Topic: U.S. Politics

  • An inevitable graveyard of social movements?

    SW is right about Bernie Sanders, but could a Democratic campaign ever incubate the forces that could break with the party?

  • The now-you-hear-it, now-you-don't populist

    When Hillary Clinton tells low-wage workers that she wants to be their "champions" in the Fight for 15, no one should believe it for a second.

  • A Vermont socialist's guide to Bernie Sanders

    A Vermont socialist looks behind the image to examine the real record of self-identified "independent" Bernie Sanders.

  • Supporting Sanders sends the wrong message

    Bernie Sanders is generating excitement with a populist message, but his Democratic Party campaign won't help the left.

  • Cuomo's circle of corruption

    A spreading scandal in Albany shows that Republicans and Democrats alike are for sale to New York City's real estate barons.

  • What I learned about Bernie Sanders

    A former intern describes the conclusions she reached while working for Sanders by day--and organizing activism by night.

  • A socialist FAQ on Bernie Sanders and the left

    Two contributors look at what's at stake in the left's discussion of Bernie Sanders' Democratic Party presidential campaign.

  • Bernie Sanders is no Eugene Debs

    A Green Party leader contributes to the left debate about Bernie Sanders' campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.

  • Building something to vote for

    The "Future of Left and Independent Politics" conference provided a forum for discussing left-wing electoral challenges.

  • Can the Democratic Party be used for good?

    The question is whether the Sanders campaign can be used to make the left stronger--or whether the radicals will get used by the Democrats.

  • A neoliberal train wreck?

    The media are focusing blame for the deadly Amtrak derailment on the engineer, but politicians set the stage for this disaster long before.

  • What should the left say about Sanders?

    Members of the International Socialist Organization and Socialist Alternative exchange views on the Sanders campaign.

  • The Democrats don't make change

    We need elected officials who aren't going to side with police, but instead support the Black Lives Matter movement.

  • Sanders isn't a left alternative

    Supporting the Sanders campaign will be ineffective at best for the left--and disorienting and incapacitating at worst.

  • The de Blasio road show

    The New York mayor's announcement of a national program of liberal policy proposals contrasts with his record at home

  • The ghost of liberal Democrats past

    The record of past liberal challenges within the Democratic Party can tell us a lot about Bernie Sanders' campaign for the presidential nomination.

  • Campeona del estatus quo

    Así como la campaña de Hillary Clinton comienza, su séquito político comienza a retocar su imagen, pero ¿hay alguien que vaya a comprar?

  • Wrong about Bernie Sanders

    Readers respond to a article that challenged the celebration of Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign.

  • The problem with Bernie Sanders

    Bernie Sanders has kicked off a campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, but he is not the "bold alternative" his supporters claim.

  • Sanders' dodge on Black Lives Matter

    Independent senator and Democratic Party presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders had little to offer those protesting police violence.

  • A champion for the other side

    Hillary Clinton's handlers are retouching her out-of touch image as her presidential campaign starts--but does anyone buy it?

  • Did the mayor's race change Chicago politics?

    Supporters of Chuy García claim his campaign for mayor against Rahm Emanuel reshaped Chicago politics--despite García's pro-austerity stance.

  • Electing Mayor Austerity

    The bitterly contested election for control of Chicago's City Hall has highlighted the role of the Democrats as the party of budget cuts and layoffs.

  • Asking questions about Chuy

    The fact that Rahm Emanuel is a menace to working people in Chicago doesn't make his challenger's campaign more progressive.

  • What we learned from de Blasio's first year

    A New York City socialist has a message for Chicago, where a mayoral runoff election pits a hated incumbent against a very different challenger.