Topic: U.S. Politics

  • Hillary Clinton's running (to the right) mate

    The Clinton campaign dangled Elizabeth Warren's name before picking a tame champion of "bipartisanship" to be the vice presidential nominee.

  • How the Democrats got over the Rainbow

    Those who hope Bernie Sanders can still transform the Democrats should consider the fate of Jesse Jackson's 1980s presidential campaigns.

  • Why you should converge on Philadelphia

    Hillary Clinton and the Democrats won't be the only show in town--here's why you should come to the Socialist Convergence.

  • Challenging the right outside the RNC

    As many as 1,000 people took to the streets outside of the Republican Convention to declare the need for an alternative.

  • Is their party over?

    Trump's carnival of reaction may embarrass its leaders, but the Republican Party will keep its power to do damage to workers and the poor.

  • A vote for the greater good, not the lesser evil

    Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is giving people a chance to vote for what they believe in rather than what they fear.

  • The bully picks a bigot

    Indiana Gov. Mike Pence may be even more offensive to opponents of the Republican Right than the man who chose him to be his running mate.

  • The Democrats pull their act together

    At a time when mainstream political parties around the world are racked by divisions, the Democrats are uniting behind a status-quo presidential candidate.

  • What does voting for the lesser evil get you?

    Conditions in the U.S. today are clearly different than in Germany in the 1930s, but the lessons from the rise of Hitler still apply.

  • Conteniendo el fuego

    La radicalización que alimentó la campaña de Bernie Sanders sigue viva, y los demócratas quieren su ayuda para contenerla.

  • I won't be shamed into voting for Clinton

    Liberal scolders in favor of Hillary Clinton twist the widespread disgust with Clinton's conservatism and present it as privileged self-indulgence.

  • Making history or maintaining the status quo?

    Hillary Clinton's nomination will be hailed as a historic breakthrough for women, but what kind of history would a Clinton presidency make?

  • El Trumpezón de la derecha

    Trump obtuvo la candidatura presidencial del Partido Republicano porque sus posiciones son compartidas por la mayoría de la base del GOP.

  • The Democrats' cynical sit-in

    It's the season of political antics, and the Democrats showed they wouldn't be outdone with a sit-in that offered a false solution.

  • Will the Democrats put out the Bern?

    The radicalization that drove the Sanders campaign isn't over, but the Democrats want, with Sanders' help, to contain it within the status quo.

  • Taking on Trump in Greensboro

    Two days after his vile response to the Orlando massacre, Trump was confronted by hundreds of protesters in North Carolina.

  • What the Trump happened to the Republicans?

    Trump relishes his outsider image, but he won the GOP nomination because he holds positions with majority support among the party base.

  • Explaining the rise of Donald Trump

    Trump is legitimizing reactionary ideas, but he is a creature of the political system and won't be stopped by voting for the lesser evil.

  • Moving on to her "I'm not Trump" campaign

    After locking up the Democratic presidential nomination, the Hillary Clinton campaign is going into overdrive to send its "lesser evil" message.

  • Trump versus conservatism?

    Today's Republican Party has disconnected from some of the principles of conservative thought that once guided it.

  • Bernie Sanders and the ISO in New York

    A Socialist Alternative contribution to the debate about the Sanders campaign and the left mischaracterized the ISO's approach.

  • Who stole Election 2000? (Hint: Not Nader)

    Clinton supporters say Bernie Sanders could spoil the 2016 election like Ralph Nader did 16 years before--but they've got their history all wrong.

  • No apologies for fighting hate

    A student who joined the protest against a right-wing speaker at DePaul talks about the demonstration and the backlash afterward.

  • The world's greatest democracy? Really?

    Trump isn't a new threat to a healthy body, but the latest tumor on a corrupt system that can only be called a "democracy" if we use ironic quotes.

  • Banging on the doors of bigotry

    Several hundred DePaul University students disrupted a speech by a right-wing bigot--and showed how the left can confront hate.