Topic: U.S. Politics

  • Building the left beyond the Democrats

    Sanders' campaign might contribute to a base that can create a base that can become free of the Democratic Party--but only if we fight for independence.

  • Sanders the spoiler?

    The "hey Bernie, stop spoiling our party" chorus is getting deafening. But is Sanders harming the Democratic Party with his campaign--or helping?

  • How do we describe Sanders?

    A vote for Bernie Sanders isn't identical to a vote for the Democratic Party, as Socialist Worker has implied.

  • Translating the Bern internationally

    How can we best convince a layer of Sanders' supporters that they ought to build a different kind of party than the Democrats?

  • Grand Old Party becomes a Grand Old Mess

    How can it be that the Republicans, the first party of Corporate America, could be facing the prospect of chaos at their nominating convention?

  • Why I won't be voting for Bernie

    I have felt the Bern this past week, without ever questioning my decision to not vote for Sanders (or Clinton) in the Democratic primary.

  • Kasich isn't a "moderate"

    Ohio Gov. John Kasich's reputation as a "compassionate conservative" comes as a shock to those who live under his policies.

  • Should Palestine activists vote for Sanders?

    He may be more critical of Israeli violence than other candidates, but Sanders remains a clear defender of U.S. imperial policy.

  • Nuevo fervor por el socialismo

    La ira de clase que subyace la popularidad de Bernie Sanders no comenzó con su campaña, y tampoco va a terminar con ella.

  • Inside out or outside in?

    The success of the Sanders campaign is posing an old question for socialists: Should the left work inside a party of the status quo?

  • What's fueling the Clinton campaign?

    The Democratic frontrunner has taken tons of cash from fossil-fuel giants, but that's business-as-usual in the two-party system.

  • Trump, fascismo y mal menor

    La campaña de Trump plantea cuestiones cruciales para la izquierda, como ¿es Trump un fascista? O ¿cómo derrotamos lo que representa?

  • Sanders and the struggles to come

    At a Harlem roundtable sponsored by the Sanders campaign, Michelle Alexander gave the left an answer to an important question.

  • Why is socialism in the spotlight?

    The discontent and class anger that underlie Bernie Sanders' popularity didn't begin with his campaign--and they won't end with it either.

  • Discussing Sanders in my union

    Sanders' choice to run as a Democrat poses questions about political independence that unions still need to come to terms with.

  • What will lesser evilism look like in 2016?

    Fear of the Republican greater evil is understandable, but history teaches us that voting for the lesser evil generally leads to more evil, not less.

  • ¿Cómo tumbamos a Trump?

    Una multitud multirracial en Chicago mostró a Donald Trump que su racismo no es aceptable, y lo embaló de vuelta al escondrijo de dónde salió.

  • Meet the "mainstream" Republicans

    Recent diatribes about Trump voters in a conservative magazine show the depths of the Republicans' contempt for workers.

  • Maine's crackdown on nonexistent fraud

    Democrats in Maine are proposing a stern crackdown on welfare fraud, despite the lack of evidence anyone is committing it.

  • Race, class and the 2016 elections

    What is the effect of the 2016 presidential election unfolding against the backdrop of the national Black Lives Matter movement?

  • Trump and the system that spawned him

    Trump's campaign poses crucial questions for the left--from whether he's really a fascist to what needs to be done to defeat what he stands for.

  • Mobilizing for not-democracy

    Liberal organizations supporting Obama's Supreme Court nominee should look a little closer at who and what they're behind.

  • Hateful fanatic number two

    Ted Cruz is a bigot and a reactionary--and seemingly the Republicans' last chance of stopping Donald Trump from winning the nomination.

  • Taking on Trump with our eyes open

    We can join with others to confront Trump and his racist filth while also challenging the idea that the left should vote for Clinton.

  • Bernie's blind spot

    Sanders' rally speech was inspiring, but it clarified for me why I won't vote for anyone who can't break with the Democrats.