Topic: Environment

  • Running low on hope

    The question of how quickly climate change is taking place hovers over the discussion in the book Hope on Earth.

  • The movement needs to keep moving

    The polluters and the politicians who serve them are facing growing discontent and a challenge at the grassroots.

  • We need a tipping point toward climate justice talked to leading figures in the environmental justice movement to ask the question: Can we stop the tipping point?

  • The not-so-natural causes of a natural disaster

    Two weeks after the deadly mudslide in Ora, Wash., it's become clear how unnatural--and preventable--this disaster was.

  • What the not-so-NASA study really said

    A report on inequality and resource exploitation supposedly tied to NASA has been misleadingly hyped by the media.

  • Cutting the ties to the fossil fuel giants

    The campaign to pressure the University of Wisconsin to divest from fossil-fuel companies is part of a growing movement.

  • Del Día de la Tierra a Mayo 1°

    La Convergencia Climática Global--entre el Día de la Tierra y el Día Internacional de los Trabajadores--marca un importante momento en la lucha ecológica.

  • Connecting Earth Day to May Day

    The Global Climate Convergence--10 days of action planned from Earth Day to May Day--marks an important moment in the ecological struggle.

  • Coming together over KXL

    The Cowboy Indian Alliance--which unites Native peoples with ranchers and farmers--is planning days of pipeline protests.

  • Koch needs to clean up

    The message was loud and clear from a forum in Southeast Chicago: We don't want petcoke in our backyard!

  • Greenwashing Bloomberg-style

    Why are those who insisted on making our planet more difficult to live on now harping about the legacy we leave our children?

  • Worries about our water

    The reckless burning of coal, oil and gas is accelerating climate change and drastically altering the hydrology of the biosphere.

  • Millenials are on the march

    Millenials are discovering that we cannot hope to inherit a better world--we have to fight for it.

  • Who bears the brunt of pollution?

    A badly needed struggle against environmental racism has been missing from the mainstream ecology movement.

  • LA marches for climate action

    Southern California activists gathered to bring attention to a range of issues, including tar sands oil and fracking.

  • Going to jail for protesting pipeline polluters?

    Three Michigan activists arrested and convicted for protesting construction of a tar sands pipeline face three years in prison.

  • Arrested for XL Dissent

    Over 350 people opposed to the Keystone XL pipeline project were arrested in a mass action in front of the White House.

  • Gearing up for the XL fight

    The March 2 demonstration in Washington, D.C., will be one of the largest actions so far against the Keystone XL pipeline.

  • Stopping a toxic incinerator

    A planned industrial waste incinerator outside of Philadelphia would put our health and communities at risk.

  • Bringing XL dissent to Washington

    Organizers of a youth-led protest are hoping the "XL Dissent" protest will be one of the largest so far against the Keystone pipeline project.

  • Interponiéndose al oleoducto

    Un reporte del Departamento de Estado apuntala los esfuerzos de la Casa Blanca por construir el oleoducto Keystone XL.

  • Standing in the way of the pipeline

    A new report by the State Department is setting up a showdown over whether the Obama administration will push through the Keystone XL pipeline.

  • No pipeline will cross our lands

    A joint statement from First Nations people makes a call to action against federal approval for the Keystone pipeline.

  • New step for System Change

    Members of the ecosocialist coalition System Change Not Climate Change met to chart a way forward for the next year.

  • They're poisoning South Chicago

    Even a light wind can lift dust from the piles of petroleum coke on the Calumet River and carry it into our neighborhood.