Topic: Racism

  • Charles Murray's ideas should be challenged

    It is a grave disservice to the Columbia University community to invite Charles Murray to speak in this uncontested format.

  • Get racist hate off Purdue's campus

    Purdue students want the school's president to condemn racist posters that appeared on campus--and they're occupying until he does.

  • The causes of an assault in Chicago

    The right wing is exploiting an attack on a mentally disabled man in Chicago to advance a campaign of racist hate and repression.

  • We want a hate-free city

    Hundreds of Queens residents responded to a recent spike in hate crimes by mobilizing to make their neighborhood a "hate-free zone."

  • What we did in Iowa to chase away the Klan

    The Midwest Network to Stop the Klan was an example of successful anti-racist organizing in the 1990s that holds lessons for today's left.

  • UT students aren't buying their "bake sale"

    Several hundred University of Texas students protested an anti-affirmative action "bake sale"--and sent the racists packing.

  • Bringing Black Lives Matter into the schools

    Thousands of Seattle teachers are wearing Black Lives Matter shirts today in a historic workplace demonstration against racism.

  • The trouble with anti-anti-racism

    Rather than a distraction from confronting class inequality, movements against racism are part of building opposition to capitalism.

  • A symbol that spread through the sports world

    Colin Kaepernick's act of protest by taking a knee during the national anthem set off an earthquake--and the reverberations are still being felt.

  • A terrible symbol of a not-so-distant past

    Some who came to a re-enactment of frontier times in a Chicago suburb will have felt their heart stutter when they saw a noose.

  • Do Black lives matter to Big Brown?

    United Parcel Service has a long record of discrimination against Black workers, leading to lawsuits, pickets and protests.

  • Violence, social crisis and the two Chicagos

    The violence in Chicago that cost more lives in August than any month in the past 20 years is portrayed as unexplainable--but it's anything but.

  • In defense of busing in Boston

    The contemporary consensus that busing Boston's students to desegregate the public schools was "misguided" is just wrong.

  • Racism, racists and racecraft

    To say that racial inequality is part and parcel of a system of economic inequality doesn't mean that racial inequality isn't real.

  • Yes, Philando was killed by racism

    Your recent article by Barbara and Karen Fields leaves far too much to interpretation and can lead in all the wrong directions.

  • Did the color of his skin kill Philando Castile?

    Barack Obama reversed cause and effect when he suggested that Philando Castile was killed because of "the color of his skin."

  • Do gorillas matter more than Black families?

    The media circus about assigning blame for the death of a gorilla in the Cincinnati Zoo is a stark illustration of 21st century racism.

  • Trump is unwelcomed in the Hudson Valley

    Several hundred people in Poughkeepsie, New York, joined the growing number of anti-racists protesting Donald Trump.

  • Reparations and the struggle to achieve unity

    At the heart of the debate about reparations is the left's understanding of the relationship between racism and class exploitation.

  • How we won at Brandeis

    An activist at the Massachusetts university describes a victorious 12-day occupation to demand more Black students and faculty.

  • For our brother MarShawn McCarrel

    He was a soldier for the liberation of all people, and spirit was effervescent with visionary beauty, creativity and love.

  • UW BlackOut wants racism addressed

    Anti-racist activists turned out for the Board of Regents meeting for the University of Wisconsin to get diversity on the agenda.

  • Celebrating King's legacy of solidarity

    An event honoring Dr. Martin Luther King's legacy drew 1,000 people and discussions of solidarity in in Rockland County.

  • Black homes matter, too

    Political and economic policies, many set in motion decades ago, are the backdrop to San Francisco's vanishing Black population.

  • How anger at campus racism boiled over

    Students on dozens of campuses took action in November, both in solidarity with Missouri students and to make demands of their own.