Topic: Tradition

  • Capitalism is a waste

    The celebrated pursuit of economic "efficiency" may make sense for capitalists--but it's entirely irrational for the rest of us.

  • Woven into the fabric of capitalism

    The socialist project in the U.S. will only be successful if it is accompanied by a struggle against racism and for Black liberation.

  • Socialism still comes from below

    What does Marxism's commitment to "socialism from below," to use Hal Draper's famous phrase, mean in the 21st century?

  • Class, nation and the struggle for socialism

    How did the Marxists who came after Marx address the political questions posed by the colonial domination of Asia, Africa and Latin America?

  • The dialectic and why it matters to Marxists

    Karl Marx's dialectical method is a way of thinking about society that emphasizes change, conflict and human activity.

  • Socialism's questions and answers

    More than 1,500 people attended the Socialism 2015 conference in Chicago for a long weekend of political discussion.

  • What is the Leninist approach?

    The Russian revolutionary Lenin made some of his greatest contributions on the question of how to get from "here" to "there."

  • El poder sindical de base

    Los trabajadores deben organizarse en la base de los sindicatos para superar las limitaciones de la burocracia sindical.

  • An introduction to Lenin and Leninism

    Controversies may still rage about him, but revolutionary activists throughout the world continue to learn from what Lenin said and wrote and did.

  • Confusion about political power

    During the Spanish Revolution, there were different interpretations of revolutionary syndicalism within the CNT

  • Unidos contra la patronal

    Los socialistas apoyan los sindicatos porque son las organizaciones más elementales de la clase obrera.

  • Syndicalism and taking power

    Marxists differ from syndicalists in our understanding of politics and the tasks needed to prepare for and win a revolution.

  • Contradictions of syndicalism

    The working class can only achieve practical consciousness through the fight for leadership in every sphere of social life.

  • Bringing Marxism to a new generation

    The Socialism 2015 conference is an important political gathering for radicals from around the country and beyond.

  • What makes a revolution?

    Revolution is neither an act of will nor inevitable--it is the result of the interplay of material conditions and the actions of social groups and classes.

  • Paralizando el sistema

    La clase obrera es la primera clase en la historia del mundo cuyo interés no yace en un nuevo sistema de explotación.

  • Ni un solo engranaje rodaría

    El socialismo debe involucrar a los trabajadores tomando el poder en sus lugares de trabajo y formando de sus propias instituciones de poder.

  • Misunderstanding syndicalism

    It was Marxism, not syndicalism, that historically proposed a division of labor between politics and the economic sphere.

  • Theodore Allen on race and privilege

    The radical historian Theodore Allen's writings on race, privilege and the working class developed over many decades.

  • Snow days under socialism

    The record-breaking snowfall and cold in the Northeast begs the question: What would winter look like in a different society?

  • Tarred with the same brush

    The notion of renouncing white privilege in White Blindspot comes in the framework of fighting for militant working-class unity.

  • Privilege and the working class

    Many of today's advocates of privilege politics are unaware of the theory's class roots--roots that continue to have an impact.

  • Can the working class still change the world?

    Neoliberalism has restructured the working class, but it hasn't eliminated the potential of workers to pose a revolutionary alternative to capitalism.

  • Why checking your privilege isn't enough

    Today's young radicals define themselves by their commitment to opposing all forms of oppression, but there are important questions to confront.

  • Capitalism, racism and the 1 Percent

    Racism has deep roots intertwined with capitalism itself--but its grip can be broken, particularly at times of heightened class struggle.