Topic: Police brutality

  • Victories against police repression

    Two important New York City police misconduct cases were settled in January, but we have far to go to see real justice.

  • Chicago police justify another killing

    Friends and neighbors of Raason "Lil B" Shaw say there are many reasons to doubt the Chicago cops' story about his death.

  • Why was Jawhari shot?

    Jawhari Smith was shot in the head by an Austin police officer on March 18--but the reasons why depend on who you ask.

  • Will a police torturer walk?

    Jon Burge may be released to a halfway house--while some of the men he tortured up to 40 years ago are still locked up.

  • Holding the cops accountable

    Protesters gathered in front of San Diego's Hall of Justice to demand accountability for police charged with assaulting women.

  • Oscar's legacy is alive

    A leading voice in the campaign to win justice for Oscar Grant learns how the struggle has affected a new generation.

  • Oakland sit-in to win justice

    Eight people were arrested in Oakland during a protest calling on the California Attorney General to prosecute killer cops.

  • How many more Trayvons?

    Michael Dunn, the white man who killed Black teenager Jordan Davis in cold blood, will go to prison, but not for murdering Davis.

  • A more diverse Boston police?

    The appointment of Black officers to top positions in the Boston Police Department won't make for a kinder, gentler force.

  • Misdirecting the torture commission

    People who say they support crime victims are obstructing a commission hearing claims of Chicago police torture.

  • Police killers go free in Southern California

    The trial of cops who murdered Kelly Thomas in a grisly beating captured on videotape ended in a not-guilty verdict.

  • Justice for Jackson

    Activists want the Austin Police Department to admit responsibility for racial profiling and the death of Larry Jackson Jr.

  • Demanding justice for Chuy

    A group of peaceful protesters in Durham, N.C., were attacked by police with tear gas at a rally for slain teenager Chuy Huerta.

  • They killed Jose twice

    Jose de la Trinidad was killed twice--once by Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department bullets, and again in the media.

  • We don't want Bratton back

    Anti-police brutality activists are responding in anger to New York City Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio's choice for police commissioner.

  • Seeking justice for a father killed by police

    Six months after Rigoberto Arceo was killed by an LA County sheriff's deputy, his family is continuing to demand justice.

  • Put Gelhaus in the jailhouse

    The murder of a 13-year-old middle school student by a Sonoma County sheriff's deputy has sparked an angry protest movement.

  • Standing up to police racism

    More than 100 Temple University students and community supporters held a speak-out and march to protest police brutality.

  • Mental illness is not a crime

    A Wall Street Journal report focused on the dangers the mentally ill pose to police--but not the deadly danger posed by police.

  • Protesting the commissioner of stop-and-frisk

    Hundreds of Brown University students and community members confronted NYPD top cop Ray Kelly at a campus speech.

  • How could the cops kill Jonathan Ferrell?

    Another murder by police, steeped in racism, has taken place--and the details, even in these jaded times, are shocking.

  • The verdict on stop-and-frisk

    Opponents of the NYPD's racial profiling won vindication for years of protest when a federal judge ruled that "stop-and-frisk" violates the constitution.

  • We are watching the police

    The mother of Joel Acevedo, a 21-year-old killed by Anaheim police a year ago, explains why protesting makes a difference.

  • Don't let them kill the call for justice

    A grand jury has refused to re-indict the New York City cop who shot 18-year-old Ramarley Graham in his own home.

  • The racism of Austin's finest

    When Austin police killed another unarmed man in late July, it was only the latest tragedy for the local Black community.