Topic: U.S. Politics

  • His horror show hides Clinton's rotten agenda

    Donald Trump proved once again in the final presidential debate that he's the secret weapon...of the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

  • What will President Clinton do without Trump?

    Clinton looks likely to win after a campaign based on being the not-Trump candidate, but that dynamic won't change when she takes office.

  • Would Gramsci be #WithHer?

    A Socialist Worker contributor responds to a critique of the Green Party's Jill Stein for not engaging with the Democratic Party as "winnable terrain."

  • The presidential race to the bottom

    Donald Trump's candidacy is swirling lower and lower in the toilet bowl--but Hillary Clinton still can't give people a reason to vote for her.

  • The trade charade

    Bashing foreign workers comes naturally to demagogues like Trump, but liberals aren't immune from the temptations of nationalism.

  • Can Trump pull off his biggest con of all?

    It seems impossible that the most unpopular major-party presidential candidate in history still has a shot at the White House. How does Trump do it?

  • ¿Puede Clinton detener el trumpismo?

    Es el nuevo uno-dos del mal menor: Uno, Trump podría ganar. Dos, mejor votar por Clinton, o estaremos todos condenados. ¿En serio?

  • It was like shooting Trump in a barrel

    Trump proved in the first debate that he's an egomaniac and serial liar, but Hillary Clinton can't seem to give people a reason to vote for her.

  • Our long shared nightmare

    Any politician who refuses to recognize the problems with the status quo we endure is incapable of working to end them.

  • Can Clinton stop Trumpism?

    It's the latest one-two punch of lesser evilism: One, Trump could win. So two, you better vote for Clinton, or we're all doomed. But is it true?

  • Chicago turns out for Stein

    Some 450 people gathered in Chicago to hear Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein speak about her people's campaign.

  • Who's wasting their vote?

    If you vote for the candidate and the party that you'd like to see win the election, there's no such thing as a "wasted vote."

  • Is it really "Our Revolution"?

    Bernie Sanders' new organization is making unfounded promises and refusing to confront criticism about the Democratic Party.

  • Gary Johnson and the libertarian swindle

    A vote for the Libertarian Party presidential candidate isn't a protest against the system, but an endorsement of one of its more fanatical defenders.

  • Don't blame it on the Russians

    Are Moscow cyber-spies plotting to subvert American democracy--or have they done a service by revealing how undemocratic it is?

  • Un concurso en impopularidad

    Clinton y Trump sean los políticos más odiados que jamás se enfrentaron en una elección presidencial, pero Ud. aún tiene una alternativa.

  • Taking down the revolution?

    Bernie Sanders' new organization proposes a "down-ballot" strategy to transform the Democrats--but it's no way up for the left.

  • Beyond Bernie: What's next for the left?

    SW asked a half-dozen leading left writers and activists for their views on the Sanders campaign and its aftermath--and the tasks that face the left today.

  • The scum rises to the top of a sinking campaign

    What are the consequences of the Trump campaign bringing the openly hateful right more into the political mainstream than it has been in years?

  • A cautionary tale from Vermont

    The Vermont Progressive Party must choose between standing for political independence and essentially fusing with the Democrats.

  • The unpopularity contest

    Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump might be the most disliked politicians ever to face off in a presidential election, but there is an alternative.

  • A timely takedown of a corporate candidate

    Doug Henwood's My Turn is a valuable tool to help radicals expose Hillary Clinton's militaristic, pro-corporate agenda.

  • Studying at the feet of the master

    Turns out that scholars had found a lot to despise about Donald Trump back when the reality TV star was mugging for the camera.

  • How Clinton and the Democrats killed welfare

    Twenty years ago, Bill Clinton destroyed the federal welfare system--and millions of working people have been paying the price ever since.

  • No bote su voto, hágalo contar

    En noviembre, usted puede ceder al miedo y votar por Hillary Clinton para detener a Donald Trump, o puede votar por el futuro que quiere.