Topic: Immigrant rights

  • Trump's surprise accomplice on border troops

    Why would a liberal Democratic governor support Trump's call for National Guard troops to protect the U.S.-Mexico border?

  • Why is a sanctuary city profiting off detentions?

    Activists challenged an Essex County Democrat who claims to support immigrants over his backing for an ICE detention center.

  • Asheville stands up to ICE

    Hundreds of Asheville residents gathered in solidarity with their immigrant neighbors after a series of ICE raids detained dozens.

  • The caravan marches north

    Some 1,500 migrants from Central America set out on a journey across Mexico toward the U.S. to demand dignity and asylum.

  • The Coward-in-Chief's cruel war on migrants

    Trump and the right's fearmongers are trying to make it seem not pathetic but wise for rich white men to fear poor migrant children coming to the U.S.

  • Syracuse rallies around the undocumented

    Activists in Syracuse, New York, are mobilizing to concretely defend immigrants from the escalating threat of deportation.

  • Courthouses need to be an ICE-free zone

    Legal workers in New York City continued their protests against undocumented clients being targeted by ICE at the courthouses.

  • Seattle stands with Maru

    After spending years fighting for immigrant rights, Maru Mora-Villalpando is fighting to stop a new threat: her own deportation.

  • Trump declares war on California's sanctuaries

    Recent raids in Northern California signal an escalation of the administration's attack on state and local sanctuary policies--but they are spurring protest.

  • Congress is still holding immigrants hostage

    The courts have stopped Trump from ending DACA for now, but Congress and the White House are still playing politics with millions of lives.

  • Our dreams can't wait for Congress

    Hundreds of people rallied in the Bronx to tell Congress to pass a "clean" DREAM Act and stop the deportations.

  • A gang that was made in the USA

    The policies that Trump claims will stop MS-13 and other Central American gangs are the same ones that gave rise to them.

  • Trump's campaign of terror against immigrants

    The racist in the White House is demanding every anti-immigrant measure he can think of--while ICE is stepping up raids and arrests across the U.S.

  • Solidarity got Ravi out of detention

    New York City activist Ravi Ragbir was released from ICE detention, giving him the chance to continue his struggle for justice.

  • Wisconsin fights for a DREAM

    At rallies in January, hundreds of activists turned out to the Wisconsin Capitol to defend immigrant rights and the DREAM Act.

  • A legal workers' union stands with immigrants

    A resolution passed in a union for legal services workers is an example of what labor can do to support the undocumented.

  • Wearing the immigrant uniform

    The detention system is dehumanizing--for the people who languish in its prisons and for the families who wait for them.

  • Oscar has the right to stay

    People are rallying to defend Oscar Canales, an immigrant who has taken sanctuary at a Greensboro church to avoid deportation.

  • Why did ICE want to silence Jean Montrevil?

    The deportation of a New York City activist is not only a cruel blow to his family and friends, but an outrageous travesty of justice.

  • The Democrats caved. Now we have to act.

    The Democrats proved they can't be trusted to stand up for immigrant justice--which shows we have to take this fight outside the political system.

  • The fight goes on for a deported activist

    Supporters and family of a deported activist rallied to protest the repression she faces at the hands of authorities at multiple levels.

  • The deportation machine that thrives on terror

    The Trump administration's anti-immigrant apparatus reaches beyond ICE agents alone in its mission to force immigrants back into the shadows.

  • The activist who ICE wants "disappeared"

    Maru Mora-Villalpando faces deportation after decades in the U.S.--because of her outspoken activism for immigrant rights.

  • Justice for immigrants can't be temporary

    As we fight for Temporary Protected Status for Salvadoran and Haitian immigrants, we also need to challenge the program's limits.

  • We stand with Ravi Ragbir

    Supporters sprung into action in support of a leading New York immigrant rights activist after he was detained at an ICE check-in.