Topic: Puerto Rico

  • Puerto Rico is always political

    The controversy over honoring released political prisoner Oscar López Rivera speaks volumes about the island's colonial status.

  • The future of our university is at stake

    Students at the University of Puerto Rico are on strike against ruthless austerity and a debt crisis the island's residents didn't cause.

  • Puerto Rico's debt crisis: Made in the USA

    Crushing debt and drastic budget cuts are causing a humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico--but the hedge fund managers only want more.

  • How will Puerto Rico win its freedom?

    A new book about Pedro Albizu Campos and the Puerto Rican independence movement is an engaging introduction to a vital history.

  • Puerto Rico: Deuda y crisis

    Neoliberalismo, deuda y austeridad son los ingredientes de la crisis económica en Puerto Rico, comunes a la situación en Grecia.

  • How a debt crisis is drowning Puerto Rico

    With an "unpayable" debt and a government inflicting harsh austerity, it's no wonder the U.S. colony is known as the "Greece of the Caribbean."

  • Oscar López Rivera must be free

    Thousands of people will march to demand the release of the longest-serving Puerto Rican political prisoner in U.S. history.

  • Colonialismo y justicia educacional

    La presidenta de la Federación de Maestros de Puerto Rico habla con Obrero Socialista acerca de la imposición de la educación neoliberal.

  • Debt stalks Puerto Rico

    Not even the lands of the Caribbean, on the margins of the world economy, are immune to the effects of the debt system.

  • A government for the Puerto Rican people?

    A Puerto Rican socialist explains the results of the November election, including a referendum in favor of statehood.

  • Puerto Rico's non-"Green Way"

    Tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans came out on May Day to express their angry opposition to the construction of a natural gas pipeline.

  • The battle for UPR heats up

    Students at the University of Puerto Rico, supported by faculty and campus workers, are standing up to a new attack by the administration.

  • UPR students resume strikes

    Six campuses of the University of Puerto Rico have held a series of strikes to oppose a tuition hike set to begin in January 2011.

  • Freed after 30 years as a political prisoner

    Carlos Alberto Torres, the longest-serving Puerto Rican political prisoner in U.S. history, finally became a free man.

  • Puerto Rico's student struggle after the strike

    A leading activist in this spring's student strike at the University of Puerto Rico talks about what's ahead in the fight against the government's attack.

  • What the UPR strike taught us

    Three leaders of the student strike at the University of Puerto Rico talk about how the struggle was organized--and why it won.

  • How students won their strike in Puerto Rico

    A nearly two-month-long student strike that shut down all 11 campuses of the University of Puerto Rico ended in a decisive victory for the students.

  • A different kind of strike

    The struggle that has shut down the University of Puerto Rico has become a popular symbol of opposition to a right-wing government.

  • Turning point in the UPR strike

    Students on strike at the University of Puerto Rico will get support from unions planning a one-day general strike on May 18.

  • Solidarity with the student strikers

    Students at the main campus of the University of Puerto Rico are asking for international support against a crackdown by the government.

  • Student strike reignites a fire

    The ongoing student strike at the University of Puerto Rico's Río Piedras campus has captured the attention and imagination of many Puerto Ricans.

  • Striking Puerto Rico students remain defiant

    University of Puerto Rico students are stepping up actions to defend their university from budget cuts and tuition hikes.

  • A common struggle for LGBT rights

    In Puerto Rico, there are no governmental policies that guarantee civil rights for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

  • Class struggle in Puerto Rico

    Three Puerto Rican activists discuss the dynamics of the mass mobilization against the layoffs of more than 25,000 public-sector workers.

  • Real victims of a refinery fire

    The Puerto Rican government is using a refinery fire to whip up fears of “terrorism,” but the people most affected are workers.