Topic: U.S. Politics

  • Trump and the alt-right

    Donald Trump likes to think he not only won an election, but has "built a movement." And he has--just not the way he thinks.

  • What shut down Milo Yiannopoulos?

    Accurately describing protests and the effect of different tactics is needed to formulate a strategy for the new political period.

  • Trump chooses a supreme reactionary

    Neil Gorsuch would continue the awful legacy of former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and his crackpot doctrine of "originalism."

  • Making sense of what happened at Berkeley

    A participant in the protest against a far-right leader at UC Berkeley comments on some of the debates that have taken place since.

  • El pueblo contra el presidente

    Sabemos que Trump va a ser tan horrible como suponíamos, pero también sabemos que será tan ampliamente resistido como nadie concibió.

  • More voices of the resistance

    SW continues its discussion on building the resistance to Trump into a bigger and better organized force in every corner of society.

  • The torture presidency?

    The news that Trump wants to reinstate CIA black sites begs the question: Why is the administration so keen on restarting torture?

  • Voices of the new resistance asked a wide range of authors and activists for their thoughts about the spreading resistance to Trump and its next steps.

  • Thousands confront the right at UC Berkeley

    Far-right agitator Milo Yiannopoulos was set to speak at UC Berkeley, but thanks to 2,000 protesters, he didn't get the chance.

  • What does it mean to make "America First"?

    Any labor union or worker who signs up with Trump's "America First" program will find out that--rhetoric aside--Trump will put them last.

  • Keep the Trump out of Milwaukee

    A presidential visit to a Harley Davidson factory was cancelled when the company backed out over fears of large-scale protests.

  • A combatir el racismo ejecutivo

    Donald Trump ha comenzado a cumplir sus amenazas contra los inmigrantes con órdenes diseñadas para aterrorizar--a ellos y a la comunidad entera.

  • The people versus the president

    We know now that Trump is going to be as horrible as everyone feared. But we also know he's going to be as widely resisted as anybody hoped.

  • A lame-duck assault on our rights in Ohio

    Ohio legislators seized the initiative after Trump's victory to push through right-wing bills on abortion, guns and the Fight for 15.

  • The burger bosses' dreams come true

    Trump's choice for Labor Secretary is a fast-food boss, and no amount of dish soap and hot water can wash the dirt off of him.

  • Depende de nosotros resistir

    Las protestas contra la inauguración de la administración Trump no marcan la cúspide, sino sólo el inicio de la resistencia.

  • Against amnesia: The empire under Obama

    The U.S. empire under Barack Obama has been a catastrophe for the world--we can never forget nor excuse his two terms of American violence.

  • The right lashes out in Seattle

    The threat of the far right was thrown into sharp focus when an anti-racist was shot at a Seattle event featuring an "alt-right" leader.

  • The left can't be dismissive

    If we're revolutionaries, then we have to believe that the vast majority of people can be won to more radical ideas and action.

  • The millions who said "Not our president"

    The protesters marching on Inauguration Weekend outnumbered those gathered to celebrate Trump by at least 10 to 1.

  • Don't shame the first steps of a resistance

    The women's marches were the beginning, not the end, and it does no good to chastise participants for not being "woke" enough.

  • Didn't take long to see the real Donald Trump

    The first actions of the Trump administration proved that he couldn't care less about the "ordinary people" he claims to speak for.

  • Populism with a price tag

    Trump says he's giving power back to the people, but those "people" are the super-rich who footed the bill for his inauguration.

  • He made America protest again

    A torrent of humanity flooded through cities around the country to express their anger at Donald Trump--but also their joy at finding one another.

  • Setting out a left agenda in the Trump era

    A panel discussion on the night Trump took power focused on the threat he represents and the status quo that got us into this mess.