Topic: Education

  • In defense of protesting racists

    A backlash is in full swing after the Vermont demonstration against Charles Murray, but those leading the charge forget that protest is free speech, too.

  • Meeting the needs of students with disabilities

    Under Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, already under-resourced programs for children with disabilities will face more cuts.

  • What happened at the Middlebury protest?

    The disruption of a lecture by right-winger Charles Murray at Middlebury College has led to a firestorm of criticism and debate.

  • Will school end early in Chicago?

    Chicago school officials blame Illinois' Republican governor for their threat to end school early, but they helped make the mess.

  • What do we want from confronting the right?

    Challenging right-wing speech is not the end in and of itself, but one aspect of a struggle against the right's attacks on our class.

  • Tear down Loyola's walls against free speech

    Student activists at Loyola University in Chicago are fighting to overturn bureaucratic restrictions on free speech and assembly.

  • Who's left out of Cuomo's tuition-free plan?

    Plans for a scholarship to make public higher education free for some students doesn’t go far enough to provide what we deserve.

  • Seattle students walk out united against Trump

    Some 4,500 Seattle students from a dozen different middle and high schools walked out of class to protest after Trump's victory.

  • We won't tolerate hate at USM

    Maine socialists stand with students at the University of Southern Maine protesting against anti-Muslim graffiti on campus.

  • Ripped off by the for-profit education fraud

    With one out of every three dollars of U.S. borrowing going to student loans, we need to eliminate the for-profit education fraud.

  • Signed up for Changing the World 101

    An unprecedented number of students and young people are going to socialist meetings at campuses across the U.S. this fall.

  • Gutting the UMass Labor Center

    The UMass administration wants to cut the budget and force out left-wing faculty at the prestigious Labor Center in Amherst.

  • "Fee speech" isn't free speech

    DePaul University is trying to shut down a socialist student group by requiring it to pay for security guards to "protect" its meeting.

  • Starving schools to feed the fat cats

    Every politician claims to be fighting for better schools--but every year, their budget cuts show how little they actually care about public education.

  • The struggle to make Black education matter

    African American organizations are backing the fight against corporate education reform, and the results could be transformative.

  • What else is kept hidden in Rahm's Chicago?

    I had to go to court to demand that Chicago school officials turn over information about the dismissal of a popular principal.

  • Where segregation and gentrification meet

    The rezoning of two public schools in Brooklyn has cast a spotlight on the reality of educational segregation in New York City.

  • A double victory at Evergreen

    Students at Evergreen State College backed resolutions in solidarity with the Palestinian people and with migrant farmworkers.

  • The education deform empire strikes back

    New federal regulations signal that the Obama administration is still trying to ram through its agenda of high-stakes testing.

  • Don’t let UW drop our TAs

    Students and workers rallied against the University of Washington's plan to cut teaching assistant positions.

  • I support the DePaul protesters

    DePaul President Rev. Dennis Holtschneider shouldn't apologize to the right-wingers who brought a bigot to speak on campus.

  • How can we fight for funding in Illinois?

    Activists from across Chicago met to discuss the Illinois budget crisis, which threatens to close schools and cut tuition grants.

  • Saving a beacon of progressive education

    The principal at a renowned New York City elementary school is undermining its historic mission—but the community is fighting back.

  • What’s at stake in the faculty fight at CCSF?

    A frustrating year at the negotiating table led faculty at the City College of San Francisco to organize a one-day strike.

  • We won't be thrown in the testing deep end

    Parents and teachers are uniting to send a message: Our kids' needs aren't satisfied by filling in bubbles on a standardized test.