Topic: Immigration

  • A vandalized church turned site of resistance

    A church attended mostly by immigrants that was vandalized after the election now proudly displays banners of solidarity.

  • We'll make our campuses safe for immigrants

    Students and faculty on college campuses are forging solidarity and building a new movement to protect immigrant rights after Trump's victory.

  • Africa has given enough of its people to the sea

    The drowning death of a Gambian soccer star should shine a spotlight on the horrific death toll of migrants trying to reach Europe.

  • The immigrant rights movement at an impasse

    The outcome of a Supreme Court case on immigration has dashed millions of people's hopes--and raised urgent questions about what comes next.

  • Victor Diaz is still fighting for justice

    A Vermont farmworker activist who was detained by ICE, but released after a solidarity campaign explains the stakes in this struggle for justice.

  • Graduating, undocumented and unafraid

    Two high school valedictorians in Texas stepped out of the shadows on Graduation Day to demand justice for immigrants.

  • She won't go back in the shadows

    Determined protest won an undocumented activist her rights. Now they want to take away those rights...for protesting.

  • Aterrorizando refugiados

    La administración Obama anunció más deportaciones de madres y niños que huyeron de la violencia en América Central.

  • Deterring migration by terrorizing refugees

    Obama administration officials have announced plans for more deportations of mothers and children who fled violence in Central America.

  • Detained for organizing workers in Vermont

    A grassroots campaign won the release of migrant worker Victor Diaz, targeted for his activism on behalf of all workers.

  • When immigrants marched out of the shadows

    Ten years ago, immigrants took to the streets in massive numbers across the country to protest a Republican plan to criminalize the undocumented.

  • We all want to be equal

    Ten years ago, up to 1 million immigrants and their supporters filled the streets of Los Angeles to protest an attack on their rights.

  • New Yorkers say no to Trump

    Over a thousand people rallied to tell the world that immigrants are more welcome in New York City than Donald Trump.

  • A comprehensive lie to immigrants

    "Comprehensive immigration reform" is a reasonable-sounding name for a deception that hides the cruel machinery of injustice.

  • A message to Wisconsin's immigrant-bashers

    More than 15,000 people turned out for a Day without Latinos demonstration that packed the square around the Wisconsin Capitol building.

  • Obama deporta refugiados

    La política hacia los refugiados del demócrata en la Casa Blanca habría encontrado oposición si un republicano la hubiera implementado.

  • We want ICE out of New York City

    Activists rallied and blocked traffic downtown Manhattan in a protest against Obama’s efforts to deport Central American refugees.

  • Deporter-in-chief snatches refugee children

    The Democrat in the White House is carrying out a policy toward refugees that would be met with outrage and protest if a Republican tried it.

  • Abrir todas las fronteras

    Europa no es el único lugar donde los gobiernos cruelmente niegan la entrada a inmigrantes huyendo de la violencia y la pobreza.

  • Another victim in ICE's ongoing war

    The detention of a Bronx man after a bogus arrest shows ICE is continuing its draconian enforcement, despite Obama's promises.

  • ¡En vivo, desde NY: Un racista!

    Cientos de activistas protestaron la aparición de Donald Trump como anfitrión invitado en Saturday Night Live.

  • On hunger strike in the heart of Texas

    Dozens of immigrant women in an infamous detention center in Texas are going without food to protest inhumane conditions.

  • Live from New York, a racist piece of shit

    Hundreds of immigrant rights activists stood outside NBC studios to protest Donald Trump's hosting of Saturday Night Live.

  • A refugee crisis for Fortress America

    Europe isn't the only place where the governments of wealthy countries have cruelly denied entrance to migrants fleeting violence and poverty.

  • Still dreaming after 15 years

    A new book about DREAM activists shows the power and problems of one of the most vibrant protest movements in recent years.