Topic: Education

  • Why we're opting out of PARCC

    It's easy to feel alone, but we can take hope from the teachers, parents and students standing up to high-stakes testing.

  • Don't let Walker wreck UW

    University of Wisconsin students, faculty and campus workers are mobilizing against Gov. Scott Walker's plan to slash funding.

  • Andrew Cuomo's war on schools

    The Democratic governor of New York is waging a Tea Party-style assault on the concept of public education.

  • Demilitarizing at University of Maryland

    Students are organizing to stop the campus police department from receiving the Pentagon's high-tech weaponry.

  • The left is on a roll at Northeastern

    Successful union organizing and vibrant student protests have created a radicalized atmosphere at a major Boston university.

  • Colgate protesters face racist threats

    Activists at Colgate University who led a historic sit-in this fall now face violent online threats and a passive administration.

  • A struggle erupts over UC tuition hikes

    Thousands of students at the 10 University of California campuses will walk out of classes in defiance of a stunning 30 percent tuition hike.

  • Taking on the test

    More Than a Score compiles essays by teachers, students and parents on the front lines of the struggle against testing.

  • A rallying cry for recess

    Parents, teachers and kids rallied to send a message to the Seattle school board: Lunch and recess are human rights.

  • Time to protect free speech at Columbia

    Students and faculty at Columbia University are speaking out about their concerns regarding the university's rules of conduct.

  • Let us graduate, let us educate

    A walkout at Seattle's Garfield High forced the school district to back off its threat to cut one teacher in a core subject area.

  • The Jeffco rebels

    A right-wing school board in Colorado has provoked an eruption of walkouts and sick-outs by students and teachers.

  • The challenges left unmet

    Youth won't be prepared for the future with the wrong educational theory and dysfunctional economics they're being fed.

  • The UIUC campus speaks up for Salaita

    The international effort to defend Steven Salaita was bolstered by the eruption of a strong support campaign at UIUC.

  • Sixty years and still segregated

    Six decades after the Brown v. Board of Education decision, racial inequities still need to be addressed directly.

  • Frankenstein fears his monster

    The Gates Foundation helped set off the high-stakes testing frenzy--and now it wants two-year moratorium on them?

  • Making profits off school turnarounds

    Community groups are highlighting the conflict of interest at the heart of the Chicago Public Schools' privatization schemes.

  • Solidarity to save our schools

    Several hundred New York City teachers, parents and students rallied against the corporate school reform agenda.

  • Failed by high-stakes testing

    All students feel the pressure of high-stakes testing, but English Language Learners face even greater obstacles.

  • My school is not a failure

    A Seattle teacher responds to Education Secretary Arne Duncan labeling every school in Washington state a failure.

  • A wrong turn for our schools

    The school "turnarounds" carried out in the Chicago Public Schools are a further step toward privatization--and away from quality education.

  • A May Day protest against testing

    Teachers at a New York City high school are refusing to administer yet another counterproductive standardized test.

  • Charters can't be our model

    We shouldn't take the position that charterization is the appropriate way to create progressive education models.

  • The whole charter system is at fault

    Even progressive charters create an environment that undercuts the possibility of democratic control of the school system.

  • Are better schools the solution to poverty?

    The mantra of politicians and the media detracts from the real sources of--and solutions to--both poverty and the crisis of public education.