Topic: Environment

  • Standing up at Standing Rock

    Native and environmental activists are protesting a pipeline project that would run right through the heart of Indian country.

  • Natural beauty or unnatural oppression?

    The 100-year anniversary of the National Park Service is a good occasion to consider the contradictions of "America's Best Idea."

  • Stop the stink in Endicott

    More than 80,000 gallons of highly toxic waste is going into the Susquehanna River near Endicott, New York, every day.

  • Looming threat of the superbugs

    Antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria could become a bigger killer than cancer by 2050, but Big Pharma is thinking about profits.

  • Heckling Governor Frackenlooper

    Protesters disrupted an appearance by the Colorado governor to highlight his cozy relationship with the fracking industry.

  • Pushing back the polluters in Washington

    Activists in Washington state held the line against environmental destruction with a series of actions and events in May.

  • Sitting in to save the planet

    Two student sit-ins for fossil-fuel divestment in New York City show that the fight for climate justice can win broad support.

  • Occupying UMass for fossil fuel divestment

    Students held a weeklong occupation of the administration building to demand the school divest from fossil fuel companies.

  • Don't drink the Teflon

    Groundwater in New York and Vermont has been poisoned by the chemical industry, which is absurdly under-regulated.

  • Flint is only the beginning

    The outcry over Flint's water disaster has led to a growing awareness that lead poisoning is a nationwide public health crisis.

  • Flint had many betrayers

    People in Flint had a right to expect that the United Auto Workers would not only warn them, but fight like hell for them. It didn't.

  • Flint revela feos secretos

    La resistencia en Flint expone los crímenes de los oficiales estatales and federales, y la existencia de una más amplia crisis de la salud pública.

  • The ugly secrets that Flint revealed

    The resistance in Flint has exposed the crimes of state and federal officials--and the existence of a broader public health crisis.

  • The meaning of COP 21

    Did the Paris climate change talks last year really represent the game-changer that they've been portrayed to be?

  • We'll hold Snyder accountable

    Hundreds turned out to Gov. Rick Snyder's State of the State speech to make sure he doesn't get away with poisoning Flint.

  • They poisoned a city and insulted the victims

    Flint's lead-poisoning crisis is finally getting national attention. But will the austerity fanatics and unaccountable bureaucrats be held responsible?

  • Flint refuses to be poisoned

    Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's order caused Flint's water supply to become contaminated. But residents are rising up to hold him accountable.

  • The unnatural disaster in Porter Ranch

    Since October, a major natural gas leak in Porter Ranch, California, has been spewing out of control, poisoning the community.

  • How labor is working on climate justice

    A U.S. unionist who traveled to Paris for the UN climate summit talks about labor's participation in the protests and what's next.

  • Climate change and the summit smokescreen

    A leading voice of ecosocialism looks at what to expect from the Paris climate summit and where the movement needs to go next.

  • What kind of "just transition"?

    We need a movement strong enough to force big changes in the way humans produce and consume energy. But what kind of changes?

  • Water can't be for sale

    The co-author of a new book talks about the struggle to democratically control water resources--and its impact on class struggle.

  • Our call for climate justice will be heard

    The movement for ecological justice faces another challenge of making our voices heard at the upcoming United Nations climate summit.

  • Can we reach an ecological civilization?

    Pressure is building for dramatic change to preserve our ecosystem, but it will take overturning capitalism's war on nature.

  • Preparing to confront the politicians' hot air

    With another summit on climate change starting next month, climate justice activists say they are ready for protests "on a scale not seen before."