Topic: Environment

  • Crackdown at Standing Rock follows ruling

    After a federal appeals court refused to halt construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline, the energy giants are intensifying repression.

  • Climate change is drowning us

    The hurricane battering the Caribbean today is the latest reminder that the fight to end the fossil fuel industry is a life or death struggle.

  • The view at Standing Rock

    We know about past high points of Native resistance, but we're living through one now, and it's our job to spread its message.

  • The road that brought us to Standing Rock

    SW contributors tell what they saw and heard on a trip to bring support and solidarity for the historic resistance against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

  • A new but familiar battle at Standing Rock

    The broken treaties of the past are an important part of the climate justice battle at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation today.

  • Solidaridad con Standing Rock

    La Organización Internacional Socialista apoya a la tribu Sioux de Standing Rock y su resistencia contra un nuevo oleoducto.

  • The pipeline protesters are fighting for all of us

    Labor and activist groups around the country and globe are declaring their solidarity with anti-pipeline protesters in Standing Rock.

  • Tell the AFL-CIO to oppose the pipeline

    Unionists and social justice activists are urging the AFL-CIO to reverse its shameful support for the Dakota Access Pipeline.

  • We can't drink oil

    SW rounds up reports of solidarity actions around the country in support of the struggle to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.

  • Solidarity with Standing Rock

    The International Socialist Organization stands with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the resistance to a new pipeline project.

  • They're poisoning our future

    Energy company EQT is destroying future generations' air, water, quality of life and prospects for safe energy.

  • Facing down the oil company dogs

    A historic protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation is facing escalating repression.

  • Standing up at Standing Rock

    Native and environmental activists are protesting a pipeline project that would run right through the heart of Indian country.

  • Natural beauty or unnatural oppression?

    The 100-year anniversary of the National Park Service is a good occasion to consider the contradictions of "America's Best Idea."

  • Stop the stink in Endicott

    More than 80,000 gallons of highly toxic waste is going into the Susquehanna River near Endicott, New York, every day.

  • Looming threat of the superbugs

    Antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria could become a bigger killer than cancer by 2050, but Big Pharma is thinking about profits.

  • Heckling Governor Frackenlooper

    Protesters disrupted an appearance by the Colorado governor to highlight his cozy relationship with the fracking industry.

  • Pushing back the polluters in Washington

    Activists in Washington state held the line against environmental destruction with a series of actions and events in May.

  • Sitting in to save the planet

    Two student sit-ins for fossil-fuel divestment in New York City show that the fight for climate justice can win broad support.

  • Occupying UMass for fossil fuel divestment

    Students held a weeklong occupation of the administration building to demand the school divest from fossil fuel companies.

  • Don't drink the Teflon

    Groundwater in New York and Vermont has been poisoned by the chemical industry, which is absurdly under-regulated.

  • Flint is only the beginning

    The outcry over Flint's water disaster has led to a growing awareness that lead poisoning is a nationwide public health crisis.

  • Flint had many betrayers

    People in Flint had a right to expect that the United Auto Workers would not only warn them, but fight like hell for them. It didn't.

  • Flint revela feos secretos

    La resistencia en Flint expone los crímenes de los oficiales estatales and federales, y la existencia de una más amplia crisis de la salud pública.

  • The ugly secrets that Flint revealed

    The resistance in Flint has exposed the crimes of state and federal officials--and the existence of a broader public health crisis.