Topic: Immigration

  • Jugando con los inmigrantes

    Los republicanos juegan a las apuestas con la vida de los inmigrantes, pero esto no debe hacernos olvidar el historial del Deportador en Jefe.

  • Putting politics ahead of immigrants' lives

    The immigrant bashing of Republicans is back in the spotlight in Washington, but we shouldn't forget the Deporter-in-Chief's dismal record.

  • A cease-fire in the war on the undocumented?

    Obama portrays his executive order as a "victory" for immigrants, but its limits show that the racist right still sets the agenda.

  • Fighting for Francisco

    A Portland labor and immigrant rights organizer could be deported to a country where his life would be in danger.

  • Obama lied and families cried

    A deportation hours before the president vowed to "fix the system" reveals the broken lives behind Obama's broken promises.

  • Inmigración: otra promesa rota

    Obama rehusó para dar alivio a millones de indocumentados y prefirió aliviar la arena electoral de los demócratas más derechistas.

  • Another broken promise on immigration

    Obama abandoned executive action on immigration after moderate Democrats kicked up a fuss ahead of midterm elections.

  • Telling Obama Not1More

    Some 500 people came out in Washington, D.C., to demand an end to deportations and attacks on immigrants.

  • The refugees are welcome here

    Activists are mobilizing across the Southwest to confront anti-immigrant groups and counter their message of hate.

  • La frontera es anti-obrera

    La "frontera segura" significará más sufrimiento, no sólo para los inmigrantes, sino para todos los trabajadores.

  • Forzados a un viaje peligroso

    Es una imputación a la política del gobierno estadounidense que miles de jóvenes y niños inmigrantes sean tratados como criminales e indeseables.

  • Children made victims twice over

    Sending youth refugees back to the countries they're fleeing ignores the causes of their migration--in particular, U.S. policies.

  • The human toll of Fortress America

    The demand for "strong borders," coming from Republicans and Democrats alike, means more suffering--not just for immigrants, but all workers.

  • A flood of bigotry about the border

    The twisted response in Washington to the surge of detentions of migrant children comes down to this: Deport them or deport them faster.

  • Children forced on a dangerous journey

    It is an indictment of U.S. government policy that thousands of young migrants, in their teens and younger, are treated as criminals and undesirables.

  • Making New York ICE-free

    Activists have launched a new campaign to end the collaboration of city agencies with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

  • Our message: Not one more

    As part of a national day of action against deportations, hundreds of activists rallied outside of the Northwest Detention Center.

  • On strike against deportation

    Hundreds of undocumented immigrants at a private prison in Tacoma, Wash., went on hunger strike to protest inhumane treatment.

  • Turn the tide on deportations

    For International Human Rights Day, activists around the U.S. mobilized for an end to the deportation of immigrants.

  • King County puts ICE on ice

    The Metropolitan King County Council voted in early December to curtail collaboration with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

  • ¡Viva la amnistía!

    Un proyecto de "reforma" migratoria muere en el Congreso, dando tiempo a los activistas pro-inmigrantes luchar por verdadera justicia.

  • "Reform" is dead, long live amnesty

    A highly flawed immigration "reform" bill is likely to fail--which means activists will have a new chance to demand justice.

  • Struggling for their lives

    The death of a 25-year-old Chicago woman was a terrible reminder of the stakes in a struggle for immigrants' health care access.

  • En huelga de hambre por la vida

    Catorce pacientes y familiares se hallan en huelga de hambre por el derecho de los inmigrantes indocumentados a tener un trasplante de órgano.

  • Who will benefit from "immigration reform"?

    The immigration “reform” being considered by Congress is a corporate giveaway and a disaster for civil rights of immigrant communities.