Topic: U.S. Politics

  • What’s wrong with counting the votes again?

    The Green Party's Jill Stein has attracted a lot of attention--and criticism--for pushing for a basic element of democracy integrity.

  • Sounding the retreat before Trump takes office

    One Democrat after another, starting with Barack Obama, has called on Americans to support Donald Trump because we're "on the same team."

  • Now's the time for socialist organization

    People radicalizing now not only have to stand up and be counted against Trump, but figure out what alternative they are going to organize for.

  • The Trump emergency

    Donald Trump's victory is a blow on so many fronts, but a new generation of activists has been coming into its own for years.

  • We stand with Kshama Sawant

    The socialist on the Seattle City Council is under attack for calling for inauguration protests--and for being a woman of color.

  • Aiding and abetting the rise of Trumpism

    The mainstream media are questioning their role in Donald Trump's election--but ignoring some of the most obvious answers.

  • Why Wisconsin went for Trump

    Donald Trump's upset victories in "Rustbelt" states like Wisconsin were a shock, but looking back, the writing has been on the wall for a while.

  • Who will be North Carolina's governor?

    North Carolina may yet toss out the governor who pushed the state's notorious "bathroom bill"--but he's fighting the election result.

  • Trump creep show gets ready for the big stage

    Trump's rumored choices for positions in his administration are a vile collection of white supremacists, neocon hawks and corporate job killers.

  • Cómo pudo el monstruo ganar

    Lo impensable ha ocurrido, y necesitamos claridad para entender cómo: empezando por el fracaso de los demócratas para plantear una alternativa.

  • On the attack at an OSU anti-Trump protest

    At this time of such violence and fear, the only real recourse we have is in the coalition of people we can bring together.

  • I'm thinking about Inayyah

    I know that if she were here to see young protesters taking the streets against Donald Trump, Inayyah would be part of it all.

  • La elección y los combates que se anuncian

    La orientación de la política en los EE.UU. depende del desarrollo y construcción en los movimientos sociales, sindicatos y organizaciones populares.

  • How the loser won the White House...again

    In a system where the candidate who got less votes still becomes president, Donald Trump's reign has to be seen as illegitimate from the start.

  • Did the left help elect Trump?

    The "left is to blame" myth isn't being heard as widely as in 2000, but it's still out there among liberals--and it's just as wrong.

  • Assaulted as he spoke out against Trump

    A socialist student activist at Ohio State University was assaulted as he spoke to a crowd during an anti-Trump demonstration.

  • The wave of bigotry isn't going unchallenged

    Threats and violence toward the victims of Trump's scapegoating are on the rise--but the hate is also being met head on by solidarity and support.

  • Who voted and who couldn't

    Among all the factors to blame for Clinton's defeat, including voter suppression efforts, many Democrats blame voters themselves.

  • Eight years of bailouts for the rich

    Tuesday's election was decided in March 2009, when Barack Obama met with Wall Street's banksters...and let them off the hook.

  • Who's to blame for Trump's victory?

    The author of The Democrats: A Critical History dissects some of the myths and distortions that are already settling in as conventional wisdom.

  • Who shot the protester in Portland?

    An anti-Trump demonstrator was shot by a still unidentified gunman as police attacks on the nightly protests grew more intense.

  • We reject the president-elect

    Every day since the election, the streets of cities across the U.S. pulsed with anger and solidarity in opposition to Donald Trump.

  • The election of Trump and the struggle ahead

    The direction of politics after this election will depend on building a fighting left based on social movements, unions and popular organizations.

  • The resistance starts now

    SW writers and readers expressed their fear and disgust with Donald Trump--but also the determination to organize an opposition to stop him.

  • Protesting Trump from day one

    As Democratic leaders urged supporters to "give Trump a chance," thousands of people took to the streets in outrage.