Topic: Education

  • Legal victories are a warning to witch hunters

    The University of Illinois's attempts to silence fired Palestinian professor Steven Salaita have unraveled further.

  • Taking on the testocracy

    A leader of the fight against corporate-driven high-stakes testing describes his experience debating a prominent "testucrat."

  • How Chicago schools went broke on purpose

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is taking advantage of the city's budget problems to impose further cutbacks on the public school system.

  • My 5-year-old scraps the MAP

    The Seattle School District wanted my kindergartener son to take a standardized test. He joined the opt-out struggle instead.

  • Holding UW's feet to the fire

    Student and worker activists at the University of Washington are taking the fight against inequality to the university Regents.

  • Striking for school funding

    Seattle teachers hit the picket line in the latest in a series of one-day strikes to demand full funding for education.

  • Welcome to the Education-Industrial Complex

    Corporate thieves and hedge-fund parasites are working with political leaders to impose a school "reform" agenda that will privatize public education.

  • UC students stand with Richmond

    UC Berkeley students sat in to demand that the administration put workers first with a new expansion project in Richmond.

  • Keep the charters out of our school

    New York parents, students and teachers are challenging another plan to co-locate charter schools with underserved schools.

  • The testing system is guilty

    Atlanta educators are taking the fall for a high-stakes testing system where schools pay a high price for low scores.

  • Who will test the testers?

    Unprecedented numbers of New York students are opted out of state exams, creating a crisis of legitimacy for corporate education reformers.

  • The governor of school deform

    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's education bill attacks teachers' unions while handing corporate reformers a major victory.

  • A win against Common Core

    At the school where teachers boycotted a state test, parents are now taking the initiative and leading a massive opt-out campaign.

  • Cuomo to our schools: "Drop dead"

    New York legislators passed a wish list of corporate school "reforms." Now teachers, parents and students have to take action.

  • Linking arms to protect New York schools

    Parents, students and teachers in New York City stood outside 300 schools to defend public education from Cuomo's attack.

  • Denying Cuomo his test data

    The movement to opt out of Common Core tests reached new highs in New York last year--and this year looks even better.

  • Opting in for real learning

    We're seeing the confidence of parents, students and teachers to act on their beliefs and refuse standardized testing in a way that's truly unprecedented.

  • Let them eat Common Core

    I believe No Child Left Behind and Common Core are part of the 1 Percent's agenda to wreck what few rights we have left.

  • Why we're opting out of PARCC

    It's easy to feel alone, but we can take hope from the teachers, parents and students standing up to high-stakes testing.

  • Don't let Walker wreck UW

    University of Wisconsin students, faculty and campus workers are mobilizing against Gov. Scott Walker's plan to slash funding.

  • Andrew Cuomo's war on schools

    The Democratic governor of New York is waging a Tea Party-style assault on the concept of public education.

  • Demilitarizing at University of Maryland

    Students are organizing to stop the campus police department from receiving the Pentagon's high-tech weaponry.

  • The left is on a roll at Northeastern

    Successful union organizing and vibrant student protests have created a radicalized atmosphere at a major Boston university.

  • Colgate protesters face racist threats

    Activists at Colgate University who led a historic sit-in this fall now face violent online threats and a passive administration.

  • Taking on the test

    More Than a Score compiles essays by teachers, students and parents on the front lines of the struggle against testing.