success in bringing together a broad coalition of activists and calling attention to Iran. Protesters brought attention to the need to end economic and other sanctions against Iran, in addition to the call for an end to U.S. and Israeli threats of military action against the country.

Recently, a bipartisan congressional resolution sponsored by Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-N.Y.) has called for increased sanctions against Iran, including a provocative demand for inspections of ships, vehicles and cargo. The resolution was backed by 220 cosponsors from both major parties, including Democratic members of the Progressive and Out of Iraq Caucuses. Sanctions, however, are intended to extend the influence of the United States in the region, not to prevent war.

The protest was one of several that took place in major cities across the U.S. on August 2. In Chicago, some 200 protesters marched past the Cook County Republican headquarters and Democratic candidate Barack Obama's campaign to tell both parties "Hands off Iran."

Protesters chanted, "We want justice, we want peace--U.S. out of the Middle East," and later marched passed the Israeli consulate.

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