Topic: Puerto Rico

  • Puerto Rico's disaster was years in the making

    From hospitals to the power grid, every part of Puerto Rico's infrastructure impacted by Maria was gutted years earlier by capitalism.

  • Trump's malign neglect of Puerto Rico

    Puerto Ricans will suffer and die needlessly because of the abject failure of the world's most powerful government to provide disaster relief.

  • Turning the tables on a Trump fundraiser

    Activists in Greensboro, North Carolina, used a Trump fundraising visit to build a protest and relief efforts for Puerto Rico.

  • Abolish the debt that is drowning Puerto Rico

    Don't expect Donald Trump to say any more about canceling Puerto Rico's punishing debt--but the simple fact is that justice demands exactly that.

  • Borinquén, deuda y tormenta

    Puerto Rico comienza su recuperación después de dos huracanes, pero el desastre ha sido exacerbado por décadas de dominación colonial.

  • Coming together to overcome FEMA failures

    Giving the lie to Trump's racist rants, people in Puerto Rico are organizing themselves after being failed by the federal government.

  • Puerto Rico needs aid, not an occupation

    As most Puerto Ricans go without relief following Hurricane Maria, calls for the U.S. military to step up relief efforts could make matters worse.

  • Puerto Rico is facing an historic crisis

    Two Puerto Rican artists and activists based in the U.S. describe the harrowing conditions for friends and family back home.

  • Adding ignorant insult to Puerto Rico's injuries

    On top of powerful hurricanes and a society degraded by austerity, Puerto Ricans shouldn't have to endure the racist rants of the Twitterer-in-Chief.

  • The debt before the storm

    Puerto Rico is reeling after two devastating hurricanes, but the disaster has been exacerbated by decades of colonial domination by the U.S.

  • Puerto Rico is always political

    The controversy over honoring released political prisoner Oscar López Rivera speaks volumes about the island's colonial status.

  • The future of our university is at stake

    Students at the University of Puerto Rico are on strike against ruthless austerity and a debt crisis the island's residents didn't cause.

  • Puerto Rico's debt crisis: Made in the USA

    Crushing debt and drastic budget cuts are causing a humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico--but the hedge fund managers only want more.

  • How will Puerto Rico win its freedom?

    A new book about Pedro Albizu Campos and the Puerto Rican independence movement is an engaging introduction to a vital history.

  • Puerto Rico: Deuda y crisis

    Neoliberalismo, deuda y austeridad son los ingredientes de la crisis económica en Puerto Rico, comunes a la situación en Grecia.

  • How a debt crisis is drowning Puerto Rico

    With an "unpayable" debt and a government inflicting harsh austerity, it's no wonder the U.S. colony is known as the "Greece of the Caribbean."

  • Oscar López Rivera must be free

    Thousands of people will march to demand the release of the longest-serving Puerto Rican political prisoner in U.S. history.

  • Colonialismo y justicia educacional

    La presidenta de la Federación de Maestros de Puerto Rico habla con Obrero Socialista acerca de la imposición de la educación neoliberal.

  • Debt stalks Puerto Rico

    Not even the lands of the Caribbean, on the margins of the world economy, are immune to the effects of the debt system.

  • A government for the Puerto Rican people?

    A Puerto Rican socialist explains the results of the November election, including a referendum in favor of statehood.

  • Puerto Rico's non-"Green Way"

    Tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans came out on May Day to express their angry opposition to the construction of a natural gas pipeline.

  • The battle for UPR heats up

    Students at the University of Puerto Rico, supported by faculty and campus workers, are standing up to a new attack by the administration.

  • UPR students resume strikes

    Six campuses of the University of Puerto Rico have held a series of strikes to oppose a tuition hike set to begin in January 2011.

  • Freed after 30 years as a political prisoner

    Carlos Alberto Torres, the longest-serving Puerto Rican political prisoner in U.S. history, finally became a free man.

  • Puerto Rico's student struggle after the strike

    A leading activist in this spring's student strike at the University of Puerto Rico talks about what's ahead in the fight against the government's attack.