Topic: U.S. Politics

  • Why are they waging a war on science?

    From challenging evolution to denying climate change, the right's anti-science dogmas are promoted with the aim of bolstering conservative causes.

  • Soborno institucionalizado

    A la Corte Suprema le preocupa la "libertad de expresión" cuando necesita una excusa para ayudar a los ricos a comprar aún más influencia política.

  • The real danger is CTA management

    When a transit train crashed in Chicago, officials blamed the operator--but didn't ask why she was so tired on the job.

  • How do we confront the right?

    A report about a Chicago demonstration for the International Day Against Fascism and Racism distorted what took place.

  • A thousand points of lies

    It looks like the political establishment is trying to polish George H.W. Bush's image. Don't believe a word of it.

  • A government of, by and for the rich people

    Now we know when the Supreme Court really cares about "free speech"--when it needs an excuse to help millionaires buy more political influence.

  • Singing from the same songbook

    Paul Ryan's complaints about a "tailspin of culture" among "inner city" men aren't so different from Barack Obama's line.

  • My so-called golden years

    The promise was that if you worked hard, you'd be able to enjoy your retirement. That couldn’t be further from the reality.

  • Are there any liberals left?

    A discussion underway on the left raises important questions about the Democratic Party--and whether it can be changed from the inside.

  • Where is De Blasio headed?

    New York City's new mayor is continuing to use the liberal rhetoric that got him elected, but there are big tests to come.

  • A budget for bankers in Illinois

    Illinois politicians are once again pleading poverty to justify their continuing attacks on workers and the poor.

  • Who's stopping him anyway?

    There's plenty that New York Mayor Bill de Blasio could do right now to implement his campaign promises--but he isn't.

  • Declaring independence in Chicago

    The Chicago Teachers Union is launching an Independent Political Organization with the aim of shaking up the status quo.

  • Concessions disguised as compromise

    When a Republican fanatic like Paul Ryan agrees on a budget "compromise," it's bad news for working people.

  • The electoral opening for the left

    Several well-organized socialist electoral campaigns could assist in the development of a more significant fighting left.

  • It's put-up-or-shut-up time for Bill de Blasio

    New York City unions and liberal groups are celebrating a new mayor, but Bill de Blasio will face an immediate test of his promise to reduce inequality.

  • Racist delusions about Texas

    Why has the movement for Texas to secede from the U.S. attracted both fringe elements and more mainstream supporters?

  • Election breakthrough for a Seattle socialist

    In a stunning repudiation of the political status quo, a revolutionary socialist candidate in Seattle holds a narrow lead in an election for City Council.

  • Frustrations turned inward

    Revolutionaries are an impatient breed, making it easy to mistake personal expectations for a full picture of the world.

  • Una rara oportunidad electoral

    Algunos candidatos abiertamente socialistas generaron mucho entusiasmo y tuvieron un impacto en un puñado de recientes elecciones locales.

  • A rare opportunity on Election Day

    Several openly socialist candidates are generating enthusiasm and having an impact in a handful of local elections.

  • A socialist on the Seattle City Council?

    Revolutionary socialist Kshama Sawant is shaking up politics in Seattle with her popular campaign for a City Council seat.

  • This is what democracy doesn't look like

    Beyond all the partisan battles, the shutdown circus proved once again that the U.S. government serves the interests of the few over the many.

  • A "new Democrat" for New York City?

    When you look closer at mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio's record, there's less to his "progressive" challenge than meets the eye.

  • La austeridad ganó otra vez

    Los demócratas lucen como los vencedores del reciente impase presupuestario, pero la austeridad bipartidista es la que sigue ganando terreno.