Topic: Tradition

  • Una herramienta de dominio

    El Estado moderno es el Estado de la clase dominante, y su principal propósito es asegurar su dominio de clase.

  • Our lives are richer for having known him

    This week, we lost Aaron Hess, a brilliant and beautiful comrade and a committed revolutionary for his entire adult life.

  • Where will socialism come from?

    In socialist movements throughout history, the question of what kind of society we're fighting for has been bound up with who can achieve it.

  • Reforma y revolución

    En la lucha colectiva por reformas, la clase obrera se radicaliza y adquiere una idea de su propio poder.

  • Socialism? You mean like in Sweden?

    Two writers examine the model that Bernie Sanders looks to--and conclude that socialism needs to be much more radical.

  • Red Rosa takes another genre

    A new graphic biography of the life of Rosa Luxemburg provides another way to understand this remarkable revolutionary.

  • How can we make a "political revolution"?

    Bernie Sanders is rallying millions of people around his call for a "political revolution." But what would it take to actually make one happen?

  • Fighting for a future free from capital

    Even in a world of war and injustice, the fundamental human sense of justice can never be quite fully extinguished.

  • How I got redder and redder

    If you think that capitalism is one big atrocity, it makes sense to organize with other people who think so, too.

  • Seriously, get this book

    An SW writer's book brings curiosity seekers and veteran socialists along for a funny and relatable conversation about Marxism.

  • How will women win their liberation?

    Sharon Smith's Women and Socialism makes a case for Marxism as a guide to fighting women's oppression--while revisiting debates within Marxism.

  • No puedes luchar solo

    A pesar de haber sido declarado muerto, el socialismo sigue latente. Para hacerlo una realidad necesitamos fuerzas políticas que aún debemos construir.

  • Where do socialists belong?

    There is an ongoing discussion on the left assessing the experience of revolutionaries who have taken part in broad left formations.

  • The anarcho-madness of the free market

    There are few better examples of the waste built into capitalism than the periodic stock market crashes like the one in mid-August.

  • Another world is worth getting organized for

    Despite being written off, socialism is in the air these days. That’s a start, but we need to build the political forces that can make it a real alternative.

  • Socialists and the struggle to end racism

    Capitalism and racism are bound together. One cannot exist without the other, and so the struggle against each depends on a struggle against both.

  • Socialismo: Aún desde abajo

    ¿Qué significado tiene, en el siglo 21, el compromiso del marxismo con el "socialismo desde abajo"?

  • The specter that still haunts capitalism

    Despite being declared dead and buried for years, the idea of socialism is in the air--but what it means or how to achieve it is vague for many people.

  • Capitalism is a waste

    The celebrated pursuit of economic "efficiency" may make sense for capitalists--but it's entirely irrational for the rest of us.

  • Woven into the fabric of capitalism

    The socialist project in the U.S. will only be successful if it is accompanied by a struggle against racism and for Black liberation.

  • Socialism still comes from below

    What does Marxism's commitment to "socialism from below," to use Hal Draper's famous phrase, mean in the 21st century?

  • Class, nation and the struggle for socialism

    How did the Marxists who came after Marx address the political questions posed by the colonial domination of Asia, Africa and Latin America?

  • The dialectic and why it matters to Marxists

    Karl Marx's dialectical method is a way of thinking about society that emphasizes change, conflict and human activity.

  • Socialism's questions and answers

    More than 1,500 people attended the Socialism 2015 conference in Chicago for a long weekend of political discussion.

  • What is the Leninist approach?

    The Russian revolutionary Lenin made some of his greatest contributions on the question of how to get from "here" to "there."