Topic: Education

  • Where segregation and gentrification meet

    The rezoning of two public schools in Brooklyn has cast a spotlight on the reality of educational segregation in New York City.

  • A double victory at Evergreen

    Students at Evergreen State College backed resolutions in solidarity with the Palestinian people and with migrant farmworkers.

  • The education deform empire strikes back

    New federal regulations signal that the Obama administration is still trying to ram through its agenda of high-stakes testing.

  • Don’t let UW drop our TAs

    Students and workers rallied against the University of Washington's plan to cut teaching assistant positions.

  • I support the DePaul protesters

    DePaul President Rev. Dennis Holtschneider shouldn't apologize to the right-wingers who brought a bigot to speak on campus.

  • How can we fight for funding in Illinois?

    Activists from across Chicago met to discuss the Illinois budget crisis, which threatens to close schools and cut tuition grants.

  • Saving a beacon of progressive education

    The principal at a renowned New York City elementary school is undermining its historic mission—but the community is fighting back.

  • What’s at stake in the faculty fight at CCSF?

    A frustrating year at the negotiating table led faculty at the City College of San Francisco to organize a one-day strike.

  • We won't be thrown in the testing deep end

    Parents and teachers are uniting to send a message: Our kids' needs aren't satisfied by filling in bubbles on a standardized test.

  • The road to reclaiming OSU

    An occupation by student protesters at Ohio State ended after police threatened mass arrests--but the fight will continue.

  • This is a war for our education

    Two of the organizers of a mass walkout of Boston high school students against budget cuts talk about the high stakes of their fight.

  • Protests expose the truth about racism at UW

    Some 500 students rallied at the University of Washington to demand that the campus administration tackle institutional racism.

  • Opting for lies to stop New York's test boycott

    New York education officials want to stop a repeat of last year's historic testing opt-out, but parents and teachers aren't buying it.

  • Fighting for CUNY's future

    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has backed off his worst threats against City University of New York, but challenges remain.

  • Students in the streets against cuts in Boston

    More than 3,000 Boston students stormed out of schools to protest budget cuts that come as area corporations get tax breaks.

  • SUNY students stand against tuition hikes

    Students at 10 schools in the State University of New York system walked out of classes to protest an extension of tuition increases.

  • Why opting out is good for students of color

    A leading voice in the battle against high-stakes testing counters the myth that communities of color benefit from it.

  • UC must divest from private prisons

    A member of the Afrikan Black Coalition in California explains how the group is building on its prison divestment campaign.

  • Testing dooms schools to fail

    New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's Community Schools Initiative won't work if it includes high-stakes standardized testing.

  • On the chopping block in Illinois

    Illinois' Republican governor is demanding massive budget cuts for public colleges that will cost jobs and devastate communities.

  • An opt-out victory in New York

    In the face of a testing boycott, Gov. Andrew Cuomo was forced to back down from his attacks on public schools--for now.

  • Schooling the Secretary of Education

    A New York City educator was invited to Education Secretary John King's first "Tea with Teachers." Here's what the teachers had to say.

  • Farewell to the testocracy tsar

    Education Secretary Arne Duncan has ended his tenure as one of the most destructive forces against public education in history.

  • Black history is human history

    More than 120 SUNY New Paltz students organized a walkout and rally to defend the Black Studies Department.

  • They don't want to hear our free speech

    Conservatives are responding to campus protests with a tired old smear--that "coddled" students are threatening the right to free speech.