Topic: Tradition

  • An unflinching commitment to democracy

    The work of a long-time Chicago socialist reflected a commitment to illuminating our history and the fight for workers' democracy.

  • Marxism and the meaning of materialism

    Historical materialism is the cornerstone of Karl Marx's theories and views--but how does this concept help us explain the world?

  • Does revolution still matter for the left?

    The question of revolution isn't about the distant final climax, but how we understand our power today--and what the society we're fighting for looks like.

  • Why they still need their big lies about socialism

    In response to revived interest in socialism, right-wing ideologues are recycling old slanders about communism. What does today's left have to say?

  • What internationalists say about nationalism

    Whether it comes from the likes of Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders, nationalism corrodes the spirit of solidarity that the working class needs.

  • Wholly dedicated to socialism from below

    The outpouring of love and comradeship for Joanne Landy shows the reach of her strong commitment to socialism and democracy.

  • What if workers ran society?

    Socialism would mean workers collectively making decisions about how to organize society--not only individual workplaces, but the whole system.

  • Get read-y for the Marxism conferences

    Hopefully, you'll join Socialist Worker at one of the regional Marxism Conferences near you. Here's our reading list to be prepared.

  • Karl Marx and the case of the never-ending theft

    Karl Marx's Capital was first published 150 years ago this month--and its analysis and insight have only gained in power since.

  • How you can organize for socialism today

    Let's say you agree capitalism is a miserable train wreck and that we need an alternative society. You're ready to call yourself a socialist. So now what?

  • When a "universal" approach narrows the fight

    Too many supporters of "universalist" class politics argue as if working-class struggle is separate from struggles against oppression.

  • What kind of party does the working class need?

    Workers need a political party to represent them and advocate for their interests. But how should it be organized and what should it be working toward?

  • A Marxist case for intersectionality

    Intersectionality is defined in very different ways, but the concept as developed by Black feminists can help advance Marxist theory and practice.

  • The rise and fall of the Second International

    On July 14, 1889, the Second International was born with the aim of uniting the workers of the world. What happened to that dream?

  • Why Socialism was a big deal

    Some 2,000 people packed into a Chicago convention center for the four days of discussion and debate at Socialism 2017.

  • Which train goes to socialism?

    Jacobin's Bhaskar Sunkara proposes that the future of the left may lie with a return to Finland Station, circa 1917. But how are we going to get there?

  • Your Socialism 2017 cheat sheet

    If you're trying to squeeze in some reading before Socialism 2017 next weekend, here's an SW gamers' guide to the conference so you can level up.

  • How free is "free" labor?

    Karl Marx showed that the capitalist "free" market masked a hidden coercion: Workers are free to work--or free to starve.

  • The building blocks of Socialism

    This year's Socialism conference will bring together more activists and organizers than ever--which is why you need to be there.

  • Greensboro needs solidarity against the right

    A May Day rally in North Carolina has sparked a debate over whether people need to prove their politics before they can protest.

  • The Black Bloc and political shortcuts

    Changing the world will require patience and struggle, not adventurist and undemocratic spasms of violence.

  • ¿A quién sirven las fronteras?

    Vivimos en un mundo en que el mercado se ha impuesto sobre cada país, pero los trabajadores son restringidos de moverse de un país a otro.

  • How is Leninism relevant today?

    It remains a fact that socialists need to work together, as a democratic collective, to be effective in building a socialist movement.

  • A voice for socialism for 40 years

    The first issue of Socialist Worker was published 40 years ago in April 1977, and the need for a revolutionary socialist press is still key today.

  • Who's behind the free speech crisis on campus?

    Campus administrations have for decades restricted the rights of students to dissent--but we'll need to fight for free speech if we want to see social change.