Topic: Education

  • We won't let them silence us at Ohio University

    Students and faculty at Ohio University are responding to a new administration policy that effectively forbids political activity.`

  • Tax the rich to save Connecticut schools

    Under Connecticut Gov. Malloy's plan, state education funding would be cut by between 30 and 100 percent in many school districts.

  • Illinois Republocrats pass a school voucher bill

    Chicago's Democratic mayor teamed up with the Republican governor to pass a bill that's an open assault against teachers unions.

  • The university we deserve

    There are many struggles ahead on campus, as we take on the neoliberal university and its thirst for profits.

  • Protesting another TIF theft in Chicago

    New hot dog stands and a taller Ferris wheel at Navy Pier are more important to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel than our schools.

  • What happened at Evergreen State?

    Evergreen State made headlines over protests that provoked violent threats from the far right, leading to a campus shutdown.

  • We defended left-wing speech at Syracuse

    When the right wing went after a Syracuse University professor, supporters organized successfully for a statement in her defense.

  • Trinity joins the attack on its own professor

    After enduring threats and smears, Trinity College professor Johnny Eric Williams was placed on forced leave by the administration.

  • The budget disaster in store for our schools

    The Trump budget proposal is filled with atrocities, but Betsy DeVos' plan to wreck the Education Department is especially cruel.

  • DePaul has the money to pay

    The scholarship fund for undocumented students is a great idea, but why should it be funded by increased student activities fees?

  • Parents get rid of the school bully

    In a historic victory for parent and teacher activists, the abusive principal of Central Park East 1 in New York City has been forced out.

  • What will make UT safe for all students?

    A tragic killing at the University of Texas was followed by a racist backlash that highlighted administration double standards.

  • A real-life lesson in McCarthyism

    A New York City principal has been accused of "communist activities" by administrators because of her fight for integrated schools.

  • Protesting blue-light surveillance

    Students at SUNY Binghamton organized a sit-in to demand a stop to the school’s plan to expand "blue light" security off campus.

  • Organizing for an alt-right delete at Berkeley

    The controversy over whether reactionary Ann Coulter would speak at UC Berkeley came to a head with further protests.

  • Don't let an abusive principal ban parents

    Two New York City parent activists have been banned from their kids' school after protests against abuses and teacher firings.

  • A government swindle on student debt

    The government is trying to retroactively disqualify former students from a program that would forgive part of their loan debt.

  • Make May Day a day of resistance

    A walkout of Seattle high school students on May Day would show people that we will stand together in the face of oppression.

  • OSU fights to "Boot the Braids"

    Student activists at Ohio State University are linking arms with farmworkers to demand Wendy's pay fair wages.

  • Parents occupy a school to save it

    The campaign to remove a principal who is waging war on teachers at a progressive New York school hit a new level of militancy.

  • In defense of protesting racists

    A backlash is in full swing after the Vermont demonstration against Charles Murray, but those leading the charge forget that protest is free speech, too.

  • Meeting the needs of students with disabilities

    Under Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, already under-resourced programs for children with disabilities will face more cuts.

  • What happened at the Middlebury protest?

    The disruption of a lecture by right-winger Charles Murray at Middlebury College has led to a firestorm of criticism and debate.

  • Will school end early in Chicago?

    Chicago school officials blame Illinois' Republican governor for their threat to end school early, but they helped make the mess.

  • What do we want from confronting the right?

    Challenging right-wing speech is not the end in and of itself, but one aspect of a struggle against the right's attacks on our class.