Topic: Police brutality

  • Crime pays in the Oakland Police Department

    After a sex trafficking scandal that rocked the Oakland Police Department, two cops who led the cover-up have been promoted.

  • Berkeley doesn't need Urban Shield

    Some 500 people turned out to tell the City Council that a SWAT-training convention and weapons expo has no place in Berkeley.

  • Why did the police attack at Columbus Pride?

    Activists trying to protest police brutality and injustice at the Columbus Pride parade felt violence at the hands of cops themselves.

  • Will the racist killers in blue ever be convicted?

    The acquittal of the Minnesota cop who killed an unarmed motorist as his girlfriend filmed the aftermath caused shock waves of sadness and anger.

  • Shot while her kids listened

    Seattle police shot and killed Charleena Lyles, a pregnant 30-year-old mother of four, after she called to report a burglary.

  • The police have no place at Pride

    Corporate sponsors and police involvement are common at Pride events, but they are foreign to these celebrations' radical origins.

  • Criminalizing people who need help

    Police in Columbus, Ohio, responded with force, not assistance, in two cases where people were suffering mental-health issues.

  • How we protected Jose when the system didn't

    A determined campaign pressured a North Carolina city to drop charges against a teenager falsely accused of assaulting a police officer.

  • Black Bloc tactics weaken our struggle

    An SW contributor challenges some of the points made in defense of the Black Bloc's actions at the Portland May Day march.

  • Trump's favorite sheriff claims another victim

    Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is under increasing scrutiny because of the execution-by-dehydration of a mentally ill man behind bars.

  • The Portland police were at fault

    Three readers respond to an SW report on the police attack on a Portland May Day march and the discussion of left strategies.

  • Hard facts about Portland's May Day "riot"

    Police are to blame for escalating the chaos and violence in downtown Portland, but the street battle raises key questions for the left.

  • Sessions' green light to police violence

    The order by Trump's attorney general to review all federal oversight of local police departments is a chilling endorsement of police impunity.

  • The resistance will not be branded

    The victim of an unprovoked pepper-spray attack by a Seattle cop woke up to find himself part of a Pepsi-mocking meme gone viral.

  • Why is this cop still in uniform?

    After he was assaulted, Earl Malanado found out his attacker was the same police officer who murdered Alan Blueford in 2012.

  • How do we honor Chance Baker's life?

    The killing of a homeless man by police in Portland, Maine, should be a wake-up call, but city officials aren't taking action.

  • A police cover-up breaks down in Sacramento

    For Joseph Mann, suffering a mental health crisis while Black and homeless proved to be a death sentence in California's capital city.

  • Touch of evil

    In this week's column, meet a modern-day Philip Marlowe, trying to crack a murder case that only he can't seem to solve.

  • She asked for help and wound up dead

    A young mother was shot to death on Muckleshoot tribal lands southeast of Seattle after a worried friend called police for help.

  • The NYPD executed Deborah Danner

    A 66-year-old woman with schizophrenia is the latest victim of a police department and a health care system that put her last.

  • We made anti-racism the dress code in Seattle

    A Seattle teacher talks about how the Black Lives Matter at School Day came about--and the confidence and energy it will bring to future struggles.

  • Why are police the priority in Rahm's Chicago?

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to add 1,000 more police to the force--but more cops aren't a solution to the city's violence.

  • Oakland honor band's loud and proud message

    Members of an honor band from Oakland schools explain why they took a knee during a performance of the national anthem.

  • Taking the struggle forward in Columbus

    Ohio's capital city has seen an upsurge in the struggle for Black lives--and that's raising important questions for the movement.

  • What's next for the Queen City rebellion?

    Angry protests continued daily in Charlotte, North Carolina, after the police killing of Keith Lamont Scott mobilized thousands.