Topic: Environment

  • Toledo is a warning sign

    Man-made factors like the overuse of fertilizers and the ever-present drive for profit are to blame for the water crisis in Toledo.

  • Why is Toledo afraid to take a drink?

    The fourth-largest city in Ohio was without safe water last weekend--but this was no natural disaster.

  • Climate change distractions?

    An author and ecosocialist activist responds to criticisms that the left puts forward "environmental catastrophism."

  • Derailing oil train disasters

    People in Canada and the U.S. gathered to mark the one-year anniversary of the oil train explosion in Lac-Mégantic in Quebec.

  • Killing Cove Point

    A plan to build the East Coast's first liquefied natural gas export center at Cove Point poses a major threat to the environment.

  • Fighting the pipeline menace

    The American ruling class is invested in finishing the Keystone pipeline--but the fight against it has continued building.

  • Texans take on the frackers

    Across the state, people are demanding a halt to fracking operations that destroy the environment and put our health at risk.

  • Still waiting for answers from GM

    As General Motors CEO Mary Barra appears before Congress for a second hearing, the families of people killed in GM cars have waited long enough.

  • Un plan insuficiente

    Finalmente la Agencia de Protección del Medio Ambiente hizo algo con respecto a las emisiones de carbón, pero su plan es insuficiente.

  • Obama's emissions plan won't cut it

    It was a long wait for the Environment Protection Agency to act on carbon emissions--but its plan still won't do enough to stop the polluters.

  • Capitalism by blowtorch in Vietnam

    The blistering pace of Vietnam's economic growth threatens the biodiversity of the land and the cultural traditions of the people.

  • Cambio climático y misoginia

    El empeoramiento de la crisis climática afecta más al pobre que al rico... y a la mujer más que al hombre.

  • Divestment as a means to an end

    An activist for fossil-fuel divestment at the University of California talks about building the movement on a strong foundation.

  • Protesting the "gene giants"

    People around the world said "no" to corporate practices endangering our food in the international March Against Monsanto.

  • What the California wildfires should teach us

    The root problems are uncontrolled development and the twisted priorities of a system that puts the interests of the wealthy first.

  • Fracked up democracy

    Dozens of activists turned out to oppose a plan to allow fracking in a county-owned park northeast of Pittsburgh.

  • Keep it in the ground

    Seattle activists taking part in a "Hands Across the Sand" action highlighted the dangers of a nearby coal export terminal.

  • Keystone XL puesto en espera

    En una señal de la continua presión en contra el oleoducto Keystone XL, Barack Obama ha postergado una vez más la decisión sobre su construcción.

  • Taking a stand on Earth Day

    On this year's Earth Day, activists in cities around the U.S. held events as part of the Global Climate Convergence.

  • Why is the pipeline on pause?

    Barack Obama has once again delayed a final decision on the Keystone XL--another sign of the continuing pressure against the pipeline.

  • Historic alliance rides on D.C.

    The Cowboy Indian Alliance arrived in the capital with protesters--on horse and on foot--sending a message of resistance against the Keystone pipeline.

  • We need a unified environmental movement

    By connecting racism and other issues to environmental struggles, activists can broaden the concept of "the environment."

  • Buy Toyota, save the Earth?

    We are constantly being asked to swallow the idea that same companies killing the planet are helping with the solution.

  • Running low on hope

    The question of how quickly climate change is taking place hovers over the discussion in the book Hope on Earth.

  • The movement needs to keep moving

    The polluters and the politicians who serve them are facing growing discontent and a challenge at the grassroots.