Topic: Education

  • Black students and teachers matter

    Black Lives Matter at School is a week of action involving educators who are bringing resistance to racism into the classroom.

  • Making Black lives matter at school

    Teachers from across the U.S. are organizing a week of action to call for racial justice in our nation's schools and teach Black history.

  • NYC students get metal detectors expelled

    A December walkout at New York City high schools was the culmination of a successful student-led fightback against police searches.

  • Picked off by the right-wing thought police

    George Ciccariello-Maher's resignation is a chilling reminder that the war on left-wing voices is taking a toll and needs to be fought.

  • Classrooms where it's too cold to learn

    A Baltimore City Public Schools parent tells the story behind recent photos of children seen suffering in freezing classrooms.

  • Starving schools to shut them down in Chicago

    Four "underperforming" schools have been slated for closure, but education activists see through Chicago officials' theft of resources.

  • Harvard's greed is showing

    Struggles to protect workers' and students' rights like the one at Harvard set an example of the kind of solidarity that's necessary.

  • Silencing protest in the name of free speech

    A new policy at the University of Wisconsin calls for suspending and even expelling students who protest right-wing speakers.

  • Sending a message to a racist at DePaul

    Dozens of people turned out in the rain to protest an event with racist pseudo-scientist Charles Murray at DePaul University.

  • Twisting the case for free speech on campus

    At Brooklyn College, David Horowitz's campaign against the left has led to protest, but also further smears against progressives.

  • The PSU administration comes down on the left

    The Portland State University administration has again escalated its repressive measures against left-wing organizers on campus.

  • Pushing back the charters in Durham

    Parents and teachers came together in Durham, North Carolina, to prevent two schools from being turned into charters.

  • Standing with a Purdue professor

    The U.S. Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel is calling for support for a well-known solidarity activist.

  • We won't let them silence left voices on campus

    Free speech is in peril on college campuses, but not in the way the right wing wants you to believe--it's the left that faces a crackdown on dissent.

  • Does Bill de Blasio deserve teachers' votes?

    New York Mayor Bill de Blasio looks to be on the path to re-election, but is his record on education as good as he claims?

  • Selective about free speech at UC Berkeley

    A Berkeley dean's defense of free speech has a blind spot when it comes to university suppression of advocacy for Palestinians.

  • What to do when the alt-right comes to campus

    Students are being welcomed back this fall with the news that bigots like Bannon and Milo have been invited to speak. What should you do about it?

  • UT goes after an immigrant rights activist

    As right-wing hate groups swarm campuses, the University of Texas is painting an immigrant rights organizer as a violent threat.

  • We won't let them silence us at Ohio University

    Students and faculty at Ohio University are responding to a new administration policy that effectively forbids political activity.`

  • Tax the rich to save Connecticut schools

    Under Connecticut Gov. Malloy's plan, state education funding would be cut by between 30 and 100 percent in many school districts.

  • Illinois Republocrats pass a school voucher bill

    Chicago's Democratic mayor teamed up with the Republican governor to pass a bill that's an open assault against teachers unions.

  • The university we deserve

    There are many struggles ahead on campus, as we take on the neoliberal university and its thirst for profits.

  • Protesting another TIF theft in Chicago

    New hot dog stands and a taller Ferris wheel at Navy Pier are more important to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel than our schools.

  • What happened at Evergreen State?

    Evergreen State made headlines over protests that provoked violent threats from the far right, leading to a campus shutdown.

  • We defended left-wing speech at Syracuse

    When the right wing went after a Syracuse University professor, supporters organized successfully for a statement in her defense.