Topic: U.S. Politics

  • Meeting terror with solidarity around the U.S.

    The right's deadly violence in Charlottesville sparked protests against the fascists and solidarity with the victims across the country.

  • The right's hate won't go unopposed in Boston

    As right-wing forces organize for another hate-filled protest in Boston, it's crucial for anti-racist activists to unite in opposition.

  • Unidos contra la derecha

    La derecha mostró su asqueroso rostro en Charlottesville, pero la airada protesta masiva que le salió al encuentro nos muestra cómo derrotar a este cáncer.

  • How New York subways got broke on purpose

    The starving of the transit system in the richest city in the world is as an indictment of a greedy and shortsighted ruling class.

  • The right-wing rats and their ringleader

    The racists who turned out in Charlottesville want to inspire terror--and they are being aided in their cause by the president of the United States.

  • This is the time to unite and fight far-right terror

    Charlottesville ripped the mask off the right to reveal what we face--but the angry response shows the potential for mass protest to defeat this cancer.

  • John Kelly is no "moderate"

    Don't expect Trump’s new chief of staff to bring "nuance" or "moderation" to the White House--he's a fanatical reactionary.

  • Charlottesville is a call to action against fascism

    The far right's rally in Virginia exposed the deadly truth about the bigots nurtured under Trump, but their hate is being met by a wave of solidarity.

  • The resistance needs to be anti-imperialist

    Those who want to oppose Donald Trump and the right wing have to challenge not just their domestic agenda, but their program for U.S. imperialism.

  • The foul anatomy of the international right

    As the right wing evolves so rapidly, precise distinctions between conservatives, "populists" and fascists are difficult to make.

  • Ten days that Mooched the world

    In his brief time in the spotlight, Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci told us a lot about how Donald Trump and his administration view democracy.

  • The summer of fear for NYC subway riders

    A series of derailments and track fires have raised urgent questions about the safety of the New York City subway system for riders and workers alike.

  • The right runs into a fight in Charlottesville

    A small Virginia city has become a target for racists--but its successful counterprotest of the Klan shows the importance of taking on the far right.

  • A new left for the future--and the here and now

    For the first time in decades, the left has a chance to become a force in the U.S. This weekend's Socialism conference is a place to discuss how.

  • The right can't stand our vision of democracy

    We publish the interview that a right-wing website tried--and failed--to distort in an attempt to smear socialists and socialism.

  • What strategies will stop the far right?

    Since Trump's election, the far right has become more aggressive than at any time in the last 25 years. An organized response is urgently needed.

  • Our answer to their violence

    The recent atrocities committed at the hands of the far right and the state, sparked similar solidarity actions Greensboro and beyond.

  • Smear campaign against a Trinity professor

    The right's campaign against left-leaning academics took aim at a Connecticut professor who spoke out against racism.

  • Why has this professor been targeted?

    Syracuse University Professor Dana Cloud is facing threats and abuse after participating in a counterprotest against Islamophobia.

  • Which path to take from the People's Summit?

    Can the Democratic Party be reformed from within? Or is an alternative necessary? Those were two big questions underlying the People's Summit.

  • Don't blame the left for violence in America

    The shooting rampage targeting Republican members of Congress led to hypocritical denunciations of the left as the source of political violence.

  • The truth about Trump's golden boy

    Jared Kushner is the pampered heir of a business empire, but that's not the only thing he has in common with his father-in-law.

  • Challenging Seattle's broken system

    Seattle mayoral candidate Nikkita Oliver is running an independent left-wing campaign that represents a step forward in the city.

  • We need free speech to fight the right

    Getting government officials to deny permits to the far right won't build the confident mass movement we need to take them on.

  • Holding out a helping hand to the banksters

    The head of the Treasury office in charge of regulating banks has a lot of experience... protecting banks from Treasury regulations.