Topic: Racism

  • Fighting again for busing in Boston

    Boston officials want to eliminate busing for middle school students--but parents, students and union drivers are saying no.

  • Only part of the problem

    The condemnation of Donald Sterling's bigotry is welcome, but ignorant outbursts alone don't explain why racism persists.

  • Shutting down a racist party

    An activist at UC Davis explains how students came together to force the cancellation of a racist party on campus.

  • The strike threat heard 'round the NBA

    The threat of a player walk-off during a playoff game spurred the league to take immediate action against Donald Sterling.

  • A racist and his enablers

    NBA officials may condemn Donald Sterling's racist rant, but they need to account for their years of enabling this man.

  • The NBA's Sterling shame

    The racist filth spewed by Donald Sterling has shaken the basketball world--but the shock waves will spread far beyond.

  • Suprema supresión de derechos

    La mayoría conservadora de la Corte Suprema ha retrocedido el paso del tiempo hasta antes de la lucha por los derechos civiles.

  • The Supreme Court leaves civil rights behind

    The court's conservative majority has taken us backward into the past--back before the civil rights movement's struggle for racial equality.

  • A racist PhD for hire

    The guru to right-wingers like Paul Ryan is Charles Murray--a bigot who made a career out of giving a social science gloss to reactionary policies.

  • Why was this Nazi able to kill?

    The man who murdered three people outside Kansas City had an extensive record of involvement with violent Nazi groups.

  • Pushed away from the Bay

    The Black population is declining in Bay Area cities, under pressure from unemployment and rising housing costs.

  • What would make a real difference for youth?

    Barack Obama's initiative to help youth of color is a welcome recognition of reality--but the solutions it proposes are really part of the problems.

  • Moving forward together in North Carolina

    The Moral Movement returned to the streets last weekend, with some 100,000 North Carolinians challenging the right-wing assault on their rights.

  • What privilege theory doesn't explain

    Privilege theory sees relationships to a single hierarchy of oppression that must first be analyzed, separately from the social totality.

  • Contributing to a constructive debate

    An ISO member responds to a article that criticized the SW discussion on white skin privilege theory.

  • Racism, capitalism and contradictions

    Anti-racist consciousness depends on a number of factors, including struggle--and socialists can help shape that.

  • What privilege analysis doesn't provide

    The concept of a white skin privilege leaves us measuring the degree of oppression, but doesn't bring us closer to collective action.

  • The racist killing of Renisha McBride

    A 19-year-old African American woman is dead for the "crime" of asking for help after a car accident in a predominantly white suburb of Detroit.

  • A dialectical approach to privilege theory

    Another contribution to the debate on white skin privilege considers whether socialists can take another approach.

  • The contribution of the concept of privilege

    What are people referring to when they use the term "white-skin privilege"? Socialist Worker readers continue an ongoing debate.

  • Roots of the white skin privilege analysis

    Readers of continue a debate on privilege theory, including the writings of Theodore Allen.

  • Making sense of society in order to change it

    The struggle for a new society has to be fought on the basis of shared interests, solidarity and an active fight against racism

  • The most racist city in the U.S.?

    Madison has a reputation as one of the most liberal cities in the country. It is also quite possibly the most racially unequal.

  • Open season on Black fathers

    The death of NFL star Adrian Peterson's 2-year-old son was the excuse for abuse directed at so-called "deadbeat dads."

  • Stopping the causes of violence

    A Chicago community activist talks about how violence is depicted--while its roots are allowed to flourish unchallenged.