Topic: U.S. Politics

  • The scum rises to the top of a sinking campaign

    What are the consequences of the Trump campaign bringing the openly hateful right more into the political mainstream than it has been in years?

  • A cautionary tale from Vermont

    The Vermont Progressive Party must choose between standing for political independence and essentially fusing with the Democrats.

  • The unpopularity contest

    Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump might be the most disliked politicians ever to face off in a presidential election, but there is an alternative.

  • A timely takedown of a corporate candidate

    Doug Henwood's My Turn is a valuable tool to help radicals expose Hillary Clinton's militaristic, pro-corporate agenda.

  • Studying at the feet of the master

    Turns out that scholars had found a lot to despise about Donald Trump back when the reality TV star was mugging for the camera.

  • How Clinton and the Democrats killed welfare

    Twenty years ago, Bill Clinton destroyed the federal welfare system--and millions of working people have been paying the price ever since.

  • No bote su voto, hágalo contar

    En noviembre, usted puede ceder al miedo y votar por Hillary Clinton para detener a Donald Trump, o puede votar por el futuro que quiere.

  • She'll keep America not so great for workers

    Hillary Clinton's economic proposals look a lot like the policies of Bill Clinton's administration--and that's not good news for workers.

  • #BillionairesWithHer

    Not only is Hillary Clinton is piling up endorsements from Wall Street parasites and hawks who engineered the Iraq war--she's proud of it.

  • A new road ahead for the Green Party

    The Green Party convention nominated Jill Stein as its presidential candidate, but there were other exciting moments in Houston.

  • The shameful foundation of the Clintons' power

    The Clinton Foundation fuses fundraising, influence-peddling, Washington networking, faux “humanitarianism” and a grasp for power and money.

  • Getting Jill Stein on the ballot in Vermont

    The Stein campaign can reach out to the many people tired of being shamed and herded into supporting the Democrats.

  • Can you vote for what you want in 2016?

    The pressure is on to vote for Hillary Clinton to stop Donald Trump--but you have a chance to vote for what you want, not what you fear.

  • Their smears to discredit Jill Stein

    The allegation that Jill Stein of the Green Party opposes vaccination and is drawn to the "anti-vaxxers" is a cynical slander.

  • Two parties and two brands of Islamophobia

    Trump's attack on the parents of a Muslim soldier killed in Iraq is despicable--but the Democrats have their own version of Islamophobia to sell.

  • Clinton is the one who should be ashamed

    If you're still thinking outside the two-party box despite the slanders of the liberal shame machine, here are a few facts to throw back at the scolders.

  • The un-Democratic National Committee

    The leaked e-mails of Democratic National Committee officials reveal the party's real priorities, but their crimes go much deeper.

  • What happens to a Bern deferred?

    What happens to the Sanders supporters' dreams of an alternative now that they have been deferred, most plainly by Bernie Sanders himself?

  • The party platform they won't stand on

    We looked at some of the more progressive planks from the 2008 platform passed by the Democrats to see how they fared under Barack Obama.

  • Hillary Clinton's running (to the right) mate

    The Clinton campaign dangled Elizabeth Warren's name before picking a tame champion of "bipartisanship" to be the vice presidential nominee.

  • How the Democrats got over the Rainbow

    Those who hope Bernie Sanders can still transform the Democrats should consider the fate of Jesse Jackson's 1980s presidential campaigns.

  • Why you should converge on Philadelphia

    Hillary Clinton and the Democrats won't be the only show in town--here's why you should come to the Socialist Convergence.

  • Challenging the right outside the RNC

    As many as 1,000 people took to the streets outside of the Republican Convention to declare the need for an alternative.

  • Is their party over?

    Trump's carnival of reaction may embarrass its leaders, but the Republican Party will keep its power to do damage to workers and the poor.

  • A vote for the greater good, not the lesser evil

    Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is giving people a chance to vote for what they believe in rather than what they fear.