Topic: Immigration

  • Our message: Not one more

    As part of a national day of action against deportations, hundreds of activists rallied outside of the Northwest Detention Center.

  • On strike against deportation

    Hundreds of undocumented immigrants at a private prison in Tacoma, Wash., went on hunger strike to protest inhumane treatment.

  • Turn the tide on deportations

    For International Human Rights Day, activists around the U.S. mobilized for an end to the deportation of immigrants.

  • King County puts ICE on ice

    The Metropolitan King County Council voted in early December to curtail collaboration with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

  • ¡Viva la amnistía!

    Un proyecto de "reforma" migratoria muere en el Congreso, dando tiempo a los activistas pro-inmigrantes luchar por verdadera justicia.

  • "Reform" is dead, long live amnesty

    A highly flawed immigration "reform" bill is likely to fail--which means activists will have a new chance to demand justice.

  • Struggling for their lives

    The death of a 25-year-old Chicago woman was a terrible reminder of the stakes in a struggle for immigrants' health care access.

  • En huelga de hambre por la vida

    Catorce pacientes y familiares se hallan en huelga de hambre por el derecho de los inmigrantes indocumentados a tener un trasplante de órgano.

  • Who will benefit from "immigration reform"?

    The immigration “reform” being considered by Congress is a corporate giveaway and a disaster for civil rights of immigrant communities.

  • La lucha inmigrante continuará

    ¿Aprobará el Congreso una reforma migratoria? Quizás. ¿Habrá justicia para los indocumentados? No. ¿Continúa la lucha? ¡Un chingo!

  • Reforma migratoria sin justicia

    La legislación migratoria bipartidista asegura una mayor militarización de la frontera y está llena de abrumadores obstáculos a la legalización.

  • Leaving justice out of immigration "reform"

    Bipartisan immigration legislation being discussed in Congress is packed with border militarization and overwhelming obstacles to legalization.

  • One big "Gang of Hate"

    Immigration legislation proposed by the "Gang of Eight" U.S. senators falls far short of what our movement deserves.

  • Immigrants need not apply for Obamacare

    The Obama health care law will discriminate against the undocumented and recent immigrants when it kicks in next year.

  • Confronting the anti-immigrant backlash

    Activists are organizing to defend day laborers in New Jersey from harassment by anti-immigrant groups.

  • Austin rallies for immigrants

    Some 350 people marched in the Texas capital of Austin to demand immigrants rights, including an end to deportations.

  • Legalizing exploitation

    The president of Day Laborers United explains why he's fed up with the politicians' promises of "immigration reform."

  • A May Day call for our rights

    Immigrants right supporters joined labor activists in cities across the country to celebrate the working-class holiday.

  • Solidaridad sin fronteras

    El capitalismo es favorecido por la migración transfronteriza, pero también por las restricciones migratorias para dividir a la clase obrera.

  • Solidarity has no borders

    Capitalists are dependent on migration across borders--but they also rely on restrictions on immigration as one means to divide and conquer.

  • Why does the border come before justice?

    Washington's bipartisan plan for "immigration reform" will be more of the same--enforcement first, before a restrictive "path to citizenship."

  • Will the media delete bigotry?

    After years of criticism, the Associated Press is removing the term "illegal immigrant" from its influential AP Stylebook.

  • The shadows to the streets

    More than 500 people rallied in Chicago to demand that the Obama administration stop mass deportation of the undocumented.

  • Obstacle course to citizenship

    Barack Obama presents himself as a friend of immigrants, but the path to citizenship he touts would make a drill sergeant envious.

  • Reforma migratoria y justicia

    Al parecer, el Congreso aprobará una reforma migratoria, pero somos escépticos de que su propósito sea satisfacer las necesidades de los inmigrantes.