Topic: Racism

  • Time to hold the police accountable

    A racial justice group in Madison, Wisconsin, sent a message to the police chief--and then another to make its point clear.

  • Living up to King's legacy

    Anti-racist activists report from two cities as Martin Luther King Day protests mark the reappearance of Black Lives Matter.

  • Why is the media ignoring this bombing?

    An attempted bomb attack on the NAACP office in Colorado Springs has received almost no media attention.

  • The contradictions of Al Sharpton

    Hated by right-wingers for his anti-racist organizing, Rev. Al Sharpton now faces sharp criticism from a new generation of Black activists.

  • Educators must stand against racism

    Black students need to know that educators value them, no matter what the legal system and police actions tell them.

  • Police violence hurts Black families

    Police violence and incarceration throw up extra obstacles to Black families struggling to raise their children.

  • The fight against racism returns to the streets

    The grand jury decisions in the cases of Mike Brown and Eric Garner have galvanized a national response--and an ongoing resistance is taking shape.

  • Hungry for justice at Berkeley

    Black students blockaded one of the main dining facilities at UC Berkeley in an action in solidarity with the Ferguson protests.

  • Walking out for Mike Brown

    My students told me they knew Darren Wilson wouldn't be put on trial because our society doesn't respect Black youth.

  • When racism wears a badge

    There can be no question that African American life is both cheap and expendable in the eyes of law enforcement.

  • Justice denied yet again

    A St. Louis grand jury let Mike Brown's killer go free, but people are taking to the streets to send a message: We won't stop demanding justice.

  • The poll tax is back in Texas

    The Supreme Court gave a green light to a Texas law that could prevent hundreds of thousands of Blacks and Latinos from voting.

  • An insult for Halloween

    Each fall, we see thousands if not millions of new "Indian" faces--in the racist costumes being sold for Halloween.

  • Another Colgate is possible

    More than 500 Colgate University students came to together to be part of a 100-hour sit-in to oppose racism and discrimination.

  • The poverty of culture

    The narrative of a "culture of poverty" is racist code used to dismiss the effects of structural inequality on African Americans.

  • Who ignores the real crimes?

    Those who complain that African Americans won't confront "Black-on-Black" violence don't care about its victims or actual causes.

  • What divides Black America?

    The revolt in Ferguson has been politically polarizing among African Americans--with the fault lines reflecting class differences.

  • The roots of racism and rebellion in Ferguson

    The racism and inequality woven into Ferguson's history created the conditions for both Mike Brown's murder and the powerful protests against it.

  • Solidarity from Palestine to Ferguson

    Palestinians express their solidarity with the people of Ferguson, in their struggle against a police occupation.

  • The ongoing betrayal of Native nations

    Barack Obama's visit to a Native American reservation was long awaited, but his presidency has upheld the status quo.

  • Fighting again for busing in Boston

    Boston officials want to eliminate busing for middle school students--but parents, students and union drivers are saying no.

  • Only part of the problem

    The condemnation of Donald Sterling's bigotry is welcome, but ignorant outbursts alone don't explain why racism persists.

  • Shutting down a racist party

    An activist at UC Davis explains how students came together to force the cancellation of a racist party on campus.

  • The strike threat heard 'round the NBA

    The threat of a player walk-off during a playoff game spurred the league to take immediate action against Donald Sterling.

  • A racist and his enablers

    NBA officials may condemn Donald Sterling's racist rant, but they need to account for their years of enabling this man.