Topic: Racism

  • Reparations and the struggle to achieve unity

    At the heart of the debate about reparations is the left's understanding of the relationship between racism and class exploitation.

  • How we won at Brandeis

    An activist at the Massachusetts university describes a victorious 12-day occupation to demand more Black students and faculty.

  • For our brother MarShawn McCarrel

    He was a soldier for the liberation of all people, and spirit was effervescent with visionary beauty, creativity and love.

  • UW BlackOut wants racism addressed

    Anti-racist activists turned out for the Board of Regents meeting for the University of Wisconsin to get diversity on the agenda.

  • Celebrating King's legacy of solidarity

    An event honoring Dr. Martin Luther King's legacy drew 1,000 people and discussions of solidarity in in Rockland County.

  • Black homes matter, too

    Political and economic policies, many set in motion decades ago, are the backdrop to San Francisco's vanishing Black population.

  • How anger at campus racism boiled over

    Students on dozens of campuses took action in November, both in solidarity with Missouri students and to make demands of their own.

  • Students stand with Mizzou

    Students across the country organized protests to end racism at the University of Missouri--and on their own campuses.

  • The making of a rebellion in Missouri

    The struggle at the University of Missouri brought down a president and chancellor, but it has been building for months--and it won't stop there.

  • The anti-racist uprising at Mizzou's sportswriter explains the backdrop to the dramatic advance for anti-racism at the University of Missouri.

  • Our liberation is bound together

    While it is true that when Black people get free, everyone gets free, Black people in America cannot "get free" alone.

  • Challenging Columbus Day in Columbus

    A statue of Christopher Columbus in Columbus, Ohio, was the focus of the country's growing anti-racist struggle.

  • One racist statue down...

    The University of Texas finally removed the statue of Jefferson Davis, but there are plenty more tributes to white supremacy to go.

  • Labor must lead in the struggle for justice

    A veteran African American longshore union activist in Charleston is helping to organize a Labor Day march in response to racist violence.

  • Confronting the pro-police backlash

    The cops have killed 782 people so far this year--but to hear them and their supporters tell it, you'd think they were under fire.

  • Jeff Davis comes down at last

    The removal of a statue of the Confederate hero at the University of Texas is a victory, but there's more work to be done.

  • Making Sanders discuss racism

    Between Black Lives Matter and Bernie Sanders, there should be no question about which side we're on.

  • Year one of Black Lives Matter

    In the year since Mike Brown was murdered and the city of Ferguson erupted in protest, so much has changed--and not nearly enough has changed.

  • Tearing it down is a victory

    Forcing the removal of the Confederate flag is a step forward for anti-racist activists, both ideologically and materially.

  • The social construction of race

    Recognizing the fiction of race is necessary to understand the realities of racism and capitalism--and the possibility of liberation.

  • They need to free Bree

    Sign a petition to support the antiracist activists who took down the Confederate flag from the South Carolina Capitol grounds.

  • Ignoring the real roots of American violence

    The Charleston massacre has millions wondering what can be done--but the political and media establishment aren't offering real answers.

  • The American way of racism that made a killer

    Dylann Roof’s mass murder in Charleston exposes the racist rot at the heart of America—and those who profit from it, politically and financially.

  • Why isn't that racist flag already gone?

    Even some Republicans admit the Confederate flag is an insult to the victims of racist mass murder--but it's still flying in South Carolina.

  • Confronting racist violence for two centuries

    To know the story of Charleston's Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church is to be in awe of its historic resilience.