Topic: Immigration

  • Obama deporta refugiados

    La política hacia los refugiados del demócrata en la Casa Blanca habría encontrado oposición si un republicano la hubiera implementado.

  • We want ICE out of New York City

    Activists rallied and blocked traffic downtown Manhattan in a protest against Obama’s efforts to deport Central American refugees.

  • Deporter-in-chief snatches refugee children

    The Democrat in the White House is carrying out a policy toward refugees that would be met with outrage and protest if a Republican tried it.

  • Abrir todas las fronteras

    Europa no es el único lugar donde los gobiernos cruelmente niegan la entrada a inmigrantes huyendo de la violencia y la pobreza.

  • Another victim in ICE's ongoing war

    The detention of a Bronx man after a bogus arrest shows ICE is continuing its draconian enforcement, despite Obama's promises.

  • ¡En vivo, desde NY: Un racista!

    Cientos de activistas protestaron la aparición de Donald Trump como anfitrión invitado en Saturday Night Live.

  • On hunger strike in the heart of Texas

    Dozens of immigrant women in an infamous detention center in Texas are going without food to protest inhumane conditions.

  • Live from New York, a racist piece of shit

    Hundreds of immigrant rights activists stood outside NBC studios to protest Donald Trump's hosting of Saturday Night Live.

  • A refugee crisis for Fortress America

    Europe isn't the only place where the governments of wealthy countries have cruelly denied entrance to migrants fleeting violence and poverty.

  • Still dreaming after 15 years

    A new book about DREAM activists shows the power and problems of one of the most vibrant protest movements in recent years.

  • Capitalism and the new "Brown scare"

    Donald Trump is a bigoted buffoon, but his anti-immigrant rants fit right into the larger climate of repression and scapegoating.

  • Incitan odio usando tragedia

    La clase política de California está explotando un tiroteo fortuito para eliminar importantes protecciones para los inmigrantes.

  • Exploiting a tragedy to bash immigrants

    The California political establishment is exploiting a random shooting to try to roll back important protections for immigrants.

  • Ending the deportation nation

    The activist who confronted Barack Obama at a White House Pride Month event explains what she hoped to accomplish.

  • The ugly business of immigrant detention

    Talk about immigration "reform" may have stalled, but the the detention and deportation machine is running at full speed.

  • Jugando con los inmigrantes

    Los republicanos juegan a las apuestas con la vida de los inmigrantes, pero esto no debe hacernos olvidar el historial del Deportador en Jefe.

  • Putting politics ahead of immigrants' lives

    The immigrant bashing of Republicans is back in the spotlight in Washington, but we shouldn't forget the Deporter-in-Chief's dismal record.

  • A cease-fire in the war on the undocumented?

    Obama portrays his executive order as a "victory" for immigrants, but its limits show that the racist right still sets the agenda.

  • Fighting for Francisco

    A Portland labor and immigrant rights organizer could be deported to a country where his life would be in danger.

  • Obama lied and families cried

    A deportation hours before the president vowed to "fix the system" reveals the broken lives behind Obama's broken promises.

  • Inmigración: otra promesa rota

    Obama rehusó para dar alivio a millones de indocumentados y prefirió aliviar la arena electoral de los demócratas más derechistas.

  • Another broken promise on immigration

    Obama abandoned executive action on immigration after moderate Democrats kicked up a fuss ahead of midterm elections.

  • Telling Obama Not1More

    Some 500 people came out in Washington, D.C., to demand an end to deportations and attacks on immigrants.

  • The refugees are welcome here

    Activists are mobilizing across the Southwest to confront anti-immigrant groups and counter their message of hate.

  • La frontera es anti-obrera

    La "frontera segura" significará más sufrimiento, no sólo para los inmigrantes, sino para todos los trabajadores.