Topic: U.S. Politics

  • The kernel of the Sanders campaign

    U.S. politics in the future will be shaped by how many Bernie Sanders supporters become independent fighters for socialism.

  • An open letter to Gloria Steinem

    Young women might have better reasons to shun Hillary Clinton and support Sanders than a desire to impress "Bernie bros."

  • Still whistling "Dixie"

    The kind of right-wing populism exemplified today by Donald Trump has a long history in post-Second World War America.

  • Can Sanders conquer the Democratic Party?

    Bernie Sanders is surging in the race to become the Democratic presidential nominee. But winning over the Democratic Party is a bigger challenge.

  • Clinton's corporate feminism falls flat

    Hillary Clinton and her friends in high places are out in force and claiming that people who support her opponent don't care about women's rights.

  • Trump y la clase obrera blanca

    El autor de Los Demócratas: Una Historia Crítica, desenmaraña el mito mediático sobre el supuesto conservatismo de la clase obrera blanca.

  • Scaremongering for the health care status quo

    The Clinton campaign is trying to smear Bernie Sanders for endorsing single-payer health care--and defending the disastrous Obamacare system.

  • Trying to exploit rural anger

    A leader of the Rural Organizing Project in Oregon analyzes the politics of the occupiers who took over the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.

  • Iowa's radical message

    Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders may have ended up in a tie, but the winner of the first Democratic primary was the socialist from Vermont.

  • The "don't vote for what you want" campaign

    Clinton supporters are worried about Bernie Sanders not because he's turning off voters with his radicalism--but because he's attracting them.

  • The Clintons' shameful hypocrisy on racism

    Hillary Clinton is trying to downplay Bernie Sanders' surge in the polls by highlighting her support among Blacks--support she doesn't deserve in the least.

  • Year of the renegades?

    Election 2016 is really just getting started, but it is already producing big surprises--in ways that are both frightening and exciting for the left.

  • Why Obama can't slay Trumpism

    Much of the State of the Union address was spent challenging Trump, but the policies Obama supports are reinforcing his agenda.

  • Are white workers the base of Trump reaction?

    The author of The Democrats: A Critical History unravels the media's myths about the "white working class" and its alleged political conservatism.

  • Who does Malheur belong to?

    The armed occupiers of an Oregon wildlife refuge have the same disregard for the indigenous as the federal government.

  • Burlington dumps Trump

    When Donald Trump brought his road show of bigotry to Burlington, Vermont, he got the "welcome" that he deserved.

  • Patriots versus the state?

    The armed occupation in eastern Oregon raises questions that are more important than the squabbling right-wingers at the heart of the standoff.

  • Resistencia en un año tétrico

    El horror de los últimos meses no debe oscurecer el hecho de que 2015 fue también un año en que mucha gente buscó una alternativa en la izquierda.

  • Behind the DNC attack on Sanders

    Two readers analyze the DNC's threats against the Sanders campaign following a controversy about online access to records.

  • Resistance in a year of fear

    The horrors of the past months shouldn't stop us from remembering that 2015 was also a year when large numbers looked for a left alternative.

  • Seattle says: No Nazis here

    "Nazis out, refugees in" was the message of activists who came out to protest a Seattle march called by a far-right hate group.

  • We want to be the voice of struggle in 2016

    The Green Party's presidential candidate in 2012 explains what she hopes to achieve with her campaign for president this time.

  • Why does anyone support this racist asshole?

    Donald Trump is galvanizing a hateful right-wing base centered in the GOP, but it's important to remember that he is repelling millions, too.

  • The crusade against "political correctness"

    The now-familiar complaint about the "PC" left began years ago as an orchestrated campaign by right-wing ideologues to turn the tide on the 1960s.

  • Can we vote in Sanders' political revolution?

    To make good on what Bernie Sanders says he would deliver, we'll need to do more than simply turn out lots of new voters in 2016.