Topic: Police brutality

  • The police are useless in the face of tragedy

    The death of an Oakland mother has shown once again that city officials' preferred solution to crime is no solution at all.

  • Madison on the march for Black lives

    In the weeks since teenager Tony Robinson was killed by a Madison police officer, thousands have taken to the streets to demand justice.

  • San Francisco's racist gang in blue

    As a deputy public defender in San Francisco, I'm not shocked that there is a white-power network among the police.

  • Noel's family is keeping the struggle alive

    Thanks to solidarity and support, Los Angeles-area families of police murder victims are finding the strength to stand up and demand justice.

  • Naked, unarmed and still shot dead

    Police in suburban Atlanta killed an unarmed Black man who struggled with mental illness, sparking a string of protests.

  • Who's being attacked in Ferguson?

    The right wing is out to smear protesters and the Black Lives Matter movement after a shooting that injured two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri.

  • Why was Yuvette Henderson killed?

    Protesters against police murder shut down a Bay Area Home Depot for five hours to demand justice for Yuvette Henderson.

  • Protests erupt after police killing in Madison

    Hundreds of people have taken to the streets each day to protest the murder of an unarmed Black teenager by police in Madison, Wisconsin.

  • Framing a child for his own murder

    Cleveland police reached a new low of victim-blaming when they claimed that 12-year-old Tamir Rice bore responsibility for his own death.

  • On the march against LAPD killers

    The shooting of a Black homeless man by Los Angeles police exposes how city policies scapegoat the poor and unhoused.

  • Guantánamo in Chicago

    A shocking series of reports reveal that Chicago police have been running their own "black site" detention facility, where torture is rampant.

  • Myths behind the FBI's director's "hard truths"

    FBI Director James Comey was praised for a speech that acknowledged the existence of racism--but mischaracterized its causes.

  • Shot down for throwing a rock

    The videotape of the execution-style killing of Antonio Zambrano-Montes shows that police murdered him in cold blood.

  • The NYPD tries to derail our fight

    Activists need to be visible in combatting racist police policies and the political establishment that enables them.

  • A return to the BOSS era?

    The NYPD's plans to put machine guns in the hands of cops policing demonstrations bring back old and bloody memories.

  • #BlackLivesMatter looks to the future

    January marked a new stage for the movement against racism and police violence--one not just of mobilizations, but of assessing and processing.

  • We won't tolerate these out-of-control cops

    Why was a Seattle teacher and activist doused with pepper-spray at point-blank range after speaking to a Martin Luther King Day rally?

  • Bill de Blasio's broken logic

    New York's mayor says he's a fighter against inequality, but that claim is undermined by his support for "Broken Windows" policing.

  • Seeing Ferguson from prison

    Two victims of the racist prison system in Ohio reconstruct their conversations about the rise of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

  • The kind of apology we really need

    Survivors of Chicago police torture are working with activists, attorneys and family members to demand reparations.

  • The story of Millions March NYC

    The two women who initiated the December 13 anti-police violence protest in New York discuss their experiences.

  • The rise of the #BlackLivesMatter movement

    The movement that erupted in the streets of Ferguson spread around the country in the last months of 2014, shaking U.S. society to its core.

  • Legal Aid stands up in solidarity

    Union members for New York City's Legal Aid Society organized a walkout to send a message of protest against racism and injustice.

  • Retreat of the great liberal hope

    Bill de Blasio is being pushed to the right by his critics--and he's trying to drag the #BlackLivesMatter movement with him.

  • Breaking Broken Windows

    The NYPD slowdown exposes the lies behind "Broken Windows" policing--but it will still take a struggle to put an end to it.