Topic: U.S. Politics

  • Will the Democrats put out the Bern?

    The radicalization that drove the Sanders campaign isn't over, but the Democrats want, with Sanders' help, to contain it within the status quo.

  • Taking on Trump in Greensboro

    Two days after his vile response to the Orlando massacre, Trump was confronted by hundreds of protesters in North Carolina.

  • What the Trump happened to the Republicans?

    Trump relishes his outsider image, but he won the GOP nomination because he holds positions with majority support among the party base.

  • Explaining the rise of Donald Trump

    Trump is legitimizing reactionary ideas, but he is a creature of the political system and won't be stopped by voting for the lesser evil.

  • Moving on to her "I'm not Trump" campaign

    After locking up the Democratic presidential nomination, the Hillary Clinton campaign is going into overdrive to send its "lesser evil" message.

  • Trump versus conservatism?

    Today's Republican Party has disconnected from some of the principles of conservative thought that once guided it.

  • Bernie Sanders and the ISO in New York

    A Socialist Alternative contribution to the debate about the Sanders campaign and the left mischaracterized the ISO's approach.

  • Who stole Election 2000? (Hint: Not Nader)

    Clinton supporters say Bernie Sanders could spoil the 2016 election like Ralph Nader did 16 years before--but they've got their history all wrong.

  • No apologies for fighting hate

    A student who joined the protest against a right-wing speaker at DePaul talks about the demonstration and the backlash afterward.

  • The world's greatest democracy? Really?

    Trump isn't a new threat to a healthy body, but the latest tumor on a corrupt system that can only be called a "democracy" if we use ironic quotes.

  • Banging on the doors of bigotry

    Several hundred DePaul University students disrupted a speech by a right-wing bigot--and showed how the left can confront hate.

  • Debating the role of socialists in Election 2016

    The International Socialist Organization and Socialist Alternative exchange views on the Bernie Sanders campaign and the Democratic Party.

  • Is Sanders spoiling the party?

    Sanders has the gall to keep asking people to vote for him in the Democratic primaries--so the Clinton gang resorted to more underhanded methods.

  • What's next for Bernie's base?

    Supporters of Bernie Sanders must decide if they will follow their candidate as he falls in line behind the Democratic nominee.

  • Hillary thinks America's great. Why don't you?

    Hillary Clinton's campaign is built around satisfaction with the political and economic status quo--but there's not very much to be satisfied about.

  • Why is Andrew Cuomo shifting left?

    Is the man critics call "Governor 1 Percent" discovering his inner social justice warrior? Or is he responding to grassroots pressure?

  • Safe states, inside/outside and other illusions

    Some Sanders supporters are recycling failed strategies in an attempt to carry on a "political revolution" inside the Democrats.

  • Protesting the pro-fracker in Ohio

    A small protest against Hillary Clinton's campaign stop in Athens, Ohio, showed the importance of building a left alternative.

  • Thinking and voting outside the two-party box

    The likely Green Party presidential nominee explains why she's urging Bernie Sanders supporters to take a stand for political independence.

  • Republicans break the bottom of the barrel

    The GOP establishment is stuck with a presidential candidate they hate both because he isn't one of them--and because he actually is.

  • A tale of two Bill de Blasios

    Three years ago, New York City's mayor was a beacon for liberal hopes. Today, he's been exposed as an all-too-typical politician.

  • How do we explain the 2016 election?

    To understand the elections today, we must look beyond this moment to the deeper roots of what is happening in U.S. politics.

  • Jill Stein, the Greens and the two-party system

    Several Readers' Views made criticisms of the Greens that don't recognize their record of standing for political independence.

  • Sanders' role in the Democratic Party

    Bernie Sanders is giving voice to discontent, but he is also corralling that discontent toward "revitalizing" the Democratic Party.

  • Building the left beyond the Democrats

    Sanders' campaign might contribute to a base that can create a base that can become free of the Democratic Party--but only if we fight for independence.