Topic: U.S. Politics

  • Causing trouble for Cuomo

    An unexpectedly strong Democratic primary challenge showed the brewing discontent with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

  • How can the Republicans be winning?

    The political momentum is with Republicans going into the 2014 midterm elections--and Democrats have no one to blame for it but themselves.

  • The crimes of Rick Perry

    The prospect of the Texas Republican governor facing criminal charges is enough to being a smile to any progressive's face.

  • Israeli apartheid's Democratic champions

    The Democratic Party has proven its unwavering commitment to Israel over many years--and that includes the supposed "progressives" among its ranks.

  • The de Blasio balance sheet

    New York Mayor Bill de Blasio came into office on a wave of progressive hope. After six months, what has he accomplished?

  • Keeping the goal in mind today

    Left electoral campaigns can move us toward the aim of a new working-class political party in a number of different ways.

  • Breaking out of the two-party (ballot) box

    A space is opening up in mainstream politics to the left of the Democratic Party for the first time since 2000. So what is to be done about it?

  • A voice for workers in Chicago elections

    A well-known labor and immigrant rights activist in Chicago explains why he is running as a socialist for City Council.

  • Hard times for the Clintons?

    Hillary Rodham Clinton's claim that her family was "dead broke" in 2000 shows how distant she is from ordinary people's lives.

  • PSU activists won't be intimidated

    A right-wing blogger disrupted an activist meeting at Portland State University, but we won't let him shut us down.

  • ¿Otro concejal socialista?

    De inmigrante indocumentado a candidato socialista, Jorge Mújica habla de su intento de llegar al Concejo Municipal de Chicago.

  • Electoral politics, radical demands

    Whether we run on a Green party ticket or as an independent doesn't matter nearly as much as the demands we put forward.

  • Selling their soul to Cuomo

    The Working Families Party in New York has proved that all its talk of pushing the Democrats to the left is just that--talk.

  • What campaigns do we need now?

    Left electoral campaigns should be judged not by their label, but how they contribute to building a stronger, more unified left.

  • Socialists should run as socialists

    When socialists run for office, they should welcome Green endorsements, but there is no reason for socialists to run as Greens.

  • Independiente del 1 Por Ciento

    ¿Qué opinamos de la nueva apertura política electoral para la izquierda, y cómo encaja en nuestro proyecto de construir el poder de la clase obrera?

  • Declaring independence from the 1 Percent

    What do we make of the new openings for left-wing electoral politics--and how do they fit into our larger project of building working-class power?

  • A criminal for commencement?

    An associate professor at Rutgers University talks about the campaign that pressured Condoleezza Rice to back out of speaking.

  • Running for 15 in Portland

    A candidate for Portland City Council is putting a $15 minimum wage and other class issues at the center of his campaign.

  • A real alternative for mayor in Oakland

    Dan Siegel's left-wing campaign for Oakland mayor represents a challenge to the disasters of the status quo.

  • Offering New Yorkers a choice

    SW contributor Brian Jones explains why he'll run in this year's election alongside the Green Party's Howie Hawkins.

  • New York's Governor 1 Percent

    Andrew Cuomo is running to keep his current job, but he also wants a promotion--and a new mansion with white walls.

  • Taking Marx away

    A publishing company wants the works of Marx and Engels pulled from the Marxists Internet Archive--and on May Day to boot.

  • The smearing of Max Blumenthal

    An ugly campaign linking the anti-Zionist writer to racist Frazier Glenn Miller is really about silencing critics of Israel.

  • Why are they waging a war on science?

    From challenging evolution to denying climate change, the right's anti-science dogmas are promoted with the aim of bolstering conservative causes.