Topic: U.S. Politics

  • This is the smart Bush?

    Jeb Bush's ignorant, incoherent comments about the Washington football team's name proved a cherished hope of the right wrong.

  • The Nader challenge and what it means today

    Ralph Nader's defiant campaigns for president proved that it was possible to convince millions to vote for a left-wing, third-party candidate.

  • Passed by traffic on the right

    The internal GOP battle that led to John Boehner resigning sums up the dynamic of an ever-more conservative political system.

  • The open sore of America's political sickness

    Only in the warped world of U.S. politics could a real-estate billionaire pretend to represent working people against the Washington status quo.

  • Andrew Cuomo sees the light

    What's behind the spectacular conversion of New York's governor into a supporter of a $15-an-hour minimum wage?

  • Who made Donald Trump go red in the face?

    The artist whose portrait of Donald Trump went viral explains why she thinks the painting struck an international nerve.

  • Is Sanders making a "political revolution"?

    Bernie Sanders' campaign has already shaken up the 2016 election--but it raises questions for the left, particularly about the Democratic Party.

  • The big money behind the American throne

    The media obsessions with campaign strategy and gaffes and voting blocs ignore the main predictor of who wins elections: money, and lots of it.

  • Sawant passes the first re-election hurdle

    Socialist Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant won the primary vote handily in her re-election campaign.

  • A fiendish stupidity

    After the Republican debate horror show in Cleveland, Donald Trump was the center of attention, but the real winner was right-wing fanaticism.

  • Black Lives Matter and the strategy question

    The debate about the protest of Bernie Sanders' speech goes to the question of strategy for the movement, not its tactics.

  • We want to win the debate

    Our movements should be guided by strategies and tactics that help activists to challenge and change people's ideas.

  • It's not time for a U.S. SYRIZA

    Revolutionary socialists should look for opportunities to project our politics, including elections, but there's no skipping steps.

  • Did Black lives ever matter to the Democrats?

    Even if the candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination say the right thing, the party's history on issues of race speaks louder than words.

  • Governor Union-buster goes for Washington

    Two Wisconsinites explain what the rest of us need to know about Gov. Scott Walker and his campaign to become the Republican presidential nominee.

  • Too big to prosecute, but not too big to defend

    Attorney General Eric Holder is going back to his old job--representing many of the Wall Street firms that wrecked the economy.

  • Is he too disgusting even for Republicans?

    Donald Trump isn't the first politician to whip up a xenophobic hysteria for political gain--and he sure won't be the last.

  • An inevitable graveyard of social movements?

    SW is right about Bernie Sanders, but could a Democratic campaign ever incubate the forces that could break with the party?

  • The now-you-hear-it, now-you-don't populist

    When Hillary Clinton tells low-wage workers that she wants to be their "champions" in the Fight for 15, no one should believe it for a second.

  • A Vermont socialist's guide to Bernie Sanders

    A Vermont socialist looks behind the image to examine the real record of self-identified "independent" Bernie Sanders.

  • Supporting Sanders sends the wrong message

    Bernie Sanders is generating excitement with a populist message, but his Democratic Party campaign won't help the left.

  • Cuomo's circle of corruption

    A spreading scandal in Albany shows that Republicans and Democrats alike are for sale to New York City's real estate barons.

  • What I learned about Bernie Sanders

    A former intern describes the conclusions she reached while working for Sanders by day--and organizing activism by night.

  • A socialist FAQ on Bernie Sanders and the left

    Two contributors look at what's at stake in the left's discussion of Bernie Sanders' Democratic Party presidential campaign.

  • Bernie Sanders is no Eugene Debs

    A Green Party leader contributes to the left debate about Bernie Sanders' campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.