Topic: Education

  • On the chopping block in Illinois

    Illinois' Republican governor is demanding massive budget cuts for public colleges that will cost jobs and devastate communities.

  • An opt-out victory in New York

    In the face of a testing boycott, Gov. Andrew Cuomo was forced to back down from his attacks on public schools--for now.

  • Schooling the Secretary of Education

    A New York City educator was invited to Education Secretary John King's first "Tea with Teachers." Here's what the teachers had to say.

  • Farewell to the testocracy tsar

    Education Secretary Arne Duncan has ended his tenure as one of the most destructive forces against public education in history.

  • Black history is human history

    More than 120 SUNY New Paltz students organized a walkout and rally to defend the Black Studies Department.

  • They don't want to hear our free speech

    Conservatives are responding to campus protests with a tired old smear--that "coddled" students are threatening the right to free speech.

  • What the fight is about at Princeton

    Black students have led a movement to highlight the deep roots of discrimination and bigotry at the Ivy League university.

  • Confronting racism at Fordham

    A series of racist incidents at a Catholic university in the Bronx is spurring discussion and activism among students and faculty.

  • Rolling back the testing mania?

    The president's statement that "unnecessary testing" is consuming too much time in the classroom is welcome, but not enough.

  • Teach for America leaves Black Lives behind

    The corporate-led drive to privatize public education isn't compatible with making Black Lives Matter, whether in the streets or in classrooms.

  • How Teach for America threatens Black lives

    Members of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers have issued an open letter to an activist appearing with Teach for America.

  • The Secretary of Education Deform moves on

    Arne Duncan is leaving Barack Obama's Education Department after establishing it as headquarters for the corporate school "reform" movement.

  • Guilty of all that and more at CPS

    Former Chicago schools boss Barbara Byrd-Bennett will go to jail for taking bribes, but she and her ex-bosses are guilty of worse.

  • Seattle schoolkids win the right to play

    Recess is a critical factor in a student's social and emotional well-being--so why are so many schools getting rid of it?

  • The fight for Dyett will go on

    Education justice activists in Chicago have called an end to their hunger strike, but they are vowing to continue the fight.

  • A legal victory against charter schools

    A leading education advocate explains the significance of a Washington state ruling against charter schools getting public funds.

  • On hunger strike till victory is won

    The campaign to save Dyett High School is stepping up the pressure on Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Board of Education.

  • Hungry for equality in Chicago Public Schools

    A group of parents and teachers are entering the third week of a hunger strike in their struggle to save Dyett High School on Chicago's South Side.

  • Legal victories are a warning to witch hunters

    The University of Illinois's attempts to silence fired Palestinian professor Steven Salaita have unraveled further.

  • Taking on the testocracy

    A leader of the fight against corporate-driven high-stakes testing describes his experience debating a prominent "testucrat."

  • How Chicago schools went broke on purpose

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is taking advantage of the city's budget problems to impose further cutbacks on the public school system.

  • My 5-year-old scraps the MAP

    The Seattle School District wanted my kindergartener son to take a standardized test. He joined the opt-out struggle instead.

  • Holding UW's feet to the fire

    Student and worker activists at the University of Washington are taking the fight against inequality to the university Regents.

  • Welcome to the Education-Industrial Complex

    Corporate thieves and hedge-fund parasites are working with political leaders to impose a school "reform" agenda that will privatize public education.

  • UC students stand with Richmond

    UC Berkeley students sat in to demand that the administration put workers first with a new expansion project in Richmond.