Topic: U.S. Politics

  • The problem with Bernie Sanders

    Bernie Sanders has kicked off a campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, but he is not the "bold alternative" his supporters claim.

  • Sanders' dodge on Black Lives Matter

    Independent senator and Democratic Party presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders had little to offer those protesting police violence.

  • A champion for the other side

    Hillary Clinton's handlers are retouching her out-of touch image as her presidential campaign starts--but does anyone buy it?

  • Did the mayor's race change Chicago politics?

    Supporters of Chuy García claim his campaign for mayor against Rahm Emanuel reshaped Chicago politics--despite García's pro-austerity stance.

  • Electing Mayor Austerity

    The bitterly contested election for control of Chicago's City Hall has highlighted the role of the Democrats as the party of budget cuts and layoffs.

  • Asking questions about Chuy

    The fact that Rahm Emanuel is a menace to working people in Chicago doesn't make his challenger's campaign more progressive.

  • What we learned from de Blasio's first year

    A New York City socialist has a message for Chicago, where a mayoral runoff election pits a hated incumbent against a very different challenger.

  • Clinton isn't hiding her real crimes

    The Republicans claim that Hillary Clinton has a lot to hide in her e-mails, but her real crimes against humanity are there for all to see.

  • The relevance of political independence

    A vote for Chicago mayoral candidate Chuy García isn't a step toward independence, since his politics stand in the way of this.

  • Why are they targeting Sawant?

    The Urban League is going after the only leftist and the only woman of color on the Seattle City Council.

  • Missing the point of what we wrote

    Our article on the Chicago mayoral election has been the subject of criticisms we don't think are fair to the arguments we made.

  • Putting its energy into the wrong fight

    The Chicago Teachers Union is putting resources into the mayoral runoff election instead of preparing for other battles.

  • Be critical, but be for Chuy

    To not endorse Chuy García, despite your valid criticisms, when he is poised to defeat Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is absurd.

  • Clearly no alternative to austerity

    All the evidence points to Chuy García being a nicer, less abrasive face to the same austerity policies pursued for a decade.

  • Walker's war of terror against workers

    The governor of Wisconsin thinks union members are "terrorists," but what's more terrorist than stealing the future from working people?

  • A perfect storm of austerity in Boston

    The combination of Boston's crumbling transit system and a harsh winter has had devastating consequences for the poor.

  • Chicago workers deserve representation, too

    An independent candidate for Chicago alderman responded to the news on Election Night that he had forced a runoff.

  • An alternative to Mayor 1 Percent?

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's weak showing in the first round of the election has opened the way to challenger Chuy García.

  • Brian was just doing his job

    Should NBC anchor Brian Williams be singled out for lying about the news--or does this conspiracy go higher up?

  • Let freedom fester

    Republicans who warn about "epidemics crossing borders" now oppose vaccinations, allowing American diseases to roam free.

  • Desigualdad desatada

    Cuando hasta los republicanos citan la desigualdad como un problema, significa que ya no puede ser ocultada.

  • Meet the Cla$$ of 2014

    Despite their talk about being "outsiders," the new GOP senators are rich, well-connected--and ready to do some dirty work for Corporate America.

  • Parodia progresista presidencial

    Ahora el presidente propone las medidas progresistas, en el punto de su presidencia cuando son menos posible hacerlas realidad.

  • The fall of the house of Silver

    Why are New York liberals scrambling to defend Sheldon Silver, the corrupt Assembly Speaker indicted for taking bribes?

  • Obama's Charade of the Union

    Barack Obama is proposing progressive measures at the point in his presidency when they are least likely to be realized.